WP e-Commerce Plugin sponsoring another theme competition – heads up

Included with the upcoming release of the WP e-Commerce Plugin is a gorgeous new array of CSS and XHTML goodness. This has been designed by WordPress artisans – styled to impress even the harshest of customers! Made to align the WP e-Commerce Plugin with the default WordPress 2010 theme. Some people say that our new styles make the 2010 theme look somewhat vanilla…. others just nod and grin with happy delight.

To show off our new capabilities we have created a new WP theme called Apple Tribute. Yes parts of it actually look like the apple.com website, but due something called copyright, we changed some colors around. This theme will be released shortly, probably around the same time we launch the upcoming 3.8 theme competition.

Thats right. A theme competition! To celebrate our new release we are gearing up to launch a theme competition.

Theme Competition

Here are some of the preliminary notes from our initial brainstorming session:

Deadline – 1 month from start to finish
Prizes – 1st place prize would be a large cash sum
Prizes – Top up cash sponsored by theme frameworks for best themes made using a particular framework
Requirements – Must work with WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8
Requirements – Must include styles for main product page, single product page and checkout page

The winning themes will be themes that make people want to shop! We’ll be looking out for the best CSS, innovation around any additional code used to extend WP e-Commerce to do cool things and of course a hot design. To be honest though – amazon.com isnt hot and that makes more conversions then any other site. So in other words you get kudos points for ripping off amazon 😉


So. What do people think?
Do you have a favorite theme framework?
Do you represent a theme framework and want to help contribute to this thriving ecosystem?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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Shotgun Amazon 😛

To really drive this competition allow the WP e-Commerce community to vote on the best 3.8 theme. Wouldn’t be hard and would be a great way to show off the best themes coming out for WPEC!

Add an entry form so that developers/themers can register for this competition, add a votes close date and lock down prizes and associations; might even be worth doing it on a subdomain of getshopped.org. 🙂

Exactly, and put each competition on its own subfolder (e.g. competitions.getshopped.org/wpsc38/), that way there can be many competitions (active and inactive) on that subdomain. I’ve got some competition solutions for WordPress I can throw together to get it started, flick on the spotlight to get in touch. 🙂

I like the idea of this contest. It would be great if there were some stipulations on the code of the themes. Clean and Valid code. Maybe go to some lengths to notate the code as well?

Just a thought.

Sounds cool, im not a developer but would love to see what 3.8 can look like with the right people making great looking themes

Thematic is my favorite ‘framework’/parent theme by far. It’s free and super powerful.

It can be a custom theme. My thinking is that if you use a framework the people responsible for the framework might wish fund a bonus prize for the best theme made using that particular framework.

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