Affiliate Plugin 1.1

Hey Team. I’m pleased to announce on behalf of the guys and the 1.1 release of the Affiliates Plugins.

Heres what they have done:

  • Reworked the affiliate signup process to eliminate several steps.
  • Updated readme.txt file to describe new signup process.
  • Fixed issue with registration form not displaying data when a visitor had an error during signup.
  • Fixed phone number field to allow periods and plus signs (for internationalization).
  • Added phone number formatting to affiliate detail screen.
  • Fixed issue adding new creatives requiring an extra step before being allowed to activate.

Also please note the affiliate signup process changed, make sure you read the new process in the readme.txt file before upgrading. John from 9seeds has told me that they have more updates on the list, I can’t tell you what they are right now, but we’re going to be watching this post so if you have any ideas post them here and we’ll see what we can do in future versions.

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Greetings. I’m having some issues with the Affiliate plugin and I can not find ANY documentation nor help of any kind from anyone anywhere. You allow one question with premium support and I have received no answer for two weeks. Could you suggest a coarse of action for me as to where I can get support for a $99 purchase?

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