Members & Subscriptions

Restrict content by creating a membership site or create subscription for products on your website. Our improved Members and Subscription Plugin has an improved interface, better instructions and is easier to use with expanded functions.

Using this plugin involves five basic steps:

1. Set up a subscription.

2. If the subscription can be sold, associate the subscription with a product.

3. Set up notifications for the subscription so subscribers/members will receive information about their subscription.

4. Choose the content that a subscription includes membership to.

5.  Administrate members for the subscription from the subscription tab.

This plugin allows you to create multiple subscriptions, and for each subscription, create multiple options for length of membership, cost of membership, and how the membership recurs: automatically or manually. Restrict as much or as little content as you’d like to create a premium content website.  Add members via purchase or manually yourself, and customize notifications to your users for the end of their subscriptions or non subscribers who land on restricted content.


Note : Membership plugin only works with PayPal, Stripe, and