Getting ready for the storm

Whew. So for those of you who have an interest in this site you’ll be interested to know that we had to rebuild the entire website over the last couple of days. We lost a lot of content but a small team of us are busy working right now getting this resource site back up to scratch to ensure that it is forever the number 1 resource for the WP e-Commerce Plugin and WordPress e-Commerce community!

Over the next week I expect you will see the following take place;

  • The documentation will come alive with glorious content
  • The website structure may change and go through a UI revision
  • The WP Consultant area will fill up again
  • The Showcase will also start to fill up again

On the last two points I just want to apologise because you’re going to have to add your details again. The good news though is that we have plans to tie this information to your user profile so it’ll be even better then before – and heck its all about getting you more business!!!

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