GetShopped open for business

Today we open for business. And by business I mean the greatest resource for WordPress  + e-Commerce is born. If you want to sell online and you love WordPress like we do. Then don’t go any further.

The following quotes from the Mozilla foundation sum up what we’re doing nicely!

We’re a global community of thousands who believe in the power of technology to enrich people’s lives.

We’re an open source project whose code is used for some of the Internet’s most innovative applications.

And to top it off our organization is dedicated to making WordPress, e-Commerce and the Internet better for everyone!

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This article was without a doubt a quality read & I respect quality articles out there since so much of it’s the same thing. I understand that when your talking about material it is for the most part King in terms of making a webpage ranked and what not (most likely the reason I saw this). I’ve worked with a couple sites now and am working on an internet mini sales marketplace kinda site made for people to logon and buy and sell services to one another. So I have to pound away on writing some article content and other stuff on the site and what not. So anyway take care and continue getting out good material.

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