3.8 RC 2 – At long last

Hi everyone,

So it’s been a long few weeks and we’ve been busy at work, making sure things play nice with WordPress 3.1. We’ve had a few big bugs and WordCamps that stopped us releasing this sooner. All in all I think we are geting rediculously closer. From here on end, we will be taking all bug reports / issues and marking them for 3.8-future release unless they are prioritized and crucial to core functionality.

Major Changes:

  • Category Pagination Fixes
  • More Localization Changes
  • Security Fixes
  • Code Clean up (removing of WP_Debug notices props pgibbs core contributer to BuddyPress for his patches)

I’m not going to bore you with any more details if you want to review the other changes please check out the resolved threads in the 3.8-testers forum also you can check the changesets in trac

Remember the rules,

  • Backup Your Files
  • Backup your Database
  • Setup your staging server
  • Upgrade when ready

→ Download 3.8 RC 2 Now



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I see that variations are still not working.

Cannot add a variation to a product. using RC2 and 3.1

I have now thanks.

Why is it that we can’t have a decimal for quantity? like 1.5 or 0.2 etc

The site I am building at the moment is selling fabric in 20cm increments. I know I can just put in 5 for 1m but it would be better for stock take etc if I can have 1 = 1m and sell as part thereof.

Would also be handy for weight based selling of foods and such as in 1.5kg

We might be able to look at adding this in one of the upcoming 3.8.x releases or possibly in the upcoming 3.9 release. Unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time) 3.8 is in a total feature freeze.

That said if you wanted to write a Plugin (or commission somebody to make one) to add this functionality for in-between releases then I’m pretty sure that somebody would take that project on as a side project.

Best of luck eangulus for you and your online business :))

Much kudos to Jeff & Valentinas for all there hard work!! I’m looking forward to doing an svn up later tonight (its going to be a late one) and then having a play. I must say that I absolutely adore the new User Interface for products.

Hi I have tested the 3.8 RC 2. In purchase history ( your account ) shipping and tax are interchanged?

“Product prices are tax inclusive – during checkout the total price doesn’t increase but tax is shown as a line item”

I have no succes with this opion.


Many thanks for this excellent release client.
I have a couple of problems since upgrading.
Using 3.8RC2 on wordpress 3.1 with the Pagelines Platform Pro Theme

I have lost the ability to control the format of the checkout page – it brings in the home page template and it in fact appears to think it is the ‘home’ page

Also in the products page there is a red cross when no product image is present and I am struggling to follow the logic of uploading product pictures – i get them as images in the product description but not in the image collection.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Mike!

Images currently work the way they do so that we’re able to reliably hook into the images attached to the product in order to display them the way we display them. That said, nothing stops you from inserting images into the product description 🙂

Thanks – FYI the template error only shows up when the checkout page is a child of the products page. Easy to workaround! Ditto the order status page, but the account page is OK!

I have no luck with e-commerce whatsoever.

I upgraded from 3.7.8 to 3.8. Big mistake. Screwed up my shop completely.
Through phpmyadmin I uploaded my backup and hoped to get back to the old version – but it’s still 3.8.

Now, I’ve decided to completely REMOVE the plugin and install it from scratch – and now the plugin.php page is invalid. I can’t access it AT ALL.

What do I do?? I’m starting to panic!

There are two golden rules
1. Don’t use any beta, RC, or anything except stable for anything that has value for you.
2. Have full backup of anything that is valuable for you.

But don’t panic. There are lots of WP e-Commerce consultants out there: http://staging.getshopped.org/resources/wp-consultants/ these guys are professionals, so if you are in trouble – hire one of them and they will fix your website in no time!

Depends what you did to uninstall it – you may have corrupted the plugin.php file, which is part of WP, not WPEC.

That said, if there is an issue in the upgrade process, we need to know about it. Feel free to email me at office at zaowebdesign dot com and I’d be happy to see if it’s a user error issue (in which case we need better documentation) or if it’s a legitimate bug (in which case we need to fix it before releasing a stable version).

And Vales’ is right – always, always, always backup, don’t do anything on a production server, etc. We’ve never said anything different 🙂

Congratulations Dan, Jeff, and all involved

Looking forward to having a play with it….

Meanwhile, hope that all your families and friends were all safe in the recent terrible Christchurch earthquake.

Thanks for all your hard work – Awesome!

I’m brand new to WordPress and WP e-commerce. I’m trying to set up a very simple six item store to sell fund raising items for a non-profit. I’m having issues with 3.7 and wonder if since this isn’t a big involved store…perhaps 3.8 might be a better solution for me?

Guys I still dont get it.

Installed WPEC, configured it, installed child theme – activated it – it looks good. Installed group deal, activate it it looks good.

But when I add vendor OR deal it does not show nor save. It simple misses some files like:
?post_type=wpec-dd-vendor&p=13&preview=true PAGE NOT FOUND

cause that file does not exist at all in the plugin.

What is wrong with it?

Umn this blog post is about wp-e-commerce 3.8 RC 2 not about the group deals plugin,, for that I believe you want to checkout the other blog post ~


I am building me a small online store, just a few items and I tried the 3.7 Plugin but had some problems with custom tax and shipping and stuff, now I uploaded the 3.8 RC2 and everything works almost perfect except the check out. When I hit the purchase button nothing happens. Is this because it is a beta version of the plugin? Please Help.

Hello guys !

Thank’s for the good work !!!

I have a little question :

What about languages with the new version. So far the beta is just in English right? Will German and French be included in the new release ?

Thank you very much for the answer 🙂

Hi Guillaume again here…

Sorry for spamming the blog… a quick research on the forum gave me my answer ^^


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