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WP eCommerce has a marketplace! A place for WordPress developers to create and sell extensions specifically for WP eCommerce.  We aim to be the most authoritative, canonical, trusted source of eCommerce plugins.  Because of amazing developers like you, user and store administrators will know they can trust the premium quality plugins that come from our extensions marketplace.

On top of that, we aim to be the most developer-friendly marketplace out there!  When you win, we win.

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Happy to!

The most important points to note are as follows;

  • Our initial revenue share amount is 50/50; This is on the understanding that we’ll ensure a healthy ecosystem, we’ll maintain the WP eCommerce Plugin and marketplace website, and that you’ll keep your Plugin updated and healthy. We’ll even look after basic customer triage for you and forward to you any serious support requests. As we grow, we’ll work with developers to explore a tiered commission approach that incentivizes developers and is a win-win for everyone.  We may adjust this in the future, but for now, this allows us to learn and grow and develop a better marketplace.
  • Developer friendly; Our marketplace is integrated with Github and Bitbucket. You simply sign up / login with your WordPress account, set yourself up as a vendor and tag your release
  • You get paid! We do payouts for every month at the end of the following month.  This is necessary, as it covers the refund policy window of 30 days.

How do I sign up?

Glad you asked.  You can apply to be a part of our marketplace right here.

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