WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 Release Candidate 1 Ready for Testing

October 23: revision 2157: Download link has been updated. The following 18 issues have been fixed:

* Adjust size of bulk action buttons for product variation table.
* Fix: "(legacy)" is attached to all countries in base country dropdown.
  Also make sure United Kingdom is created (edge case).
* Fix: Backslashes are sometimes added to UPS and USPS settings.
* Fix: Cannot set thumbnail for variations.
* Fix: Category title is replaced with the first product's title, and
  pagination does not work correctly on Category page.
* Fix: Country dropdown lists disregard Target Market option.
* Fix: Currency converter doesn't work for some particular currencies.
* Fix: Fatal error in PayPal Pro settings page.
* Fix: Infinite loop when using PayPal Pro.
* Fix: Product permalinks in single product view are not using current
  category path.
* Fix: Shipping error is reported when "Shipping same as billing" is
  selected on the checkout page, even when shipping is disabled.
* Fix: Submitted checkout form data are never validated.
* Fix: Terms & Conditions validation code is broken.
* Fix: Transaction results page is not displayed properly for PayPal
  Express Checkout.
* Fix: Valid checkout fields are not preserved when there are invalid
* Fix: Wrong logic in deprecated function nzshpcrt_currency_display().
* Fix: post_status is not formatted correctly in wpsc_start_the_query().
* Fix: wpsc_the_product_thumbnail() ignores custom width and height.

October 11: revision 2136: Fixed an issue with products not being properly added to cart.

The first release candidate (RC1) for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 is now available for testing.

We have received a ton of feedback during our beta period and have strived to resolve all of the issues found in the beta release. We’re happy to say that this release candidate is only inches away from an official launch. However, while this has been tested extensively, we simply cannot account for every single system configuration out there. So it’s still possible that we’ve missed something. If you haven’t tested WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 yet, now is the time. But don’t do so on a live site.

As always, we recommend that you backup your installation before installing RC1.

If you are testing the release candidate and think you’ve found a bug, please post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums.

To test WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 Release Candidate 1, download it from the link below:

Download WP e-Commerce 3.8.9-beta
Download 3.8.9

  • Products
    • Variation Enhancement
      • Bulk editing
      • Improved image handling- upload & display variation images on checkout pages
      • Sale price enhancements
    • Product category image enhancements
    • Product duplication now includes product images
    • Limit products per country
    • Stock notification options: notify site owner or unpublish product when stock runs out
  • Shipping
    • New help hints throughout shipping setup to help you setup right
    • ShipWire/ Aussie Post Integration
    • Checkout pages default to lowest shipping option when user updates country
    • Canadian province codes added
  • Pricing/Payment/Checkout
    • Google Checkout
    • Product specials for variations
    • Custom checkout form per categories update
    • Coupon Conditions have been overhauled
    • Currency signs/symbol update
    • Product specials widget update to work with variations on sale, more configuation options
  • Presentation
    • Colorbox integration for images
    • New presentation page settings
    • Display products by price, name, & date, ascending & descending or your own custom order
  • Store Management
    • User roles integration and management (use with upcoming Roles & Capabilities Plugin)
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Language updates- entire cart is now translatable, pushing for final languages
    • Target customers in specific countries
  • Codebase
    • entire back-end AJAX  reviewed and refactored
      • eliminate security threats
      • new coding conventions introduced.
    • $_SESSION eliminated to eliminate caching issues on platforms like WPEngine- converted to cookies and transients.(Plugin developers, update your plugins!)
    • Transaction results API refactored
      • claimed stocks
      • purchase notifications
      • personalization fields
      • test gateway all affected
      • transaction results page
      • Hook into “transaction completed” event
      • Streamlined sales log status hook
      • Tags used in purchase notification and purchase report are now filterable via hook, supporting custom tags.
      • New hooks for transaction features, complete refactor, easier to code new plugins
  • Theming
    • Set custom image size per category
    • Dynamic CSS performance optimization
    • Sales log table UI update, with addition of filter to add custom columns
  • Administration
    • New hooks for user roles & capabilities
    • Bulk editing for products, product variations and duplication
    • Checkout form update including ability to delete forms
    • Stock notification options: notify site owner or unpublish product when stock runs out
    • Google Analytics ecommerce integation
  • Over 80 enhancements and bug fixes
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How do i get help on this site with a purchase, I have ten sites with wp e commerce on them. I would like to know what is the best route for us to go to update to the gold.

thank you,

I was going to use another Plugin for sites with large numbers of variations because their UI was preferable. But not now… I’ll still be using Magento for my bigger customers, but for my small to medium sized customers this is perfect.

Well done and keep up the good work.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your comment. We love our customers and let us know if we can do anything to help.


Hey Guys, new update looks great! Any idea as to when 3.8.9 will be out of Alpha and ready to use on client sites? Thanks!

I’m running this version and the export CSV in the Store Sales isn’t downloading anything.. it just displays a load of code.

Hi Stitchtek,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

If you’re running multisite, then this is a known incompatibility between 3.8.9 and WP multisite. This will be fixed in the upcoming minor release, which is due next Monday. Stay tuned, and sorry for the frustration!


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