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Hey Chaps. I’m sitting here thinking about all the good things to come. It occured to me that while know about all these cool things to come you probably dont. So here are some things outside of the Roadmap to look forward to;

Magento Store Importer
We have commissioned a Magento developer to create an importer tool for shop owners. Obviously WP e-Commerce is a lot younger the Magento, so people coming over won’t get “all” the crazy features (and sometimes bloat) that come with Magento but they will be back in their favorite Open Source CMS, WordPress, using WP e-Commerce. Its going to be nice to get to know you 🙂

Facebook Products Plugin
This Plugin  is going to be the be all and end all of Facebook Plugins for your WordPress powered shop. Not only will be able to “like” products and “FB share” them but you’ll be able to display your products in your Facebook profile. This is being developed by some of our friends that we met at WordCamp UK. Can’t say who yet – We can’t have you poaching their time off us 😉

New Members / Subscribers Plugin
Our new Members Plugin is getting an overhaul. New features include integration with WordPress Roles and Capabilities, a flashy new interface, localization, and improved user management. We know you’re going to like it!

Rooms Available Plugin
We have commissioned a developer to make us a Plugin that lets you sell your rooms and beds online. Its essentially a booking system and its coming your way soon. Sheesh is there anything WordPress can’t be used for?!?

Ticketing Plugin – TikiPress
The TikiPress Plugin is going to get an update really soon. When running an event like WordCamp its important that the system handles attendees in the most modern way possible. In the old / present version if you are buying tickets you have to enter all the details for each attendee, which you might not know, so we’re creating a new system where the buy only needs to enter other attendees email address – invites are sent to the other attendee email addresses with a link to your site whereby they are prompted to enter in all their own details. This relies on WordPress users and BuddyPress profiles. Its going to be “hot”!

We’re also going to add a waiting list option and tidy up the UI. And should there be demand a couple of styles i.e. eventbrite theme etc we’ll do that. What else do you want us to put on the RoadMap for this bad boy?

BuddyPress e-Commerce
The BuddyPress e-Commerce Plugin is ‘almost’ ready. This Plugin requires both BuddyPress and WP e-Commerce to be installed. The general idea behind this Plugin is to allow you to see what your friends are selling, to setup product listings within Groups, automated checkout completion via BP profiles. More to come on this one.

Drop Shop 2010 pack
We have recently commissioned a brand new Drop Shop 2010 pack. This update comes with a range of new styles, it now utilizes widgets and it requires less theme hacking. It’ll be ready soon.. actually within days.

If any of these new additions excite you let us know your thoughts. Meanwhile we’ve got about 20 bugs to fix in Google Code before we announce a public Beta of WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8, stay tuned!

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Ooh I hope the members plugin will be much better than the current one. Exciting

Hi … I love the WP e-commerce plug-in! I have some questions, though. I would dearly love to register and as a question in the forums, but I keep failing the “human test”. Now, we used Captcha in my work (I telecommute, and have to enter a code three times every hour), so I’m pretty good at it.

I’ll try again tomorrow, thanks.

We’re also going to add a waiting list option and tidy up the UI. And should there be demand a couple of styles i.e. eventbrite theme etc we’ll do that. What else do you want us to put on the RoadMap for this bad boy?

When a person books a ticket to an event, they should have access to a specific ‘event page’ that allows me to give them direct download links to media including blog articles etc. Think ‘Tony Robbins’ where when you register you can purchase a package of stuff available on the site after paying. It may include live video feeds with archives after the fact.

s2members allows me to create this already, just curious if this functionality is included anywhere within shopp.

It could even go as far as to allow the payed member access to a subdomain site on my 3.0multisite install.

All this sounds awesome. For my money, I’m hoping that WPEC 3.8 is the first priority – we’re really looking forward to the use of Custom Post Types!

It is. Essentially everything here is being outsourced – at least from a programming point of view. I’m personally making sure that everything is nice and usable 🙂

I would be interested in contributing a feature request to the FB plugin. E.g. can we go through the entire flow without leaving facebook – right through to the payment gateway (or launch it in a new window?).

E.g. removing the wrapper from the site and working just like my theme files in the wp-ecommerce folder?

I’m sure that would be entirely possible. Do you want to flick me an email – we’d love to have you on the team should you have to time to contribute 🙂

Hey Dan,

I need to know if you know of a way to do it, or are planning on adding Custom title tag option with the new version? I know aio seo pack takes care of the keywords and description and the product title becomes title. but I need a way to add a custom title tag and have a H1 tag. Kinda like how Magento is set up with the custom fields.

If I cant figure this out I am going to have to ditch the cart.


Any news on when we can get our hands on BuddyPress e-Commerce? October? November? December?

*Can’t wait!*

Any news on the ‘Rooms Available Plugin’?
I’m starting a project in my company where that plugin would fit like a glove…
Is there any alpha or beta, even a pre alpha version of this?
We have a relative urgency for this, and if the plugin is not yet on alpha stage we will start our own plugin to do that, so if there is any thing done already, we could try and give a hand on the development.
We believe the way to go is collaboration to achieve better results.

I would dearly love an integrated booking calendar for booking consultations online with the option for upfront payment.

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