Get me my 2.7 Gold Cart dangit!

Hello everyone,

So after a speedy release of WP e-Commerce 3.7.7 and Gold Cart 2.7 the Getshopped download code spat out the wrong files for a few unlucky Gold Cart users. I’ve gone through and made an amendment on the download code and things seem to be working properly again. Yay! So if you were having trouble downloading the new release please try again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Getshopped will be updating their site to 3.8 in the coming month which will be awesome news!



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I’m still unable to download the 2.7 plugin. I keep getting redirected to 2.6. Can you help?

Not only am I only able to download version 2.6 but as of now, my user name and email comes back as not existing when I attempt to login to the site. I can only use my session id to reach the download page.

Ok I just had a look at the download page I fixed the download links from the email receipts and assumed the download page was working but assumptions are the mother of all muck-ups~
So sorry for the ongoing inconveniences, the issue should be resolved on both email receipts and on our download page on our website,,


Hey Guys,

I am trying to download my GoldCart files, but I am not sure what my session ID is. I still have the email from that contains my username, API Key, and Purchase No but I am not seeing the session ID.

Also, the form to find it doesn’t work (for me anyway).

Any help?


Does the Goldcart plugin not get updated anymore cause for some reason I am still on version 2.2 and it says its up to date

Hi There,
Have purchased the gold cart over the weekend and installed it. it all seems to be OK – have activated the plugin etc, but it doesnt display any Additional Payment Gateways. All I have available are the out of the Box gateways. Any recommendations.

I’m having the same problem as Gaylea. Additional Payment Gateways have disappeared completely. I’ve run out of tokens for the premium forum it seems so I’m not sure what else to do. Thanks for any input.

I just purchased this, downloaded, uploaded to server, and put in plugins folder, but no panel is appearing. I’ve tried refreshing, re-downloading, clearing cache, etc. still no panel in my upgrades page for API info. Is this because i’m getting the wrong files like everyone else? or a different problem?

My 2.7 gold cart files say the API key is working, but it doesn’t show PayStation as a payment option.

If I revert to 2.6 PayStation shows.

Is this an API issue as well, or did I get faulty Gold Cart files?

I’m not able to add a comment? not showing up in 2.7 files. Only regular pay options like paypal and google checkout.

Eric appears to have the same problem as me.

It would be good if we could get functioning Gold Cart files if we’ve been served up wrong ones.

I’m not stressing too much because the old 2.4 that I’m using is still getting orders through…but something is definitely awry πŸ˜‰

Hi everyone!

Regarding missing gateways the fix is nice and simple please go here and check out my comment:

It will fix all the gateways not just so please try this before going to premium support and save a token!

I will be keeping an eye on the topic encase any of you are having trouble πŸ™‚


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