Gold Cart 2.9.10

Gold Cart version 2.9.10 is now available for download on Your Account page if you have an existing account.

With this version and the introduction of License keys that replace our old API Key system Gold Cart will be “registered” as soon as you activate it and if you do choose to enter your License key on your website under the WPeC Licensing menu it will allow you to receive automatic plugin updates via the Plugins menu as long as the License is not expired and not suspended.


Below is the change log for the 2.9.10 version:

= 2.9.10 =
* Feature: Automatic plugin updates now available only with License keys. Product License must be registered on your website under Dashobard -> WPeC Licensing menu.
* Update: SagePay now supports Authenticate payment type
* Update: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
* Fixed: Some grid view forced styles have been removed
* Update: PayFlow Pro Card CVV length now accepts 4 characters
* Update: Endpoints and Security Certificate Updates
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I can’t download or purchase the new version of Gold Cart. Your cart is broken.


so.. I brought goldcart some years ago.. now.. with the latest update it has told me to sign in here and go to my account to download the new version

so where is it? my site is looking awful… i have had to take it down ergo i am losing sales..

where do i get this new updated paid for gold cart plug in?

Any help will be gratefully accepted


ooh and I cannot find anywhere to email you to ask for help

I am an elderly lady who is very confused

I have purchased gold cart but have no api or licence number. we had very old api’s but the page on here does not recognise them. I cant even ask for support without it. what do I do?
Thank you. Ian

Hey Ian,
Log in to the website and under the My account page you will have your License key in the License menu.

Hi Mihai,

My site is working with the “newest” older version of GoldCart 2.9.8 (I’m just using Grid view and multiple images functions). Will this version continue to work with futur updates of WP eCommerce?

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