Community add-on promises productivity boost with WPEC

I am amazed with community activity these days. While we are busy finishing 3.8, other developers all around the world are launching nifty add-ons for the WP e-Commerce Plugin. I heard from the guys at Store Apps about Smart Manager a while ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t test it fully (since most of my time is spend in 3.8), but what I saw was impressive. After some high praises for the add-on on our forum, I thought I must share it with you guys.

Smart Manager is a WP e-Commerce Plugin add-on that lets you manage products, orders and customers in a spreadsheet like grid view. You can edit items inline and apply multiple smart batch update actions to selected items. This comes in a fully AJAXed, desktop like snappy interface and hooks great with WP e-Commerce.

You can use it to update stock / prices / groups for a whole bunch of products in one shot. You can easily change status of your orders and add notes to them. It shows you total purchased value of each customer and shows product/order details in a nice lightbox style panel. Yet, I think smart batch update actions are still the best thing about this add on 🙂

Most of these features are available in the free Lite version whereas the paid Pro version offers comprehensive inline editing and batch update.

Check this out yourself.

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I have a question about this plugin. I am starting a clothing line. With this plugin can you do different sizes of shirts?


Hi Ned,

I guess your question is related to variations.
So as far as variations are concerned we do not support them.

But if you want to update price variations of all the selected products with the same amount or you want to update weight variations with the same value you can do so.

Hi Ned

I have been using this product for several months and it is a life saver in time. In relation to your question variations is not its strongest point in its current format. But speaking to the guys who produce it they are adding this functionality soon.
I think they are waiting till 3.8 is fully stable before they launch Smart Manager for 3.8 and at this point they will offer more functionality in the variations area.

It is still worth getting for everything else it does but any issues speak to the guys at Store Apps very friendly and helpful.

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