Square Payments

from $99.00

Square helps businesses of all sizes to start, run and grow with intuitive, powerful tools

  • Accept every payment, everywhere
    The new Square Reader lets you dip EMV chip cards and accept NFC payments like Apple Pay. You can also swipe magnetic-stripe cards with the included magstripe reader.
  • Fast deposits, clear pricing
    Pay 2.65% per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. See deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.


  • Since this is an initial release at the moment you can only use Square to accept all major credit cards with WP eCommerce
  • More features will come in future updates
  • Compatible with Theme Engine 2.0

Wishlists for WP eCommerce allows you to add wish list functionality to your WP eCommerce store. Once this plugin is installed and activated signed in users will see a new button on product pages that allows them to add the product to their wishlist.


  • add variations to the wishlist
  • lets customer know if product is out of stock
  • wishlist management integrated in to the user account

Coming Features

  • wishlist widget so users can see their wishlist items
  • multiple wishlists
  • wishlist sharing
  • public wishlists

You can see the documentation for Wishlists for WP eCommerce here.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.11.57 PM

Canada Post Shipping for WordPress eCommerce

Canadian merchants can now enable Canada Post shipping rates for WPEC‘s checkout.

This Canada Post shipping plugin uses the weight and dimensions of the contents of your customers shopping cart. It sends these details to Canada Post and returns shipping options and prices based on your store address and your customers shipping address.

It will return domestic (Canada), US and international shipping quotes from the following Canada Post services.

In Canada:
  • Regular Parcel
  • Expedited Parcel
  • Xpresspost
  • Xpresspost Certified
  • Priority
  • Library Books
In the United States:
  • Expedited Parcel USA
  • Priority Worldwide Envelope USA
  • Priority Worldwide pak USA
  • Priority Worldwide Parcel USA
  • Small Packet USA Air
  • Small Packet USA Surface
  • Xpresspost USA
  • Xpresspost International
  • International Parcel Air
  • International Parcel Surface
  • Priority Worldwide Envelope Int’l
  • Priority Worldwide pak Int’l
  • Priority Worldwide parcel Int’l
  • Small Packet International Air
  • Small Packet International Surface

Requires a free Canada Post web services account.

Add Canada Post shipping options to your Wordpress eCommerce store now.

Enhanced free shipping based on number of items in cart, total cart value. You can exclude products based on product tags or product categories. Limit free shipping to specific countries, or exclude specific countries.





TaxNOW connects your WP eCommerce store to AvaTax, an automated, cloud-based sales tax calculation engine that is always accurate, always up to date.

AvaTax – The Total Solution for e-Commerce Sales Tax Automation & Compliance

Eliminate Time Consuming, Inaccurate Tax Tables. Avalara’s AvaTax eliminates the need to use local tax tables, which are both time consuming due to managing monthly changes to thousands of sales tax rates, and are NOT compliant as zip codes alone are insufficient to determine sales tax jurisdictions and accurate sales tax rates.

Pinpoint Accuracy. AvaTax calculates sales tax based on the ‘roof-top’ destination address. This solution leverages latitude/longitude mapping for jurisdictional assignments so all of the appropriate taxing authorities are applied to the ship-to address including State, County, City, and Special Taxing Jurisdictions.

Address Validation. AvaTax provides address validation (AVS) functionality which normalizes every ship-to address. AvaTax checks addresses against an enhanced USPS CASS™ certified database to correct and standardize the destination address, including auto-correction of incomplete addresses, misspelled street names, missing ZIP codes, etc. This helps eliminate mis-shipments and relieves the cost burden of additional services to cleanse your customer address data.

Extensive Product Taxability Coverage. Avalara maintains thousands of Product and Service Tax Codes which seamlessly apply variable tax rules to ensure no matter what you sell and where or when you sell it, the correct sales tax is applied.

Centralized, Flexible and Secure Management. Avalara provides customers access to a centralized AvaTax dashboard, with the ability to identify specific tax rules like state nexus, product taxability, and sales tax exemptions.

Outsourced Filing. AvaFile Managed Returns Service gives companies the ability to outsource the entire sales tax filing process, from filing the tax return documents to remittance of payment for sales tax liabilities. With AvaFile, you can be certain an accurate return will be filed in the correct format and at the correct time.


  • WordPress 3.1+ (tested up to 4.0)
  • WP eCommerce 3.8.9+ (tested up to 3.9)
  • PHP SOAP with SSL enabled
  • AvaTax account from
  • For use in the US only

eProcessing Network

from $79.00

If you are looking to accept credit cards online for your business, then you will need a payment gateway. The ePN Payment Gateway is your secure connection between your website and your merchant account. ePN offers online shopping carts for your online store and can also integrate into all major third party shopping carts.

Gift Certificates

from $99.00


Currently in beta, our newest offering allows you to sell gift certificates for your customers to use.


from $99.00

Love Xero? Love selling stuff on your WordPress site with WP eCommerce? Combining the two seems like a no-brainer. Xero for WP eCommerce will automatically create invoices and customers in Xero whenever a purchase is made on your store

After installation, whenever a payment is received, order and customer details will be securely sent to Xero, keeping your accounts up to date and everything in sync.

Do beautiful business with Xero.. and WP eCommerce. Automatically and in the background.

Let your shoppers earn points for purchasing from your WP-e-Commerce store. Give shoppers a reason to come back and make additional purchases.

Support from

Features Highlights

  • Shoppers Earning points based on amount spent
  • Import historical purchases
  • Points history available to shoppers on their WP eCommerce account page
  • Integration with the WP eCommerce Coupon System
  • let customers change points into coupons
  • Customer point redemption self-service
  • Customers can easily redeem points on their WP eCommerce account page

 You Can Configure Points Redemption Options

  • Redeem points for percentage off a future purchase
  • Redeem points for fixed discount off a future purchase
  • Redeem points for a free product with a future purchase
  • Customers can exchange points with each other (premium feature)

Easy To Use Points Management

  • Import existing sales and give points to your past customers
  • See total points earned for any customer
  • See points awarded or redeemed for each transaction
  • Administrator Manual Redemption

Configure For Your Store and Rewards Program

  • Configure points earned per unit of currency
  • Brand your rewards program with any name you choose
  • Easily change any of the prompts and messages given to shoppers
  • Exclude products from earning points by product category
  • Exclude products from earning points by product term


Customize your rewards program name and redemption options. Bring customers back to your site. Shoppers Shoppers can redeem their points from thier WP-e-Commerce user profile. Administrators can also redeem points on shoppers behalf, and give them a coupon code. Shopper rewards works with the WP-e-Commerce coupon features to give you full control and visibility to how people are using your rewards program.


Customers can see the history of rewards points earned, and rewards points redeemed.


Customers can see the history of rewards points earned, and rewards points redeemed.


See your rewards program status in the WordPress dashboard. Status screen gives you directions on how to setup and manage your rewards program


See each customers total points earned, with their email address and name. You can remove a customers earned rewards points manually.


See each transaction for every customer and how many rewards points are earned, or how many rewards points are redeemed.


Name your rewards program anything you want! Setup the prompts shown to the customer when they redeem rewards points. Add terms and conditions customizing your rewards program for your store and for your customers.


If there are products that you don’t want to earn rewards points you can exclude them by product category or product tag.


Name your rewards program anything you want! Setup the prompts shown to the customer when they redeem rewards points. Add terms and conditions customizing your rewards program for your store and for your customers.


Easily import past sales and give your existing customers rewards points.

Send emails from the WP eCommerce purchase log. Configure each individual store administrator with a custom professional looking signature. Automatically sends copy of email communications to store administrator email.

No need to copy emails to your personal email program, or expose your personal email account when communicating store business.

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