WP e-Commerce 3.8 – a new look

Hi Team.

I’m feeling really excited about e-Commerce + WordPress at the moment and today I decided it was about time to share with you why that is. All sorts of things have changed for the better – not ONLY does the 3.8 release of WP e-Commerce utilize Custom Post Types and have half as many database tables (less than BuddyPress even?), but it looks and feels fantastic too. Here are some pics to get your juices flowing.

Manage Products Page

The new Manage Products page is simply the best. I love it and you will too. My favorite feature here is the quick edit links we designed so that you can quickly tab through important details and quickly make changes. My second favorite feature is the new navigation system that lets you toggle between “Managing your entire catalog” and “Adding New Products”. Thanks to Jane Wells from Automattic for giving us the tip.

manage products screen

Manage Categories

The manage Categories page has had a visual overhaul. Groups have been replaced by Parent Categories (years ago there was a reason we did groups) but now we’ve retrofitted back to a more normal Category management system. Not only does this look better but it now uses built in WordPress taxonomies which means your shop will run faster and it’ll be easier for WordPress theme developers to customize WP e-Commerce.

product categories

Variations – Hot Damn!!

Pre 3.8 we had to make additional tables in the database to handle Variations. In fact that reminds me, we had to add additional tables for Products as well, but not anymore. Not now that Products are Custom Post Types and Variations are Child Products. Its about as stream lined and WordPress-esque as you can get.

Not only  have Variations been majorly optimized but they are easier to use and manage. You arent going to find a better way. I’m serious.

e-commerce variations

Tax Settings

In the beginning, there was WP e-Commerce Plugin V1, and there were very few tax settings. Essentially that was because we were based in New Zealand, and well, we like to keep things simple down under. However the keep it simple approach wasnt the best or most suitable approach for our customers based in the USA and/or Europe.

The old system has gone. The new system is here. We believe the new Tax system being built into WP e-Commerce right now will be enough to cater for 99% of our users.

In Conclusion

I think that’s a fair sneak peak of whats to come. Over the next few weeks we’ll start writing more in depth about other new features and benefits and how you can personally take advantage – we’ll look into how the new theming system works. We’ll explain how you can benefit by using Custom Post types coupled with WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus. We’ll look at the new Affiliates Plugin being developed by 9 Seeds. We’ll take a look at the Ticketing Engine and how its going to integrate with BuddyPress and User profiles and thus why its going to be the ultimate solution for wordcamp.org and much much more.

Stay tuned! It’s exciting times…

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Custom post types and taxonomies rocks! WPEC 3.8 vs WPEC 3.7 is like WP 3.0 vs WP 2.9 , so much better!

Beta 2 will be ready soon. Probably next Monday NZT… I’ll be linking to that one via our blog so that everybody can participate 🙂

Hi there,

Any chance that plugin developers could get early access to it so we can start adapting our plugins to it?

Thanks, the new WP-Ecommerce looks AWESOME

Great job!! 3.8 is definitely a huge step forward…Can’t wait until the final release is in my hands..

Will 3.8 allow for a Tax Logic where tax would be applied if the customer’s shipping State is different than the shop’s base location but there still needs to be a sales tax applied?

Sounds cool. After you release it maybe you can take a few months off to relax and try to fix every known bug. Maybe incorporate some of the fixes that people are sharing in the forums. Add shortcodes (that’s in the forums, too), etc. It really is a good product, but oh so aggravating sometimes.

If you could compile a list of fixes for us (since you seem to know where they are) that would be much appreciated. We’ll go through the list and see what can make it into 3.8 and what can make it into 3.8.1 – that said if you’ve been properly reading the updates you’ll have known that all the bug fixes in the latest 3.7 version are being moulded into 3.8 – its going to be one hot piece of software. We also have two WordPress committers that have essentially agreed to work with us now. Thats big news – but I’ll post about that later on when the time is right 🙂

Just checked out the latest development version from svn and it’s looking pretty sweet!

I know I’ve requested this before but coupon codes by shipping region would be a fantastic addition at some point in the future (mainly for free shipping in a given sales region) 😉

Looks awesome…….but………did/will you fix the USPS shipping module so that it has the drop down shipping type selection like the UPS module? You know, where you can select Priority, Express, First Class, International Priority, International Express, International First Class?

Just wanted to add that it seems you might not have a dev that is in US and so they can’t have a USPS account to test the USPS specific calls for the specific types of mailing. They currently seem to be out of date with the USPS. Sometimes it is just a matter of a hypen in the call that makes the difference. When, if, you do as requested above, maybe you can find someone in the US to test the calls and make sure they are current in the code with the USPS.

kylemiller, in this forum thread, found this to be true and solved my International calls to the USPS. http://staging.getshopped.org/forums/topic.php?id=12248

many thanks

In my case, happened that when I upgraded (and changed – folder thems… as pluging reminded me all the time) I couldn’t translate anything… it youst didn’t worked. So I had to find somebody to go in c panel admin and rearanged tables…

I’m affraid tu uppdate… although…. can’t wait a new version 🙂

Hope you’ll do something about that also.

Just wondering if the upcoming WP e-Commerce 3.8 can work for WordPress 2.9.2, or is it only meant for WordPress 3.0+. Curious …

I can’t speak for the wp-ecommerce devs but from what I understand it will almost certainly require WordPress 3.0 due to the use of custom post types for the products.

I’m not up to speed with custom Post Types but if it was only introduced in 3.0 then WP e-Commerce 3.8 will require this to, err, do alot.

Yeah, realistically, you should probably be running 3.0 – but with almost 11 million downloads (http://wordpress.org/download/counter/), is anyone seriously not running it??? There was some early talk about making it work with 2.9, when very basic custom post type support was introduced, but as development as continued to evolve, that may not be viable.

Don, it’ll be a smooth upgrade from to 3.8, alot of work is being done to ensure this is a painless transition. 🙂

Sorry to be blond here… are you saying to just wait till 3.8 goes into production then have a look at it?

My wife and I had a go at installing 3.8 on the weekend but got stuck, we’re new to WordPress (been doing Joomla stuff mainly, working with Virtuemart but decided this was cool and more fun!).

Cheers Don

This looks great, but one quick question. Have you fixed the disappearing tax issue when a coupon is applied?

This looks good. I’m eager to see the new version. These improvements should allow your plugin to take advantage of the built in object cache. I’m launching a new mp3 store on Friday. It’s too bad the timing is off. I’d love to have it under the new system. I’ve written a number of optimizations into the theme, most probably wouldn’t be required in the new version.

Whoa! It looks great. I’ve been looking the WP eCommerce 3.8 everywhere?
Do you provide it for beta testers? 🙂

Trying out the beta2 version – still buggy for me, though I’m eager to make this work! Posted a couple of issues over in the forums.

Thank GOD! for the variations update! Thank GOD! I hope that really works!

Overall – looks like some seriously needed-to-be-addressed issues have been fine-tuned a bit. As long as everything works as it says – then that’s exciting! Can’t wait to check it out!

How far along is your WPML integration going at this point in time – as this would seriously help the people programming over here in Europe!

Keep up the good work!


Can you add the “Upload/Insert” Media to TinyMCE area of the Product Area? On longer products I have had to include photos in the product description and that would make life a little easier.



Looks great. Eager to see this in action, ive got 2 sites at the moment desparate for this but holding back.
Can you tell me if the grid system will work on categories.
Its my biggest bugbear.
Basicall, shop for clothes for instance
Ladies mens etc
then sub category for ladies of shoes, tshirts, jumpers etc (i dont want to see all products, just the categories until i go into jumpers)
It is the one thing stopping me buying 2 shops right now and i dont know if the categories/groups you talk about solves this?

It seems when I grab a product and move it to change the order it is displayed , it is removed and the one I try to switch its place with is duplicated. You can get an idea of what I mean by visiting this site, which is using the pro version. http://www.rickfam.com. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, as this site I just showed you is about to have 100s of songs added to it, and I don’t want these issues to occur when doing so.

Hey Don, I’m not sure what version of WPeC or WP you are using, but I do know that if you’re using 3.8 (which you shouldn’t be on a production shop, it’s still beta 🙂 ), drag and drop ordering works BEAUTIFULLY, where I know it’s still a bit buggy in 3.7 – that said, even in 3.7, I never experienced an issue where it got duplicated, so you may need some help working that out. Sounds like you got the pro version, so I would just go ahead and go to the premium forums and submit a support request. I’m sure Michael or someone at the shop will be super helpful.

I hope there will be a translation button for a simple “click” to another language…
It’s pretty annoying that there isn’t such a support for other coountries….

German would be really nice

But thanks for the Program, it’s worth a lot

I wish you’d have more payment options than just paypal.
I’d like to upgrade to goldcart but don’t have paypal
nor it is available in my Country.
I wish you’d offer more options like Moneybookers

… now if i only could find the download link to 3.8!!!
The normal “Download” menu seems to give me vs
Stable tag:
so where is the 9th world wonder please??

from what I guess it is only for the ones who have upgraded to gold cart.
I could be wrong though…however that’s my understanding from what I
read somewhere in regards with downloading 3.8.
Maybe someone from this Company could clarify on this!

1. Add new products > unable to preview product image thumbnails (IE & Firefox)

2. Categories can not be displayed on product page nor on the side-bar, even I have set Presentation – “show all products + list”

3. Categories > There is problem to select the drop down “Category Parent” – Only ONE category can be set as first level of parent category, the rest categories are forced to become Sub-categories.

4. No link in title (product name).

Despite having faith in a potentially great product, WP e-commerce is not sending shipping or VAT (UK tax) to google checkout. I have tried the limited number of fixes I have found on the forums including adding lines to line 126 of the googlemerchant.xml file etc…, I have also posted to the plugin forums but received no reponse. I am now in a postion where we cannot sell anything because there is no way to process tax and shipping on the order. Conversely, GC does not applying shipping and tax data to checkout as presumably because WP E-commerce plugin is not transmitting this data. Can someone please help? There must be people out there who have experienced and resolved the same issue and I am sure it is something relatively simple as it “almost” works and isn’t showing error messages

Please someone help! Thanks

Is there any hint at an ETA on 3.8?
I really need to get going on a site a provisionally built a while ago with wpec. I’m just wondering if it’s worth holding out a little longer, or do I roll with the latest stable version of 3.7?
How will a working shop with gold cart handle an upgrade?

Are we looking at days, weeks, months?

Happy that you are intensively evolving. Best wishes to you guys! It’s about the right time now, no doubts here.

I would like to have an ETA as well, I am developing a website for a new client and need to know if I need to wait until the 3.8 release. Thanks.

What I really need are 3 payment options:

a) PayPal Standard
b) C.O.D.
c) Check / Bank Transfer Payment

That would really spin my wheels.

Im just wondering how the customise products file uploads and custom text options are going to be handled ?

Would be nice to see what the customer has customised in the sales reports, had to do some hacks to get this to display now, so scared to update but looks really great, cant wait to get my mits on it.

Sounds good! Will this version have, or is there a capability presently, where people who buy from the site have their name and email integrated into my AWeber or MailChimp list? thanks

Hi guys,

New features seems quite interesting in 3.8 especially the custom type post.

I am on wordpress 3.0.1 WP e-Commerce 3.8 beta2. Eveything seems to be ok for now but one major problem. I am unable to see any options for any of the gateways I select. When I click on “Edit” on a selected gateway I get this message everytime “To configure a shipping module select one on the left.” along with a button “Update”

Is it a known issue or am I missing anything. I tried wpsc and everything was fine there..

Great work getshopped 🙂

Ow and incase i click the update button I see this

Array ( [name] => Paypal Payments Standard 2.0 [api_version] => 2 [class_name] => wpsc_merchant_paypal_standard [has_recurring_billing] => 1 [wp_admin_cannot_cancel] => 1 [requirements] => Array ( [php_version] => 4.3 [extra_modules] => Array ( ) ) [internalname] => wpsc_merchant_paypal_standard [form] => form_paypal_multiple [submit_function] => submit_paypal_multiple [payment_type] => paypal [supported_currencies] => Array ( [currency_list] => Array ( [0] => AUD [1] => BRL [2] => CAD [3] => CHF [4] => CZK [5] => DKK [6] => EUR [7] => GBP [8] => HKD [9] => HUF [10] => ILS [11] => JPY [12] => MXN [13] => MYR [14] => NOK [15] => NZD [16] => PHP [17] => PLN [18] => SEK [19] => SGD [20] => THB [21] => TWD [22] => USD ) [option_name] => paypal_curcode ) )
Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at MYSITE/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce_3.8.b3/wpsc-admin/ajax-and-init.php:2072) in MYSITE/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

Are shop themes broken in 3.8b3?

My theme’s single_page.php is being ignored.
Even if I edit the default theme single_page.php and enable the default theme I don’t see the change on my site…

Nope. But we’re working on it EVERY freaking day. We’re getting a lot lot closer mate but we’re not going to give you false hopes on an ETA – I dare say that we might have a public beta ready by the end of the week / monday morning (NZT)…

Can anyone confirm that the single_product.php template is being ignored in themes?
(sorry for the file typo in the earlier comment… embarrassed)

If you change something in the single product template for the default theme do you see it on your site? I get the default layout for it. The products template works fine, but my single product template is ignored.

Hey Dom,

We are in the process of overhauling the entire theming system in WPEC. The single product page is the first step of that. If you look in your active theme folder, you should see single-wpsc-product.php That’s what you want.

I would also like to see a shipping option were customers can choose to pay more for priority shipping with a tracking number or without. I would also like to see some changes to the order confirmation e-mail system so that you know if you actually send the message when you hit the “send custom message button”. Getting a “message sent” notification would be nice.

I’m really looking forward to the 3.8 release. A big game changer by the sound of things.

It would be great to see extra options for payment gateways beyond the usual PayPal / Google / etc. I do a lot of work with UK charity & non-profits and the addition of Gift Aid & some high street banks would be well received too.

Thanks for all the hard work!

great work so far, very exited !

can anyone point me to any sort of early beta vers. for 3.8 that i may download somewhere, it seems like some people are playing with it already , no ?

let me play, i dont have cooties..lol..
i was to go live with a new redesign next week but not sure what to do.

can anyone shine some light on this, i am no coder so excuse me if its a silly question :
will our product results now show up in related posts widget when using a
” free related posts plugin ”
or do we still need to purchase
” related product plugin ”
with 3.8 product pages VS product posts change .

thank you Dan & wpec partners in crime.

I know it’s a long shot but are you any closer to a release date? I’m holding off on two jobs waiting for the new version and my clients are getting antsy. I just need to know what to tell them!

When will this be released? I just purchased Gold Cart and it’s horribly buggy, I’m very upset.

Thankyou for this outstanding blog post. I look forward more of your writing on this topic in the future. Cheers again

Lets hope the variations and grid view product names text display correctly in IE, this is not theme related just encase Dan attempts that as the excuse for the issues.

Very close to dropping this product if it doesn’t improve on this release. Some how I doubt it will! I’m over re-coding things to get them to work.

Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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