Calling our Hungarian, Croatian, Italian, Swedish, Russisn, Norwegian, Danish & Polish Users.Wp e-Commerce & Gold Cart Translations

 Do you need WP e-Commerce translated into your Language?

Help us hit our goal to release  the new updated languages with the 3.8.9 release of WP e-Commerce!  Thanks to our users, we have the following languages completed- to download a copy just click on your chosen language from below.

We are SO close on the following languages. We would love for you guys to help us get as many of these wrapped up as possible so we can re package and release new language files.

  • Hungarian (99%) – Only 2 strings left!
  • Croatian (99% 6 untranslated strings, and 34 needing approval)
  • Italian (99% 15 untranslated strings)
  • Swedish (98% 19 untranslated strings)
  • Russian (96% 51 untranslated strings, 15 needing approval)
  • Norwegian (Bokmål) → Norwegian (94% 96 untranslated strings, 29 needing approval)
  • Danish  (91% 130 untranslated strings, 199 needing approval)
  • Polish (91$ 145 untranslated strings, 4 needing approval)

How can I help translate WP e-Commerce into my language?

Anyone can translate the files by clicking on the language you want to translate above.  If you’re confident about your language skills, you can validate the strings as you go. If you’re unsure, just translate them and we’ll have them validated by someone else. If you have the chops to be a validator, just leave a comment below with your GetShopped username and the language you would like to approve. We will sort access for you and ensure you’re all set up!

My language is translated 100%  How do I get the translation on my site?

Keep an eye on the blog for languages that are all translated and approved 100%.  All you will need to do is download the package here, unzip it and copy it into your wpsc-languages folder (living inside the main wp-e-commerce folder).

I’ve finished translating and approving WP e-Commerce in my language- now what?

In order for us to package the files and provide them to you all we need to know when your finished! If you have finished translating a language drop us a blog comment here and let us know!

Language not in the list above?

We have alot more languages that still require translating – some are pretty completed. View the entire list of translation sets If your language is still not in this list then let us know what language you would like to translate and we will happily add it for you.

Language is Translated 100% but still seeing untranslated strings?

Let us know if you’re using language files that are 100% complete and you’re still seeing untranslated strings. We’ll fix the glitch.

What About Gold Cart?

We are happy to announce that Gold Cart is now also ready for translation! If you would like to start translating these files in your language let us know your GetShopped username and the language you would like to translate! We would be happy to set you up and export the files for you when you have completed the translation!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Any thing to share relating to languages? Drop us a comment in this post and a staff member will get back to you ASAP.

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Hello Mychelle,
I have mine translated to brazilian portuguese and I have found some grammar errors with the portuguese translation and also some misspelled words.
Is this a new file or the same ones that comes with any version of this plugin?
I can do translations to pt_BR for Brazil or revision if needed.


Hi Davys,

Depending on the language these files will be more updated from the plugin – However if there are errors (I have no way to tell English speaking only 🙂 ) I would be happy to add you as a validator so you can go in and adjust the incorrect strings. Once they are fixed I can update the files for everyone and send you a copy.

If you would like to do this then can you confirm your getshopped username (is it Davys?) Ill add you as a validator and we can get these strings fixed up!


Hi RB,

Slovenian is currently not on our list but I would be happy to add it for you if you would like to translate it? When your done I can package the files for you and send them to you for your site. If you would like me to add this language so you can translate it please confrim your GetShopped username and I will do this ASAP for you.


Hello Mychelle
I am working on a translation of Gold Cart for one of our client so I am interested in translating the plugin and maintain the translation of it.
Can you please pack everything and send it to my email?
Please use

nplurals=3; plural=(n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n%10>=2 && n%10<=4 && (n%100=20) ? 1 : 2);

for plural.

With best regards

Hi Matic,

The Gold Cart has not been translated yet but if you like you can start translating it here (let me know what language and your getshopped username I would be happy to add it for you)

Once the translation is complete I can package and send it to you.


Hi Feliphe,

Michelle here from wpec that language set is already 100% complete you can use the link above to download it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.


Hey, great work on the translations! This is exactly what i needed, but the links to download are sending me to a different forum topic

Hi Theo,

What language are you after? The completed languages above should just open up a file download window. The other almost complete translations will take you to glotpress where you can finish translating the language.

If your language is not finished yet would you like to complete it and I will download it for you?


Hi Vallhalen,

I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. What Language are you looking to download?


Sorry for my messy post 🙂 I meant when will be ready new version of wp-ecommerce which will include polish translation ?
Thanx for your support!
PS: I have translated several lines of text 🙂 (abut 100 and they are waiting for approval:) )

Hi Vallhalen,

I can’t translate Polish to approve your strings but thanks for helping out. If you provide me with your GetShopped username I would be happy to make you a validator so you can approve them. Once approved I will export them for you so you can use the translations now. The files that are completed or close to will be in the next version of WP e-Commerce.


Hey store front team! Thats great your themes are translatable to! We hope to have this wrapped up (with the help from our users of course) before the next version.

Hopefully we can make it!


Hi guys,

I’ve done remaining strings translation of WP e-commerce into Russian.

Could you please package it into nearest update?
Thanks in advance!

Hi yevgrashyn,

According the the statistics there is still a bit more to go on the Russian language and the strings need to be approved.

Im English only speaking so can’t approve these for you! is yevgrashyn your GetShopped username? If it is I’ll make you a validator so you can approve your strings.

Once your done I will export them for you specially so you can start using them now.

Of course all completed languages are going to go into the update.

Thanks for helping out Russian is now nearly complete!


I’m sorry, I’m doing the website and I´m new to this, I don´t find either folder where you download the zip file in Spanish. thanks!

Hi Julia,

Thats not a problem I have downloaded the folder for you and i am going to email it to you now with some directions.


Hi Michelle, my username is Vallhalen. Ill try to translate all some later but provide zip right now please (after my approvals ofcourse :))

PS: I have a problem to restore my password! In restoring email i have:

Someone requested that the password be reset for the following account:

Username: Vallhalen

If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen.

To reset your password, visit the following address: [blank] !

there is no link to restore. I know that is stupid to forget password but… 😛 Help mi with this if you can 🙂

Hi Vallhalen,

We’ve fixed the reset password URL. If you try resetting your password again, you’ll get a valid URL where you can proceed. Sorry for the trouble!


Thanx! Now I`m ready to finish translation 🙂 [or try to finish :P) Waiting for validator status and thanx !

Hi Vallhalen

Sorry for the delay here i have been away for a few days!
I have made you a validator so you can approve the languages let me know as soon as your done and I will get the files together for you!

Thanks so much for your help with this please let me know as soon as your ready for the files!

Hey Mychelle!

I think, i could help you with polish translation. Please, send me some details via email.

Best regards!

Hi Jaromir,

Thanks for leaving your comment and offering to help! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I have been away.

I am going to email you shortly Polish is nearly complete thanks to Vallhalen but it would be great if we could get it validated and approved so I can send it to your both.

Can you please provide me with your getshopped username and I will add you as a validator and send through some directions via email.


Hi Michelle,
I want to help translate WPEC. I can check translated phrases that fit the context, country specific character and properly look at website, both frontend and backend. Polish is usually more verbose than English, and often not fit the buttons.


Hi Piotr!

Would love for you to help us translate, would you like to translate the Gold Cart to? If you would please let me know your GetShopped username and I will apply to required permissions to your account!

Thanks again for offering to help!
Really looking forward to getting these languages all completed!


I can help you with the norwegian (Bokmål) translation.
Best regards,

Hi Kine,

It would be really great if you could help with this language as its nearly completed!

What is your GetShopped username I would be happy to add you as a validator so you can approve the waiting strings and finish off the last few of course when your all done I will package the files and send them to you so you can use them right away.


Hi! I finished translation! (I hope it ok :D) So accept all please and make it 100% clear! And let us download it 🙂 Please Please PLease!

Hi Vallhalen,

Sorry for the delay I have updated your status please approve the strings and let me know i will download this for you right away!


Hi Vallhalen!

Thats perfect thanks so much I will package this right now and email it to you!


I would like to finish translating the Hungarian parts, but I can’t login. I tried the wordpress account and the simple press also. I can’t find where to register for GlotPress. Can you help?

Hi jorgibravo

Looks like you figured it out but for anyone else having problems here is a quick run down. You don’t need to be logged in to to translate strings. However you will need to be a validator and logged in in order to approve the strings your translating. To be come a Validator I will need to know your getshopped username and the language you would like to translate.

Hopefully that clears it up for everyone so far you guys are doing a great job and these languages are becoming complete!


Hi John, is the wrong site you will need to sign up at the Romanian translation is not completed yet and no strings have been approved if you would like to translate them then I would be happy to add you as a validator. Whats your getshopped username?



I’ve finished the translation for french, and i could be a validator.
My account name is edwinaethernet please upgrade the account.

Hi Edwin!

Thanks so much for updating this translation I have created you as a validator for this language now so you should be able to approve all your stings.


Thanks so much let me know when your done so I can send you through the files!

I had to change the password at getshopped then come back and login here with the new password. Hungarian translation is now finished.

Hi jorgibravo
Thanks so much for completing this for us! Would you like me to export the files and send them through to you? Should I use the email address that this comment ./ account is linked to?

Hi Mychelle,
That would be great! Please send the export to the email address that I used for this account.

Hi jorgibravo,

The files are on their way I will package them now for you.

Thanks again for all your help!

Thanks! I recieved it and installed it, works like a charm. Can you help me get started on GoldCart as well?

Hi jorgibravo,

Thats perfect I am glade that working for you! I can definitely help you translate the gold cart I have added you as a validator (jorgibravo – let me know if this is not your GS username) and added the translation set you can just go here: and translate the same way you did for WP e-Commerce. Let me know when all the strings are translated and approved and I will export for you.


Hi Michelle, the Hungarian Gold-Cart translation is completed. Please compile and send the export to my email address, that you used previously. Thanks

Hi Jorgi!

Man that was fast! Thanks so much the first Gold Cart language is complete. I am going to have to send you a custom GC version as the current version doesn’t have the translated strings in it yet. I will do this for you today and send it through please let me know if you have any problems as this is the first translation file there may be a few issues we need iron out!

Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Mychelle,
I still havent received the gold cart translation. Can you please sen d them again? thanks

Hi jorgibravo,
Thanks for letting me know you have not received this its not in your junk folder is it?

Ill package it up and send it all through to you now.


I couldn’t find some strings in the brazilian portuguese .po file. Example:Product published. View product
that is in the wpsc-core/wpsc-functions.php, line 453.

Am I doing something wrong? I can translate them if they aren’t translated yet.

Thank you!

Hi Carroll,

Thanks for helping with these translations – would you like me to make you a validator so you can approve the strings your translating? If you would let me know your getshopped username and ill upgrade you with the required permissions.

As for the missing strings It is possible that there are one or two missing we have a new release coming out soon which has a full audit of the language functions and strings this should be fixed then and the strings will appear for translating.


Hey, Michelle!

My username is caroll.
I would love to help and fix this issue asap. 🙂

Thank you!

Hi Carol!

Thanks so much for helping us out with this (if only we had a staff member from every country!)
I have upgraded your permissions so you can approve the strings – let me know when your finished and I will export the translations and send them through to you!

Hi Sp34k,

The dutch language is already at 100% However we have the gold Cart ready for translating now as well as more strings that will be ready with the 3.8.9 release of WPEC. So in a few weeks we will have more WPEC strings to translate – are you a Gold Cart customer already? If your not but would like to translate let me know I can organize this for you. Also confirm your GetShopped username.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Mychelle,

Danish is not the same as Dutch 🙂 Like Sp34k above, I am Danish and in need of the completed Danish language files. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Best regards,

Hi Chris & Sp34k

Boy do I feel silly 🙂 apologies for this mistake I think I need to see more of the world 🙂

We already have a Danish language and its nearly finished so it would be great if we could get this completed you can find the translation set here:

I have added you both as validators (if CJS and Sp34k are not your GetShopped usernames then let me know)

Any other questions or problems please jsut let me know once again I am sorry about this mistake!


Hi Chris,

The username CJS is not working can you confirm your getshopped user name please?


Hello GetShopped team!

It seems like my account, with the username mibbo, is messed up somehow. Could you fix it, please? I’m THE validator of the Swedish language here…

Best regards,


Hi Mikael,

I’ve reset your account password, and emailed the email account on file with the new password.

Hi Getshopped team! I’m AriesAnywhere From Bangkok, Thailand. I would like to translate wpecommerce in Thai. Would you please add Thai Language to GlotPress and add me as a translator/validator for Thai. Thanks for your great works.

Hi ariesanywhere,

I am so sorry I missed your first comment! I would love it if you could help us with the Thai language.
I will sort this out for you now and update you shortly with a link to the new language ready to go.


Thats perfect thank you please let me know when your done so i can export the files and send them through to you.

Hi Csaby,

Thats great news it would be really great if you could help us what user name would you like me to add as a validator for these two languages?
Let me know and I will do this right away for you. Would you like to translate the Gold Cart of just WPEC?


I’m a WordPress validator for Korean language.
Recently I was much interested in WP e-Commerce because I’m writing a book about WordPress and it’s almost finished. I wish to introduce WP e-Commerce in my book, therefore I began translation and it’s almost done, about 95%.
I need to be a Korean validator for this Plugin.

And I think there are some missing strings such as “Keep stock in cart for”. Is there any plan to fix them? I tried to insert the strings in to po file as I did in bbPress po file, but unsuccessful.
I want every single English word to be translated as Korean which means a perfect translation. Some people dosen’t understand English.

Hi martian36,

Michelle here from WP e-Commerce. Thanks for getting in touch and It would be great if you could help finish off this language! Some of the strings may not be translatable yet however the next version of WPEC (3.8.9) addresses these missing strings.

What GetShopped username would you like me to make as validator?

If you can provide me with this I will upgrade your permissions so you can get translating and approving right away!


Hi! Mychelle
Your Reply and Help would be highly appreciated.
My username “martian36” will be fine as a validator.
and I hope I can import the translated po file same as the WordPress.


Hi martian36,
Thats perfect I have added you as a validator so you can translate and approve the strings.
So to do that all you need to do is go here: (you will need to login first in the top right hand corner – just use your getshopped account details)
Then you can jsut click in the boxes to translate once you add a new translation you should be able to approve it.

Just let me know if you have any problems but all your permissions are set up!


Thanks a lot Mychelle!
The translation is 99% done. only 7 strings left which need better understanding of WP e-Commerce.
I will upload the file as soon as I finish some fine-tuning.

Thanks again.

Hi martian36,

You shouldn’t need to upload the file you should be able to enter the strings directly in there and approve any that need approving. Once its 100% I can export the files and send them through to you.
From there you should just be able to place them directly into the wpsc-languages file and everything will be ready to go

Of course in a few weeks when 3.8.9 is out there will be a few new strings to translate 🙂
Let me know when your ready

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