A very merry update

Merry Christmas folks!!!

We’re pleased to announce the 3.8.13 release of the WP e-Commerce Plugin. This release comes with some new stuff, some changes and some fixes. You can find all the details below.

We’re hoping this release is the last 3.8.x release before we roll up our sleeves, strap on the boxing gloves and push out WPEC 3.9 with new bbPress inspired template engine. Its going to be a fun 2014… I’m thinking free themes (or was that freed themes), new products and a whole Lotta WordCamp.

Download 3.8.13 and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or comments regarding this release please let us know in the comments section below.

New stuff…

* New: Product Media UI.
* New: Cart Item Meta API
* New: ‘wpsc_after_checkout_cart_rows’ action.
* New: Add ‘wpsc_default_dimension_unit’ and ‘wpsc_default_weight_unit’ filters.
* New: Add ‘wpsc_save_product_order’ action and use it to save category product order in the term_relationships table.
* New: Add logic filter for coupons.  We currently have one for properties, this should sufficiently round out the extensibility for the UI.
* New: Allow gateway images to be filtered.
* New: Allow multiple comma-separated categories in coupon conditions.
* New: Product Gallery metabox.


* Change: Better Customer API.
* Change: Prepend (WPEC) to widget names in wp-admin
* Change: Replace default noimage.png with a better image.
* Change: Updated NL language
* Change: Updated german language strings
* Change: Use new spinner image in WordPress 3.8


* Fix: Add preg_quote() to coupon regexes that intend to parse strings. Fixes issue where unexpected results occur when strings contain slashes, or really, any regex-oriented characters.
* Fix: Change wpsc_get_remaining_quantity() to call the method dynamically, rather than statically.  The previous behaviour caused a strict standards warning.
* Fix: Database Upgrade Routine to rename old _wpsc_* product metadata array keys so they no longer include the ‘_wpsc_’ prefix
* Fix: In Purchase log admin screen, item count is sum of quantity field rather than count of rows
* Fix: Invert logic on shipping ZIP code check in core theme files.
* Fix: Modify behavior in Download CSV functionality to properly convert region IDs to regions.
* Fix: Modify wpsc_update_item_quantity() to listen for wpsc_quantity_update, reverting to $_POST[‘quantity’] only if it exists.
* Fix: PHP strict warnings.
* Fix: Properly quote SKUs in CSV file.
* Fix: Rename generically named function.
* Fix: Stock and sale price empty values should be preserved.
* Fix: Variation thumbnail size in admin screen.
* Fix: cart is not initialized when some shipping modules are triggered
* Fix: redundant product thumbnail is displayed on category / single product list.
* Fix: variation checkbox column width in WP 3.7.
* Fix: Out of stock message for variations now correctly shows variation of product for the title, rather than main product.
* Fix: Use proper link in checkout for variation products.
* Fix: Return tax information in switchmethod() JS function.
* Fix: Resolve conflict with Advanced Custom Fields on save_post hook for products.
* Fix: Update Bulgarian Currency symbol.
* Fix: Resolve issue where updating pages causes rewrite rule conflicts when pretty permalinks are enabled.

Download 3.8.13

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Product Gallery meta box doesn’t show thumbnail images as previously which is a step backwards.
Also United Kingdom still coming up as ‘United Kingdom (ISO 3166) please a thousand times can we just have United Kingdom?
Apart from that all looks lovely so far.

Can you please create a wish list function for WP Ecommerce? My customers would love to be able to create their own wishlists on the website so their friends can buy them presents!

There have been so many bugs in past updates I am not likely to test this one for at least a month, especially not at the height of the selling season.

Apart from that, I already bought Woocommerce and will test and compare the two.

Having said that, WP-E-Commerce is at an immediate disadvantage because the freight doesn’t work as well as Woo and the affiliate and FedEx plugins on which I used to rely are too full of holes. So much so that I have gone to a flat rate shipping and lose on average $10 – $15 per shipment as a result.

…oh, and it doesn’t help that you already state that the affiliate plugin may not work with this update until ‘some time in the future’.

Hi Melissa, this could be a new timeout issue that is affecting WP e-Commerce 3.8 sites via their new updater system (requires SSL).

Why does this update keep creating new “random” user accounts that have a role of ” Anonymous”

There is only one account is creates constantly called _wpsc_bot
with a role of ” Anonymous”. This is filling up garbage users in my user accounts.

I disabled the plugin and account creations stopped.
Any reason for this?

Yeah I’m seeing this too, looks like _wpsc_is_bot_user() is returning a false positive. Less witty in-line commenting perhaps?

Now that I’ve looked at the code I believe it is by design and we just need to have the Users list filtered by default to not show these ‘bot’ users. Hope this gets some attention in the new year.

I’m having same issue since update. A barrage of Anonymous Users . Only since I updated E-Commerce and I’ve checked all the general and discussion settings

Hi dojodigital, this feature was introduced in 3.8.13. Unfortunately there are no controls to turn this on/off you simply need to ignore it until this is looked at.

After update I see category and sub-category items are displaying in list view rather then grid view. Only main product page is displaying in grid view. Ofcourse I have gold cart. Any help ?

This upgrade has still not addressed/fixed the issue described here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/shortcodes-to-honor-category-views

A selected category view in not honoured through the shortcodes and you are still forcing users to manually edit core files to fix their websites after upgrades.

That’s a joke! Because the solution is here, easy and simply to add/amend in your system files. The job has already been done for you. YOU JUST NEED TO IMPLEMENT THE CODE. Why are you so consistently lame?

Reverting back to previous version. My website looks terrible. None of the grid/list views for categories when inserted via shortcodes are displaying in their selected view setting.

Also, in the category settings page, the selected view is still constantly stuck on “default” despite this having been a reported bug multiple times.

Just to be clear.
3.8.13 works fine, its the problem with the plugin you are using.
Make sure it is updated and compatible with the latest WPEC release.

My site wasn’t allowing customers to go past step 2 in the checkout flow after the update. Was able to get a little better by not using the USPS ship option and going with a weight only option. But it still wasn’t 100% and after spending about 5 hours trying to get it right I just gave up and rolled back to the last release.
WP is almost more than I want to deal with these days especially with WPEC thrown in the mix.

I Have only started using this and I am ready for the Hills already. I have wasted so much time with something I should not be having to deal with ie when trying to upload a featured image an error occured in the upload please try again later. Please could you refund my money and cancel my API. I have had enough. All iIwant to do is run an e-commerce site that works.

Are you running the latest WPEC and the latest WP versions ?
I think i`ve seen others with this issue and the problem was that they were using older WordPress versions.

Kind of hard to debug here.
Could you please post a Premium Support topic so we can look more at it ?

when selecting category from the product page with this new update, you get the header image repeated at top of page. Is there a fix for this.
Also, inserting the product image using the previous version was much easier.

Hey there,
Can you show us a screenshot of this issue or exact steps to follow to try and reproduce it ?
I just tried it on a local test store and i don`t have a duplicate header.


Since the update, I am unable to remove any thumbnails associated with an item. The new product gallery images is nice looking, but as we are gold cart subscribers, and this is a core basic function, this error requires fixing as quickly as possible. This plug-in, which started as a great way to make a wordpress site into a functioning shopping cart, has released too much unprofessional, buggy code. WP-ecommerce/getshopped has fallen both behind its competitors, and lower than the professional bar should allow.

Hey there,
Are you reffering to the Product Image Galleries ?
I tried removing images added as product gallery and it worked ok.
What GC version are you using ?


When upgraded to WP 3.8 and then to the latest WP e-commerce my scrolling carousel on the home page went vertical vs horizontal. All my content under the product tabs disappeared. I have reverted back to WP 3.5 and Version If I upgrade to WP 3.8 will wp ecommerce version work while I wait for you to iron out the kinks?

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