Fixed rate shipping module now available

Local and small business usually needs special shipping options, therefore we created fixed rate shipping module, where you can create as many shipping options as you need. For example you can allow people to choose between different shipping methods.

Or you can add different locations, for example if your business is located in Manhattan you may offer free shipping in Manhattan, but charge a little fee for the delivery in the rest of New York. Or if your business is in Italy you may want to charge extra for delivery to islands like Sicily and Sardinia.

You can download this plugin from WordPress plugins directory:

Few examples:

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Thanks Vales! This Plugin works on the 3.8 beta and on 3.7.x versions of WP e-Commerce.

Also, to the community. We plan on bundling this functionality into WP e-Commerce 3.8.1, we did consider including it in WP e-Commerce 3.8 but we’re in feature freeze at the moment and that means any new features are being built as Plugins until the feature freeze is over.

This just goes to show how extendible (canonical) and how sweet the WP e-Commerce Plugin is these days!!

Activate the Plugin. And then goto settings > shipping. Then select the new module. And then configure it.. and then test and play with it.

hi ..
i get some problem with my 3.0.3 wordpress when using this plugin..

i set it with three paramater..

pickup – 0
semenanjung malaysia – 8
sabah&sarawak -12

then, when in the checkout..

if the price of product is rm200..

when i select semenanjung malaysia (8), the total is rm208
then, when i select sabah&sarawak(12), the tosal is also rm208,

the problem is, why it not total rm212 if select sabah&sarawak..

please help me sir..

by the way, if i select the pickup (0), its total rm200.. the correct answer..

so, what happend or what i am missing to do with this plugin with ecommerces.. thank you for help..

hi ..
the problem is solve..

the problem is.. the system can not read the amount when we put the symbol &..

for example..

sabah&sarawak – 12
so, when i change it with..

sabah and sarawak – 12..

then problem solve now.. thank you.. 🙂

Damn… could have saved myself an hour last week hacking together a custom shipping module based on the “flatrate” shipping module included in WPEC 🙂

Looking forward to 3.8… any eta on the final stable build? Hey… we gotta ask right? 😉

Thanks for all the improvements. I have a shipping request:

It would be helpful to allow a customer to choose a ship-to address on a per-product basis. For example, a customer may want to buy gift baskets, and have each basket sent to a different address. I would like to be able to charge a flat rate for each ship-to address requested by the customer.

Hopefully I can get this working, thanks! Currently having a bit of trouble, can you confirm that there were only 2 files in the download.. ReadMe & the php?

The plugin say that it has installed but I can’t see it in the menu.

I’ve had a problem with anything but the first fixed option being sent through to Google Checkout — no matter what I choose, Google Checkout shows that I picked the first option from the list.

Thanks for reporting. I’ts probably an issue with the payment gateway, not the shipping module. I’ll add that to issue tracker.

I’ve been trying to get the fixed rate shipping to work….it shows up in my setting options, but how do i get it to show up on my checkout page?

Be sure to enable shipping and check other shipping settings. All these settings can be found above the shipping module list.

It would be great if this plugin (or WPEC itself) would allow you to disable the “Calculate Shipping Price” country/region dropdowns. For our store, it’s a fixed shipping rate to any State so we don’t need to calculate anything.

I am using now a fixed rate, but on check out i still have “Calculate Shipping Price and
Please choose a country below to calculate your shipping costs”. How I can remove this? thanks.

Hello, I had the same issue. How did you get rid of Please choose a country below to calculate your shipping costs in the end? I need to do that now. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tosca, you could hide the phrase through css:
tr.wpsc_shipping_info, tr.wpsc_change_country {
display: none !important;

My question:
I am using fixed shipping and want to calculate my TAX based on the STATE of the “Shipping Address”. If I turn off/hide the shipping calculator (or even if I don’t), when changing the Shipping Address’ STATE to New York (taxable), the tax is not added to the final price.

1. What settings through the admin should I have set for this?
2. What code do I need to change to make this happen?

Thank you for the plugin.

I would like to add some changes. My products are so big that each of them comprises the whole shipment package. So I would like to multiply the total quantity to the selected shipping rate. How do I add that?



I’m using this fixed-rate plugin but it only seems to show in the Check Out page for certain products — even though all products are set up the same.

It seems random!

Anyone else having this issue?



I can’t get the shipping method (the choice) into the receipt or admin report. It’s possible to use tags like %shipping_total%, %product_list%, etc.

Does such a tag exist for the shipping method?

Hi Claes,

The following don’t exist for shipping however if your competent with php I can guide you through how to create one if you like?


Anytime I change any wp-commerce setting the fixed rate shipping unchecks itself and disables the checkout. Anyone have a fix for this?

I need help with multiple item shipping. Need fixed price on any first item and then a small shipping add on or each additional item

Hi Jerry,

You could set this up with flate rate shipping, Flat rate shipping works by setting a default flate rate price for each area. You can then apply additional product shipping to each product. the flate rate will get charged and every product added to cart will also have its additional extra per product shipping fee added to that rate.

eg $10 base shipping per product shipping is 2.00 per product so buying 3 products will make the shipping $16.00.

This sounds like what your after but let me know i might be able to help you out a bit further!


where in database are my simple shipping setting stored?

Best Regards

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