3.8 Public Beta 2

10 days ago we launched the WP e-Commerce  3.8 Beta. Since then we’ve had some great feedback, and the majority of bugs reported by the community have been squashed. I’d like to thank everyone involved in providing patches, bug reports, and general feedback.

So far some of the major things we have fixed:

  • Category Ordering – props to our new found friend analogrithems who has contributed his category ordering code
  • Paragraph tags stripped from content
  • Fix PayPal Standard from sending compiled cart instead of all your cart items
  • Conflicts with other Custom Post Types
  • More fallbacks if your theme does not have a page.php template
  • Clean up a lot of the WP_DEBUG notices
  • Fix bulk add products to category
  • UPS optimisation – thanks Lee
  • Fixed Product Specials Widget

I’m sure a lot of you are eager to try out the new Beta so you can continue on your way checking out the cool new features of 3.8, most people agree, the new product management pages are super sexy!

I’d just like to remind you that we cannot guarantee support if you are planning on using the beta for a live site…

Remember to backup your files and database.


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My favorite is “Clean up a lot of the WP_DEBUG notices”. It’s like shifting from “make it work” to “make it good”.
P.S. 3.8 FTW!

I hope this isn’t considered spammy but I am trying to get a presale question answered. I’ve tried the forum and your Twitter feed, with no luck.



Just wondering is there a way to filter the results within wpsc-products_page.php so that it lists the products within multiple categories and texamonies?

I’ve managed to partly achieve this by using WP_query($args) but the arguments i can filter on are limited and i dont think it allows multiple categories.

Anyone know of a way?

I’m playing around with developing a custom search plugin.

Thanks 🙂

I receive this error and need help, who do I hire to clean up this cart and make it work?

Here is the error message;

SetExpressCheckout API call failed. Detailed Error Message: You do not have permissions to make this API callShort Error Message: Authentication/Authorization FailedError Code: 10002Error Severity Code: Error

Are you using 3.8 beta 2 or the 3.7.x?

What Payment gateway are you trying to use? Paypal? If so are you sure you have all the settings set up correctly?

I am evaluating the 3.8 beta for inclusion on our site. It looks like a big improvement over 3.7.x!

What is the best way to report bugs and help with your testing?

I know it’s a beta, any idea when the stable version will be out? I’m currently developing a site and looking to use Wp-Ecommerce. I want to know if I should start work on the current stable version or wait for the stable 3.8 version?

I already love the previous versions but I am looking forward for the release of 3.8. It’s about time using WP’s custom posts/pages and those extra tables saved are a gem… Where can I report any probs I find? I’m testing this with the groupon plugin as well.

Seems like the integration with WordPress MultiLingual is never going to happen.

This was posted on their blog.

“We .. realized the WPEC uses all low level DB access and doesn’t at all use WP API. This means that all of the hooks WPML applies for languages don’t do anything for WPEC.

The bottom line is, we can’t do this and I don’t think that anyone else will soon volunteer. I’ll update the post.

Ouch. Time to look at alternatives I think.

Hi, I just discovered that in 3.8 beta 2 some of the translations are not showing up. On investigation it seems that the problem is that there is no domain specified in the gettext calls ( i.e. __() functions).

For example, in wpsc-admin/admin.php on line 507 is this:
wp_add_dashboard_widget( ‘wpsc_dashboard_widget’, __( ‘Sales Summary’ ), ‘wpsc_dashboard_widget’ );

In the dashboard, the translation does not show up, it’s still ‘Sales Summary’ in english.

But after I changed the line to
wp_add_dashboard_widget( ‘wpsc_dashboard_widget’, __( ‘Sales Summary’, ‘wpsc’ ), ‘wpsc_dashboard_widget’ );

The translation started to work.

There are a lot of cases in the new code like that and I really suggest that this should be fixed before You release the final version.

I’m having issues with variations. I can’t add them to any of my products. Ultimately, I want to apply a discount using variations.

FYI: Installing the BETA version currently makes every page accept the homepage a 404 error. I am using /%category%/%postname%/ for the permalink structure. I have the following plugins which could be effecting it:

1. Custom Post Types UI (WebDevStudios)
2. Page Link Manager (Garrett Murphey)

Thanks for all the great work!

Don, I’m getting the same 404 error. I’m also using /%category%/%postname%/ for the permalink structure. If I type in mywebsite.com/giberishsjjd (something random), I don’t get my custom 404 page, but a product from the shopping cart. I tried fixing this with .htaccess, and I have a 404.php in my theme directory (no fishy business there). Oddly enough, this only works for the first directory level; ie, if I type in mysite.com/giberish/moregibberish I get the correct 404 error page to show up.

And when I first installed the beta, I got a 404 error page for Every page (just like you) but I changed my permalinks to date structure and then back to /%category%/%postname%/ and that fixed all the errors except for the error you show above.

These fixes look great! Can anyone tell me whether sale prices will show (where there’s a strike-through on the old price and the new sale price is listed next to it) now regardless of whether or not there are variations? Many forums had people having issues with this and I am too. Still haven’t found a solution.
Also, the notice regarding the beta version warned that support is not available for live stores…will there be a stable version anytime soon, and will it have the sale price with variations fix on it (fingers crossed)?
Thanks for this and great job!

Where would you like us to report bugs? I found a couple with the menu.

Clicking on ‘Products’ doesn’t work for me. Both the top level menu and in the sub-menu return: ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ Though I am the admin. The submenu links to categories, variations, and coupons do work as intended. (I’m the one and only admin.)

Also, if the fluency admin plugin is active (the above is true with or without Fluency active) WPEC seems to disable the flyout submenus. When currently on the ‘categories’ or ‘coupons’, the flyout submenus no longer work/they don’t display. But when viewing ‘variations’, the flyout submenus work as designed. (Maybe WPEC is altering the JS in the admin somehow?)

WPEC 3.8b2, WP 3.0.4, locally on MAMP

Likewise, clicking ‘add new product’ on the store sales page causes the same error. ‘You do not have permissions to edit this page.’

And as in the previous comment, while viewing ‘store sales’ or ‘store upgrades’ the flyout submenus don’t display then either. But only in WPEC for some reason.

I’m testing locally with the RC2 of the new WP version. Seems like the product pages are breaking. Hoping someone is testing on the new version.

I hope you are fixing USPS in this version. It is a major bug that needs to be fixed and many are asking for the upgrade ASAP on the forum. This is a major fix that no new upgrade should come without since many sites cannot USPS until it is fixed. Most of us are paying for these plugins such as Gold Cart. Please Fix otherwise people, including myself, will seek out other eCommerce options for our clients.

Variation Prices seem to be a little goofed up if you have more than one variation.

Also, would it be possible to add a field that states the variation is added to the “base” price, or the price + another variation.

Lastly, I would like to see a display order for the variations.

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