Gold Cart Plugin Download and Premium Support Form

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update on the new systems that have been put in place this week. The Premium Support, and Gold Cart Files Plugin. We are proud to bring you these new services, and upgrades. We’ve been trying our best to make the Community and the Plugin better than ever, and slowly but surely I believe we are winning 🙂

Premium Support Form

Are you a Gold Cart User? Have you asked your questions on the forums and not gotten a prompt reply? This can be frustrating, and not long ago, these users would email me and get their support queries dealt with on a first come first serve basis, however that got a little old, and the inbox did start to balloon. With any service you have to make sure your growth can be dealt with in the most efficient manner. So we developed and launched the new Premium Support Form, Using this form, gold cart users enter in their Gold Cart API, Forum Username and specific information that will allow a group of trusted Wp-e-Commerce Developers to answer, and sometime solve your problems.
Unfortunately this system currently works for users that bought their Gold Cart Files from this getshopped site. If you are a long time Gold Cart User and have purchased your Gold Cart Files from our old site at, we are truly sorry for this, in the future we will be opening the Premium Support Forum to users that purchase ‘Tokens’ from the Getshopped Site, till then you are still free to use the standard Getshopped Forum or you can Support us by buying a new Gold Cart Files Plugin.

Gold Cart Files Plugin

We are also very happy to announce the new look of things to come, all our premium upgrades and getting re-factored (recoded) to be cleaner, and more WordPress friendly. We have taken the advice from automattic developers, and are making all our upgrades into Plugins. What this means for you is no more fiddling finding the correct location to install your upgrades. Just upload it to your Plugins directory, like any other Plugin.
Gold Cart Files were the first to be taken to through this refactoring process. It is now available for download (using your old download link in your Purchase Receipt) As I mentioned earlier you need to upload it to your Plugins Directory and activate it like any other Plugin, However after this step you will still need to continue on to the Upgrades page where you will need to submit your API Key to unlock the Gold features.
<NOTE: Users upgrading from old gold cart files should remove their old folder from the wpcs/upgrades directory or conflicts will occur>

As always you can read the readme file in the new Gold Cart Files Plugin folder for more information.
Again, Unfortunately (for the time being while we work out a fix) this download is only available for customers. Customers that have purchased their Gold Cart Files from the old site will be unable to receive the new files until we work out a solution for you. If you want them “right now” then unfortunately you will need to buy a new copy from The GetShopped Store.


UPDATE: Hi team. I just wanted to make it clear that we will be looking at a solution to enable old customers from the website to download Gold Cart files as soon as possible. In the meantime if its urgent please consider purchasing another upgrade while we work out a better solution. Best Regards, Dan Milward (WP e-Commerce Trail Boss)

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Can you tell me if the gateway for bluepay has been updated? I saw it listed on the goldcart plugin page but just wanted to make sure its not the old code.

I suggested something like this months ago, but I think you should change it to a monthly paid forum so everyone can share in the answers. I personally would be willing to pay, say, $19.95 a month for access to professional-level solutions to my development questions.

If you get 1000 people to sign up that’s about $20k a month, split that between, say, four developers and you’ll each get $5k a month residual income. If it takes each of you 20 hours a week to answer questions that’s $62.50 an hour. I’d say that’s a decently professional-level wage and since it’s unbelievably easy to set up a monthly subscription on Paypal what are you waiting for…?

while i appreciate all the work you’ve been putting into this plugin, your logic looks totally unfair to me.
i have been using gold cart for a long time now (i have bought several copies, the oldest receipt being almost 3 years old), so why should i pay again?
you ought to take good care of long-time customers – after all, they are people who have trusted (and payed) you when you were far less famous than now!


Hmmm. Why should we ‘support’ Instinct by buying additional gold cart licenses? You’re not a charity, right?

Can you explain why customers who bought the gold cart from are being excluded from having a free token or two for support? I’m guessing it’s a technical limitation because to alienate long time customers like this would be a reprehensible business decision.

Wow, so users who have upgraded to the latest version of WPSC are being robbed of our Grid View and Gold Cart licenses?

Would be nice to have been told that prior to upgrading the plugin.

No silly. It only applies to people who bought prior to us moving the site to – and of course we’re happy to look at things on a case by case basis.

Unfortunately our hands are tied. We don’t even want to do this but it turns out that our API database can’t handle downloads from two servers. So in that sense we failed. However for YEARS people have been able to download upgrades from as often as they like.

We feel we’ve served the community well during this time and we really implore you to appreciate our situation. And that said if you’ve been a long term customer and want to talk to us we’re listening.

Hi. I don’t really care – I paid $49 for the Plugin over a year ago and I’ve made over $5000 so I’m not complaining. I’d buy this Plugin 10 times over and still can’t believe how cheap it actually is. I’m probably older then most of the readers here, I remember the days before WP e-Commerce and other open source solutions. The cost to make a decent e-Commerce site was many thousands of dollars.

Thank you Dan, Thomas and Jeff for continuing to make such an amazing piece of (mostly) free software!!!

hi, I agree that this charge sounds harsh for those who signed up not long before your move to the new site. For me I purchased the upgrade just over six months ago and it does seem harsh to have to pay again. How about a discount for returning customers , of course we want to see you carry on the good work but charging us just as expalained seems harsh.
keep up the good work

I think I might have come up with a solution. I’ll talk to the team about it tomorrow and post the outcomes tomorrow…

Having worked hard to bend the gold cart to do the will of my client, and with the help of others who had similar issues (most notably with SagePay/Protx), if you now say that buying the Gold Cart plugin again will result in a reliable level of support, then I would gladly pay it.

But is that what this means? Sorry to be so negative, but support has been patchy at best in the past…

Finger on the buy button as soon as I know it’s going to be worth it.

Quote: “…you can Support us by buying a new Gold Cart Files Plugin.”

Ok, how does that make sense?
I downloaded the latest version of the WP E-commerce plugin only to find out that there are too many bugs and the shop is not performing as it should.

Then I read about a new Gold Card which as easy to install as a regular plugin.
But having an “old” (6 months) Gold Card plugin which is not working and an WP-Ecommerce plugin which is not working, why should I support you again if nobody can guarantee me it will work!

I can support you again by buying the latest Gold Cart plugin without knowing if it will solve my problems! Strange practice!

I’ll guarantee that now. I just installed both on my Mac running MAMP and they work fine for me – if they run on MAMP I can’t see why they shouldnt work on any decent OS running PHP and MySQL.

I’ve unpublished comments with blatantly rude – I’m an Australian so have a fair line – or vulgar language.

Get in touch with Instinct if you’ve been a long term customer.

Thanks Visser!! People are not reading our updates – like I said we’re working on a fix for this and thus this thread is closed because I can’t see how its possible to add any value or new information to this conversation.

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