3.8 RC 1 Ready for Testing

So here we are,
Friday afternoon, 14months after the first changes were made for 3.8, 2 weeks since the last 3.8 beta 3, a ton of bug fixes later and I think we can say 3.8 is finally Release Candidate ready!
What does this mean? Well, we still do not recommend you run this on a live website. we do however recommend you try this out on your test and staging sites,,,

Some of the more important changes:

  • Fix Category Titles
  • Fix shipping same as billing – (almost #blamevales)
  • More localization fixes
  • New Filters for breadcrumbs
  • Removed a ton of css so that the default template inherits more WordPress Themes css
  • Fix descriptions so you can use the more button in tinyMCE
  • Some permalinks fixes
  • Media gallery Image fixes – (#praisesvales)
  • Tax fixes
  • Paypal Standard tax / shipping fixes

There are a ton of other fixes in there, and we look forward to getting this Plugin out the door, what does this mean for us here at Instinct HQ? Well, we have been on a feature freeze for the last few weeks, but we have been busy doing a lot of bug fixes.. too busy infact to do any upgrade tests,, so next week while we will still be reviewing the 3.8 Beta Forum Thread we will be concentrating a lot of our resources on upgrading different versions of WP e-Commerce 3.7 to 3.8.

It won’t be long now till 3.8 is release as a stable version but before you ask WHEN let me say it all depends on what we find in the next few weeks, we have a lot of testing to do, and a lot of refactoring of premium plugins to begin.. Gold Cart has been refactored to work but a lot of the Gold Cart Merchant Gateways are not ready for 3.8…. so that will be our next big mission before we release 3.8 as well,,

Ok, enough ranting, I will leave you with one little fact,
Did you know Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8 was a hefty 7~8MB and the new 3.8 RC is a mere 4~5MB? Now you do!

So fellow readers:

  1. Backup your Files and Database
  2. Make sure you are on your staging server
  3. ? Download the latest RC

And have yourself a very good weekend.

The GetShopped Team

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Ah, mine poll probably didn’t included the last batch of awesomeness! Your numbers looks more like truth 🙂

When I installed 3.8 not only could I not activate my gold cart, either thru plugin, nor thru puting the contents in the uploads or in the wp_shoppingcart folder

But I use the plugin for a clothing store, and the new handling of variations is terrible in my opinion. Having to first add the variation, and then go into each one individually is very annoying to keep stock, it also makes it much more difficult for less expierienced users, as it was confusing to me at first

Like we’ve mentioned time and time again its not quite ready for prime time – I think Jeff even mentioned that between now and launch one of main focuses is going to be on

Anyway. In the upcoming 3.8.x releases we’re going to be looking at refining the UI and making things a lot more stable and even more optimized then they are now.

In terms of Variation UI I’d love to hear how you would like it to work.
In my mind the only thing I’d like to see is the ability to add variations on the actual add product page – much the same way you can add categories on the add blog post page in WordPress. If we did that in a 3.8.x version then I’d be chuffed. What do you reckon?


that is exactly how I would like it, the same way it has been in past versions. I understand why it is being done the way it is done since each variation can be more custom, I just think it is not intuative and is unnecessary.


I did not notice the quick edit, but I don’t like how I have to set all my varations outside of the add product page, and then go back and edit them again, which Dan agreed with. I’m running version 2.8 gold cart, and 3.8 plugin, on the most up to date wordpress. So I’m still not sure why that isn’t working.

I think it 3.8 is a step in the right direction in some regards but a step back in others. The smaller filesize and footprint is nice though

@zanegun08 have you tried quick edit to replenish stock ? waaay faster than clicking in to each variation,,
as for gold cart not working I think you might be using an out of date version? are you running Gold Cart 2.8 if not then yea your going to have to upgrade,


Yes Dan, got to play with it and I’m very impressed so far. The interface kicks butt, the code and DB are shrunk way down. I’m concerned about the issues mentioned in the forums about items not deleting completely, I haven’t tested for that but I hope it gets resolved. At this point I’ve got several clients just waiting on a final release of 3.8 so we can commit to developing their sites!

This is awesome Dan! I played with it a bit and it’s looking good. Only question, is it possible to set what you want the slug to be? For instance, I would prefer /store because I think it’s more intuitive for users than /products-page.

This can also be done by just editing the name and permalink of the products page created on edit pages too right? or is there a problem with that approach?


@David Alexander, I think that is what Dan’s screenshot is referring to, changing the title and permalink of the ‘page’. Thanks though!

Hi, I am attempting to figure out this plugin and so far i am failing at the important parts…getting it to show on the site, i opted for the cart to show up on a page but when i refresh the blog there is no page added on there and i have looked in the pages area on the dashboard and nothing, the short php code doesn’t seem to work for me either, help? Please and Thank You.

@millie, I’d strongly suggest you run with the widget the shopping cart widget is the bomb, it has all the goodies in it,, and when you want to theme it, the template is easy..


Awesome Plugin!

Is it possible in 3.8 to have a category page (grid view) that links to a sub-category page (grid view) that links to a (list view) page with all that subs products? Of course clicking one of those images will take you to the product page.

It would be cool if WPEC recognized that there are sub-categories, and let you display them, but went straight to the products when there weren’t any subs in the way.

Hey Dan, just about the fire this release up on a domain I have lying around to play with. Will be sure to report back with any thoughts.

I have some interesting ideas for WPEC, first thing I am going to try is finding the name of the product post type created and see if I can add my thesis seo controls to the meta of the product screen, if you can point me in the right direction give me a shout, I have done this with custom post types before so I guess I am half way there.

Cant wait to convert my http://distinctattire.com/shop to the latest version that’s for sure.


Hey, just to come back to my point above. I have solved this, so I have now hooked in my custom thesis options and meta data control to the edit property screen.

The only draw back is that these meta fields are also printed on the product page when viewed, but they are working for the main purpose of adding meta, I could just hide them with css or something but would rather they didnt print. Any thoughts?

I have pasted the code I have used on http://pastebin.com/JpmEBFGM

Hm, my country is a little one, but missing the Netherlands in the countrylist is bad… The most frustrating translationissues are gone, i’m gonna love it!
Keep up the good work!

It shows to me..

Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/admin.php on line 112


Thanks again for continuing to work with wp-e-commerce. I’ve had paid upgrades in the past and they are well worth it.

I only have one site right now that is using wp-e-commerce as a solution to track donations. In this case we used variations to set the donations as either “operational expenses” or “scholarships” and it works great except that the drop-down menu is missing from the donation widget in the 3.8-development branch. I haven’t started poking around yet to see how i can get the variations back, but I though you all might want to know.

Thanks again!

Ya lily mine says that too, but they don’t even care…i tried contacting them about this and they just blew me off cause he had stuff to do…. not like MY SITE is MY INCOME or anything…. don’t download this is still garbage and has many errors that they can’t even fix

Just so everybody knows… Michelle has been helping Adrenaline Crew and their site has been (as far as I know) fixed…

And everybody is happy :))

are the WPEC developers looking at the tax_query? with the soon coming 3.1 version this has been massively developed to support multiple taxonomies and thus opens up the search potential massively. 🙂

I don’t suppose this is something you would be keen to help develop into our upcoming 3.9 release?

Next RC coming soon folks. WordCamp NZ slowed us down a tiny bit but we’re all working our butts off to get it launched 🙂

Any hints for how close the next RC is coming out? That and, how many RC’s are you doing before the big day?

I am astounded at the changes, I have just built two sites with 3.7.7, the list of extra hooks I wanted or had written for my self. and notes i’d had to make on the back end admin and changes I have just placed in the bin, as this seems to have done all that and more.
The bringing deeper into the wp look and feel just makes usage so much better. There is one outstanding thing i would like to see wo i’ll drop a line in teh forum but apart from that astounding work 🙂

Thanks for the encouragement!! Vales, one of our lead developers just told me;

“We are down to 3.69 MB of source code 🙂 So we lost like more than 60% of weight. And that also means faster execution, and less memory consumption. and less bugs of course.”

Thanks team!!

I’m not a web coder or designer– just a lowly marketing guy that is trying to figure out if this is the ticket to creating our own group buying site. It sure looks like it!

I simply want to know… will the Group Buying plugin work exactly like Groupon, including having the ability to credit a shopper with “company bucks” if they refer a friend to the same deal and that friend buys? On Groupon, you get $10 “Groupon Bucks” if your referred party ends up purchasing. I assume all the other basics are there– referrals, tipping, etc.

I think you probably meant to leave this comment on a different post 😉

Everything you have mentioned is on our roadmap, so it will all eventually make it in – just a matter of time 😉

very nice version! 🙂
Only it does not work with qTranslate. 🙁
in Shopping Cart, eMail etc the article-name appears double.

is a correction planned?


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