Gold Cart 2.4, Merchant Fixes and 3.8 Integration

Gold Cart 2.4 comes packed with payment gateway/merchant updates for 2.0, BluePay, Sage Pay and My Virtual Merchant, also under the hood is support for 3.8 as we get closer to release.

Changes to payment gateways in this release of Gold Cart include: (2.0)
Increased timeout on transaction response to resolve failed purchases on slower web servers, added x_relay_response and x_delim_data options to adhere to AIM (Advanced Integration Method) guidelines

Added Credit Card Code (CCV) to the available credit card fields at Checkout

Sage Pay
Overhauled transaction response process, sends state name instead of integer for Delivery State

My Virtual Merchant
Added delivery address details

Jump over to the Premium Plugin Updates page to download the latest release of Gold Cart.

Gold Cart 2.4 marks the first update since adding automatic Plugin update notification, this feature will be cooked into all Premium Plugins on to empower store owners to stay up to date with Plugin releases. What can we do to make this even better?


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This seems to have broken sagepay checkouts for me. When checking out I get a dump of the data it would send to sage but gets no further. I am using the sage simulator though, but this was working ok prior to this updates.

Hi Loki, I’ve sent you a patched Sage Pay file, can you please reply to my e-mail address, if it works I’ll patch this version immediately.

Resolved the issue, re-download Gold Cart 2.4 from Premium Upgrades Files page; it’s now got the latest files with Sage Pay fix.

Hi, thanks for the upgrade.
I’m really looking forward to play with 3.8 version. My 3rd website made with WPSC will be based on it (if released soon enough)
By the way, if you need somebody to play with the 3.8 early version. i’m here 😉

If you want to join the developers mailing list, well you really should be a developer, but that is a good place to find links to certain upcoming beta releases and nightly builds 😉

Ok then, how do i get in the dev’ mailing list?
I have the opportunity to test the plugin on French , UK and US market, if that could help. Being part of the mailing list will surely help me to help the team or the users in the support forum as i already did.

I just installed this version of Gold Cart and Blue Pay isn’t even an option in the payment settings.

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