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At the moment our Custom Meta solution allows you to add an additional title/heading, and some extra text to any given product in your shop. This is displayed in the Single Product Template. This is ok because Custom Meta is searchable and it serves a real need for our users BUT it is still not as feature rich as it could be. So.

In the next couple of weeks we might look at extending this functionality just a little for the upcoming 3.8 branch. My plan is to make it so that Custom Meta can be displayed in jQuery Tabs (probably optional) and each individual Custom Meta field will also be assigned a ShortCode so that designers can display the corresponding Custom Meta wherever they like on their client site.

Examples of how it might look:
» Dick Smith; notice the Specifications & Reviews etc tabs underneath the main product information
» Simple jQuery Tabs; some more visual reference

What do you think? I’d like to know what people want… we’re all about the feedback 🙂

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This will be good. Tabs are easy enough to create but being able to control per product what goes into each tab will be nice. I always wondered if Custom Meta on individual products could be leveraged for SEO, say for meta descriptions or better title tags. But if 3.8 is going to handle a product as an actual post then most SEO plugins will do this.

Depending on if you believe Google or not, meta descriptions don’t particularly count towards SEO web rankings in their search engine (see

This doesn’t however mean that they aren’t important, and that it isn’t important to be able to set them, it’s very important. The meta description shows up as the “snippet” below the title on the search results page. For each product you create you want to write a mini ad. The ad consists of the Title and the Description. This has been greatly missing from WP e-Commerce, hopefully this will be rectified in 3.8.

This site has not yet been updated to WP as I am still building it on my local server.

One question, how do you search your products? The search form that comes with WP only searches the posts and not the products 🙁

Any help would be much appreciated.


I JUST received a request to get these tabs on the bottom of every product page. So I am very much for this idea.

Would the customer be able to put anything they want in the tabs?

They showed me this example:

I also agree that it would be best to be able to change the info on every product page.

Well, tabs are a good UI improvement but for me there are 2 important things to change in the custom meta management:
1. give the possibility of attaching a file to a product ((pdf, doc with tecnical infos or brochures)
2. save a list of most-used metas or another solution instead of having to manually insert them every time. I know there’s a plugin ( but why a plugin for a plugin?

1) That would already be possible just by putting the file online and adding the link to the file?

2) That would be nice.

3) Why a Plugin for a Plugin?
A) Because if we integrated every feature that everybody could possibly conceive of into WP e-Commerce then it would be a really really bloated Plugin. Buts its not – its a super duper awesome Plugin.

Although in this particular case the functionality would be bundled with core. Visser and I talked about better Custom Meta many many months ago… he’s just filling a gap while we don’t have that functionality. Although that said I tested Vissers Plugin the other day and it didnt work for me. I was using a WP e-Commerce 3.8 nightly build…

Hi Dan!

1) you are right, but for some clients (not so web addicted) it will be easier adding a file during the editing of a new product instead of upload it in the media, copy the link and paste it in the product description. Furthermore if i put the link like a custum meta i see the url, and if i write it in the description i can not add a class to style it ( This is a good example:;jsessionid=C39D54424CB64B8661CDD71FA9408989.app101-drp1?t=support
Anyway it’s just a suggestion 🙂

2) 🙂

3) I totaly agree with you. It depends on the desired functionality. “Facebook Like Buttun” is not a core functionality.

This would be a much welcomed addition to the wp e-commerce plugin. I have been developing a store and that is one feature I am having to customize the entire plugin to make work on my own. I am by no means a master of plugins, but I think I have it down… would be nice to be included in the plguin however.

Having trouble breaking out the custom meta array.. any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I’m using the last version of WP-e-Commerce but I don’t know where I can find the feature described above. It would be really important for me to use the “tabs” in the content description … Thanks

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