3.7.8 Release

Soo the hype of 3.8 Public Beta hasn’t quite left the air, but we would like to announce a new stable release available for download. 3.7.8. Admittedly not much has changed, but there were a few changes in there that we wanted to make sure went live. Most importantly was the security hole found by James Collins in the Image Uploading functionality.

Changes in 3.7.8

  • Fixed Paypal Standard not sending Coupon Discount Values
  • Added in recent Turkish and Russian Language Files
  • Added in notice about 3.8 Public Beta
  • Fixed List View to Prevent JS Error on add to cart
  • Fix theme core files from outputting “*/?>” – props James Collins
  • Fix Product Thumbnail Deletion for Browsers that don’t have console defined. – props James Collins
  • Fix product image upload so it works when uploading product images that contain apostrophes in their file names – Props James Collins
  • Make sure JPG cache images are created as JPGs not PNGs to reduce filesize – props Ben Huson

Now as always, please be sure to backup your files and Database.

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I have modifierd serveral php files (in kost cases translations), what files must I update from the new version (or all?)

Hi patricia, Upgrades should be done utilizing the WordPress Upgrade system, which means all files will be replaced 🙁 I would recommend you look closely at your modifications for translations and see whether they can be integrated through Plugins and Hooks. This is how we encourage people to modify WP e-Commerce for reference:
Although the later is pretty old and will be updated to relate to 3.8 (essentially changing the File header from Upgrade to Plugin is all!
I know I could be slightly biased but I think watching the video of my presentation might help 😀

Re: Changes in 3.7.8; it is good that the ‘missing billing state field’ issue* is fixed in the beta of 3.8.

However, would Ben or James consider fixing it in the 3.7.x codebase as well?


Great news guys! Just a quick a question about sale price vs variations price, will that ever get optimized?so that we can display sales price in big red and normal price stroked through? May be you should add extra input box in variations, for sale price?

I think this feature should be a top priority. When visitors see products on sale they are more likely to act an make a purchase. And now is a perfect time as most people are hunting for bargains.

Hey Audrey. Long time!
The 3.7.x branch, although still supported is no longer being extended or enhanced. These features are allready in 3.8.x Beta and I’d love to hear your comments.

I’m new to e-commerce and used the previous version to setup my site. I loved the feature to hide shopping cart when empty but upgraded to 3.7.8 and I can’t find it.

Looks like these are the files that changed between and 3.7.8
It’s just a quick diff that ignored changes merely to whitespace, so no guarantees about accuracy 😛 But maybe it will help those folks trying to figure how to upgrade their heavily hacked installations.


I got one important – but maybe silly – question :

What is the upper limit (amount) for products and customers please ??

Thank you !

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