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Hi Guys,
So here is another quick release to address a few bugs.. We are trying our best to keep maintaining the 3.7.X version while preparing the 3.8 version for release (still no concrete soft launch date set, but keep your ears to the ground this baby will rock your socks off) We will also be releasing `gold_cart_files_plugin` version 2.2 today, more on that soon. However for now here are the changes:

Change Log

  • Fix Problem with Deprecated Theme files showing WPSC_TXT instead of their proper values.
  • Fixed Integration with Gold Cart Plugin so Payment Gateways Show up on the Gateway Options page properly (Be sure to download the new Gold Cart Files Plugin coming out today to compliment this fix)
  • Added new nn_NO Translation Files
  • Added new POT File for Translators
  • Changed initial tax rate for UK to 17.5
  • Fixed doubling Paypal Standard shipping bug
  • Removed debug page from Paypal Standard 2.0
  • Renamed Rogue Filters to align with Wp-e-Commerce Naming Conventions
  • Fix admin product search so it works with multiple words.
  • New Filters added to packing slip to allow better customization
  • Changed wording on Upgrades page to acknowledge Gold Cart Plugin difference
  • :NOTE: For the theme file changes to take effect you will need to use the theme files from the wp-e-commerce directory, or replace the theme files in your uploads/wpsc/themes directory with the wp-e-commerce/themes folder
  • Theme File Changes : Fixed Terms and Conditions over SSL
  • Theme File Changes : Fixed Grid and List View to use hide_decimals options (so you can show/hide decimals on products-page)

As always the rules of backups apply. Backup your files, and backup your Database.
Download it here

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Nice work Jeff, we’re very appreciative for sooting these 3.7 spot fires while you’re pushing ahead with 3.8 development.

Can you please make a separate Post for Gold Cart updates, even a new Category/Tag to monitor updates.

cool – but my coupon is not working as it should now – when I apply the coupon, it no longer calculates tax. argh. maybe the gold cart update will fix the problem (I am really hoping)…
Where can I find it?
I went live yesterday and geesh, guess what ? people complained today their coupon do not work (I have diff discounts for diff clients and diff merch, so it is imperative that coupons work for me).
Australians are tough clients !

@ariane Tax has nothing to do with gold cart files,, please post a support request using the premium support form, (Under resources)


Good to see it’s developening to be better. Sad to say my problems I still there and I cant edit products if is a filter aplly… πŸ™

Hi there, just a workaround, thus you warn about saving files here, in the plugin upgrade page you mainly warn about custom theme saving procedure.

BUT you could also warn about translation files … i’ve been working quite a while to fill in missing translated terms in the .po/.mo files … that have been overwritten while upgrading :-(.

I do know NOW that I should have saved everything first (as told here), but moreover, maybe you could consider a custom translation files within your next distributions ?


I am disappointed with this program updates. It is far too difficult to update version changes. You make it too complicated for people like me who know nothing about moving files around to perserve changes and prevent overwriting – easier not to upgrade at all – even better not to use this “GetShopped”. Even your instructions are only suitable to people who know where to find files on server and how to move them around.

The wordpress plugins options ‘upgrade automatically’ is perfect for people who don’t know how to change files manually. Surely you can make it far more user friendly for the non technical so we can just click and it be done perfectly for us.

For me even downloading and uploading the program manually is a difficult process. I prefer the plugins that are all automatically done through wordpress panel.

I think new customers should be warned that they need to know more than just wordpress admin panel for this program to be used at all. They should also know that I never got an answer from my emails for help!


Tina, you can automatically upgrade WP e-Commerce; it’s only if you’ve made changes to the Core Plugin that you need to do manual upgrades… in which case if it’s a common change you should contribute it to future releases.

Have you moved your WP e-Commerce themes out of the Plugin folder, this is an issue all WordPress Plugins deal with since the automated Plugin installer was introduced.

“They should also know that you never ever answer your emails for help!”, have you tried the Premium Support?

I updated your post so that it read from the “I”. Your experiences are your experiences – its not right to generalize like that. Jeff responds to hundreds of emails a week and the community reply to many many threads per week.

Visser is 100% correct. All major Plugins that did anything serious were effected when WordPress added “auto update”. Its not as easy as you may think to “just make it magically easy” for new people that were lucky enough to never have to use FTP to manage their WordPress sites πŸ˜›

For us, it is a process of hard work and vigilant development and testing. We are getting there with every release. Every day the Plugin gets better and better. For the record making the Plugin easier to use and constantly improving our UI. Adding our own auto install features is on the Roadmap too.

We’ll get there sister!!

After upgrading to this version my shopping cart does not allow for calculated shipping. A message comes up “Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details. ” I have tried different destinations, editing the weight and dimensions, and just having a flat shipping cost but nothing seems to work. Using wordpress 2.9. Please help as I am no longer able to receive orders.

Still have not address a major issue with displaying/saving Customer purchase data.

My country now shows up as: a:2:{i:0;s:2:”US

This is a completely fresh install of WPEC and WP. Latest versions of both.

Couple of things…

I did a manual update as per your recommendations – the gold cart new plugin also – good work on that!

1) I still get the ‘out of date theme files’ message, although I’m using the new files.

2) I’m using UK Β£ and the prices show on the product page as: Β£10.00Price:

This happened in the last version too. A simple fix in the code, but obviously a typo!

3) Sale price and strikethrough not showing on single product page.

I think there was a fix in the forum for this in the previous version also…

4) JCrop still only seems to work in FF (Mac), a minor caveat and probably not your fault! πŸ˜‰

However, the (test) shop seems to be loading way faster than it ever did. Not sure why yet as I’m still poking about, but well done on whatever it is (I am also using the Shane Iseminger latest product widget ‘hack’ provided on the forum – thanks Shane), but I already had that in place. Something is working very zippily now.

If you wish to see/access the test site, please email me for link.

Feature request! Full size images on the single product page (or have I missed something?).

Good work all in all, chaps. Looking forward to 3.8.

4) jcrop will be redundant in 3.8 because we use the build in WP media to handle images
5) i’d love to see your site – email me mate πŸ™‚

Feature request. Maybe. We’ll see.. are you a developer? Jump on our dev mailing list so we can talk about it – perhaps you could help. You really should see 3.8… its amaaaaaazing!!!

I wonder if I should upgrade to wordpress 3.0 does this plugin work with the new version of wordpress?


The older version had a “marketing” tab for coupon codes- where can I find this feature on the new dashboard? Are coupons working?? @ariane’s post has me worried.

Everything is ok… But!

After i uploaded new relese, I had to translate all in slovenian language… I use EN_en.php and, and wpsc-en_EN …

but nothing is working…

what should i translate, to work on my site…
and … it would be nice… to enclude our language in translations to… not to qonstantly translate all and search for hiden files, each time, when there is a new release.


I’ve found some bugs with this when I installed in a test environment.

1 – When I set flat rate shipping cost and then go to checkout it asks me to select my country to calculate shipping. When I select my country (For which I have rates set up!), I get a red error message saying ‘Please provide a Zipcode and click Calculate in order to continue.’ but there is no box for zipcode. Country is Ireland.

2 – With the marketplace theme, I find that the buttons do not display and the product rating stars to allow people to rate the products do not show up.

3 – On the checkout page when filling in Shipping and Billing details, this error displays above the country selection:
‘Warning: stripslashes() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentpluginswp-e-commercewpsc-includescheckout.class.php on line 413’

4 – MINOR – At the top of the shipping and billing checkout forms, there is a tag displayed that shouldn’t. It is ‘*/?>’.

Help is appreciated on this and thanks in advance.

This is in:
WordPress Version: 3.0
WP E-Commerce Version:

Hi Cian,

It would be a tremendous help if you could add issues to a Topic on the Support Forum, this way it can be easily linked to and raised with the development team. πŸ™‚

Great work with all these maintenance updates!

Now for putting my ears even closer to the ground… How would one go about getting a fresh 3.8 copy to play around with? I just can’t wait to see the WP 3.0 integration! πŸ˜€

Thanks for all the work you guys put in this!


I have a few questions as I’m new to wp e-commerce (version Gold Cart with other modules)

1. Does the product variation feature support varaitions in multiple file formats sch as .mov .wmv .flv etc? Is there an image option for each variation?

2.Can the product slider be used on the “Display products’ page?

I would appreciate your help! Keep up the good work…wp e-commerce rocks!!




you are luckier than I am… I can’t even activate the plugin on my 3.0 sites – all I get is the white screen of death.

I have to assume this plugin isn’t ready for 3.0 yet – is that correct, Dan?

Jay, can you link to your Topic on the Support Forum. If it’s going white screen that would indicate a serious error, try re-uploading the Plugin files as they may have become corrupted on upload.

Im waiting for the 3.8 to release before I add any products.

the 163 test products in I had seemed to function perfectly well with 3.0..
Only problem I noticed was the purchase logs on the main store panel has some issues..

And Im debating on the visserlab mass product uploader plugin. would save me alot of time. All though id still manually go through all my product Icons since I dont like the way the auto resize crops.

Hey Casey, you can specify your own thumbnail with my Plugin or have the Plugin generate one for you based on the original Product image. Let me know if you need anything.

I’m now restoring a backup as I have over 1500 products and uploads but I think the plugin is not prepared to bulk upload products, and that makes me go all wp a little slow and sometimes takes up to two minutes to change page

Does this version not play nice with the WordPress 3.0 custom permalinks? So far, everything seems to be great other than the permalink issue, which doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere in the forums. I am really eager to know if I’m just missing something simple or if this is really an incompatibility issue with WP 3.0.

Well I decidet to wait for ,,,, mybe I’ll get a little bit More Love and mybe there will be information what should I translate… because for now I did’t recive any ansver jet … and I am readin and asking about 1 month… and my page is forced to display all things in english.

Hope to get more love soon πŸ™‚

Ok… it can be 3.8 … hope it will be soon and… to have instructions how to keep our products, images and where to translate and what.

Thanks, I know you are working hard… as we do.

Now I’ll write something in my language, so you can figure it out… clue.. >>>> where can I translate things?????

Lep pozdrav! In hvala.

Hi Guys,

Anyone running WP 3.0 & WP EC

I can’t get permalinks working at all, lots of hours spent delecting cache variables in DB, removing and adding categories, reinstalling the plugin but so far nothing seems to work for me.

any help would be much appreciated.

Soooo. WP e-Commerce does work with Permalinks

It is a problem with your Custom Menus. We’ve fixed this bug and we’ll be releasing a new version by the end of the day today (NZT).

It would be really handy if people told us these things. Without us knowing what you’ve done differently between WP 2.9 and WP 3.0 makes it harder for us to fix things. If we knew from the start that people using “custom menus” were having problems with permalinks it would have been fixed earlier – never mind though!

We win this time, thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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