Changes in Product Licensing/Support

As of today, we have implemented a new licensing system. Since the new licensing system has been enabled, old API Keys are no longer compatible with the new licenses. We recognize this is an inconvenience. However, we will do our best to make sure you still have access to past download files and access to our support system.


What Has Changed?

The new support system no longer requires what was known as a Support Token and will only validate the license. All new licenses are valid for 1 year from the time of purchase. In that time you get unrestricted access to support and to plugin updates. Old API keys that are expired (over 1 year old since purchase) can no longer be used and for that reason we will offer you a coupon so that you can purchase a new license key at a discounted price.

Please note: We have new user terms. We love our users and are grandfathering in everyone that purchased before Nov 17, 2014.

From now on if you require Premium Support you can do that by going to the Your Account page and using the Support tab. You will need to enter your License key when creating a new support request which will be validated. If it fits in the 1 Year free support time frame since the date of purchase then your support request will be sent to us.

Also on the user account page you will be able to view all your current licenses and their status and expiration date. Each product (built by WP eCommerce) purchased from our website will receive 1 License key which you will need to post new support requests.


Gold Cart and other plugins

Until now we required users to enter an API Key and Name to register Gold Cart’s premium functions on your store. With the release of 2.9.10 for Gold Cart the features are enabled as soon as you activate the plugin.

For the rest of the plugins which are made by WP eCommerce they will provide a License key during purchase which you can use for support and to receive plugin updates.


WP eCommerce 3.11 changes. 

Under Dashboard we had a page called Store Upgrades. We have renamed that page to WPeC Licensing.

This new page will only show a box where you can enter your License and register or reset it from the current URL. Once you register the license for each product that offers one you will receive automatic plugin updates via the Plugins page. Each license validates against the plugin it was generated for. For example you will not receive plugin updates for Plugin X if you registered on the WPeC Licensing page a license for Plugin Y. Each plugin checks for its own license and show updates if available.

You will also be able to see some information about the License like Expiration date and product its linked for just like in the User Account page on our website.


What about old API Key users ?

We have built a page on which you will be able to verify your current API status. Click Here

If your API Key fits in the 1 Year since purchase it will allow you to download the latest Gold Cart version on that page and also you CAN use it to post Premium Support requests until its valid period is up. Since they are not compatible with the new Licenses after expiration you will have to purchase a product to receive a brand new License.

If your API Key is expired already you will receive a coupon code for a discount in the purchase of a new product from our website.


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