Gold Cart 2.8

Well it’s that time again, for another great GetShopped announcement!

Gold Cart 2.8 Is ready for Download! We’ve been pretty busy on the 3.8 Public Beta bug hunt, and it has been going really well. Since the release some new developers have come out of the wood works to lend us a hand, which has given Instinct a little more time to work on our WP e-Commerce extensions like Gold Cart! A few of the Public Beta Testers have also expressed an interest in trying out gold cart on their 3.8 test sites. So wh00p here it is!

So whats new in the Gold Cart?

  • 3.8 Beta / Development Compatible!
  • New – Live Search Widget!
  • Grid view new look (Keep your old gold cart grid_view.css if you have made changes to it,, you might want to merge your changes back)

You can download the new version from here if you have already purchased Gold Cart from getshopped previously.


You can buy Gold Cart

Thanks to all the Committers, and Bug Squashers that have helped us along the way, if you are interested in the 3.8 Public Beta check out our blog post here.

Heres a quick Screen Shot of the new Grid View layout:


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WP e-Commerce does this already. When adding / editing a product check the stock checkbox… this is not a gold cart question though. So if you want more advice goto the forums 🙂
Oh yeah, stay tuned for 3.8 though because it does an even better job of handling your stock.

I tried to install the verified 2.8 and all I get is ‘plug in failed’ – it will not upload into wordpress. I’ve tried it with the old gold cart in place and I’ve tried it with deactivating the old gold cart – can you please advise how this is supposed to be uploaded if wordpress won’t accept it? I’m running the lastest upgraded wordpress.


How do we upgrade from Gold Cart 2.7 to Gold Cart 2.8? There seem to be no instructions in the website documentation or in the plugin’s readme.txt

@Kristin > have you used your API Key on a previous site? API Keys are good for one site,, you may need to deactivate the key on your new site by typing in your key and clicking reset, then putting the key in once again and clicking submit…
@ideric You can use the old download link in your purchase receipt (if you still have it) or you need to go here: enter in your details, and download from there… does that not work?
@iotech Ill post a quick screenshot on the blog post soon.


Will we be able to use that sweet little “sale” tag? How about the shadow border on the grid? Can we customize it with our own images?

Hi Dan,

Just wondering is the image with the new layout above released in the 2.8 gold cart version? I’ve updated to 2.8 and haven’t noticed any difference to the look of the item boxes compared to 2.7. The only changes I’ve noticed is that live search is now all screwy.

I have been trying to figure out how to set the width of my grid layout like your screenshot and am at a loss. Am I missing something?

@Richard – I added a default width: in the grid_view.css

Look for .product_grid_display .product_grid_item

Great work you guys.

@ nervous designers; just copying your own css back will give you back your original look and feel. 🙂

I’m sorry but I am not a computer programmer. I am a personal trainer trying to blinding navigate the world of using my website. Anyway, I have downloaded the latest version of the gold cart but I could not find instructions for how to deactive the old plugin and install the new one. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

I am trying to figure out were to make changes to the grid view margins in css file that is not part of the plugin, so that i can upgrade proof it. I tried in my shop them, and my wordpress theme. but the gold cart css supersedes those. I don’t want to have to make the changes directly in the plugin files.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, I’m new with this plugin and have a question that I cannot find (yet). dows this plugin support wholesale function aswell?so it will be retail and wholesale level.
Please advice.

Quick question .. will I need to re-enter all of my store’s setting (i.e., shipping, payment, etc) after upgrading to the new gold cart??? Thanks.

I’va updated gold cart to 2.8 and give to me this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /web/htdocs/ on line 341

How can i solve that??

Thanks a lot! =)

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