Many Vendors 1.0 -Beta

A Plugin for your store Vendors is finally here!

This Plugin is ideal for store owners who are selling products on behalf of other people, for example downloadable products that have no stock count or a quick way of mointering how many units have been sold.

This little add on is very easy to use, just create a WordPress user with a Vendor roll.ย  Next time you add a product that belongs to that Vendor simply select the vendors name from the Vendors meta box and enter in the % amount that they will be receiving from the total sale.

Every time a product is sold a record will be kept and the vendor can quickly checkup on sales via a dashboard widget. Each vendor has its own widget and only products belonging to that vendor can be viewed.

The future of this Plugin is absolute greatness. And functionality. Eventually this Plugin will be used on the website. Community Plugin Developers such as the guys at (who developed the Affilaites Plugin) will be able to upload, manage and sell their own Plugins without having to deal with us directly. Just like magic it’ll all be Automattic!

So there you have, short and sweet just like this Plugin.

Grab yourselves a copy and give it a go, your vendors will thank you for it! Oh and don’t forget to tell us what you think – if you have any ideas that you think could be incorporated into a future release we’d love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment.

ยป Download the Multiple Vendors Plugin

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Thanks guys. Sometime in the next couple of months we plan to open the WP Mosaic theme store where designers/developers who have built themes for WP Mosaic can sell them. “Many Vendors” looks like exactly what we need.

This looks promising – but where can we download it? The URL goes to the store, but no listing of the item. Would you update please.

Also Dan, how would we go about installing the plugin on our site? I just downloaded it and attempted to upload it as a .zip file but was met with an error.

Hello Dan,
I have downloaded your plugin. But as I activate it I got the warning
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘wpsc_vendors_dashboard’ not found or invalid function name in C:xampphtdocswellandwise.devwp-includesplugin.php on line 395.

In vendors.php file I found that the function wpsc_vendors_dashboard is not defined, please check this file and update it, so that we can use this nice plugin.

Actually I’m going to get a jquery date range added to this so that a shop owner can quickly identify what they owe their vendors for a given date range. Go figure. Ayet!

Installed this plugin and activated ok…3 things:
– When you add the vendor to the product (checkbox)…not sure what ‘rate’ is (1?, 100?…)
– The ‘checkbox’ and rate, when adding vendor to product, do not stay filled upon updating
– Logging in as vendor gives me this error on the sales dashboard:
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_currency_display() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/ on line 283”

I just got this plugin setup on my site, and I am getting the same problem as Konditit. Any help? I looked at the code and I can’t see anything drastically wrong (I’m not the best at this though)

I’m going to get somebody to email you personally about this error. It’ll be something we might need to fix on your server since we don’t experience that problem on any of our installs.

Is this error fixed ? I am also getting the same error. I have WP instance on a sub directory and I use buddypress as well. More importantly what I observed is when you enter revenue percentage against a vendor in product form this is not getting saved when you requery the product. It shows blank values.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_currency_display() in /home1/xxxx/public_html/xxx/xxx/wp-content/plugins/vendors/vendors.php on line 283

Just installed and activated. The functionality looks pretty good, the backend could look a little better, but ehh I’m not complaining.

I have a few questions about how certain tasks can be done and certain data gathered from using this addon.

1) Is the shop owner able to access data regarding how much money is owed to the vendor? Is this available in the sales page, individual sales logs, or….?

2) Is there a way to allow vendors to keep their own sales logs? I use my site for lessons, so if instructors are able to see lessons that were purchased, send emails to customers, etc that would be very convenient for me. This could also help with keeping track of lessons that have been completed, need scheduling, or payments that were received.

This kind of goes along with the question I asked above, but is it possible to give a user a Role (in this case Vendor) and have them add/edit products? More specifically, can these products only fall into one category for organizational purposes and so they don’t mess with other instructors lessons/products.

Might sound kind of confusing, I apologize. Let me know if you need more explaining.


At this moment it has very limited functionality. When vendor is logged in the plugin
-Hides all dashboard area widgets
-Adds widget that shows sales only for those products that are assigned to vendor.

Also you have three roles:
Vendor, Vendor Editor, Vendor Administrator.

Vendor role is based on subscriber role and basically has no capabilities. Editor and Administrator roles speak for themselves, they are based on corresponding WordPress roles. So Vendor and Vendor Editor will not be able to to add or edit products, but Vendor Administrator will be able to do that (though he will able to edit ALL products not only the ones that are assigned to him..)

To answer your questions:
1) No. Owner should keep his own track on how much money does he owns. For now. I think we will add this functionality some time later, because it looks pretty important.
2) No. It’s not there yet, but we might add this functionality later.


Does this multi-vendor plugin allow vendors to choose the billing/base currency for sales of their product? e.g. UK vendor can sell/bill in GBP, while a US vendor can sell/bill in USD?

If not, would the current architecture of WP E-commerce allow a plugin to achieve this? Or would it need me to change core code?


I reckon you should contribute / modify the Many Vendors Plugin. That would be a cool addition – are you a willing developer ๐Ÿ˜€

Welcome to the way of the Open Source movement ๐Ÿ˜›
We don’t have the time to improve on this any further for at least a couple of weeks, if not longer. If there is a developer out there looking for work that wants to take this job on then leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi KayBeSee – did you find someone to help you out with this in the end? Am also looking for similar improvements for my store!

When logged in as vendor with no sales dashbaord showed me correct.
After selecting previous (where sales exists) I am getting this error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_currency_display() in /home/../public_html/../wp-content/plugins/vendors/vendors.php on line 283

Finally wpsc_currency_display error is resolved with latest download.

Based on my testing
1) When vendor logs into dash board page, it shows other widgets as well apart from ‘sales widget’. Is there any way to hide all other widgets ?
2) All my members are subscribers and I have a plugin to prevent anyone going to dash board (Wp-Admin) page. Any options of displaying sales in a sidebar widget etc instead of dahboard ?
3) How the site owner can enter the payments made and the same is visible to the vendor ?
4) If vendors decides to change/drop the price r run a promotion, how does the total revenue / prift numbers are calculated ? Is it based on current price or price when it was sold ?

Overall this is a great plugin with simple functionality.

Hi Dan,

I have downloaded and (mostly) configured the plug-in and I love what I see.

Is there a way to make a purchase trigger an email–whether it’s to the buyer or to an auto responder–so that I may have a unique email sent out to a purchaser that contains purchase-specific information and links? I have a situation whereby I want to offer videos both for download (which you now accommodate) or for viewing only, in which case I will send them a link to a subscriber based video host (which I don’t see you currently support).

I’ve done some testing and this is last piece of the puzzle for my needs. I love this cart so far and would really like to make it work. Any suggestions or input you have is much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.

You’d need to find a consultant (check our consultants page) to take it that extra mile. We’re probably too busy to do any custom work for you at the moment… Visser? Roy? Are you guys reading this ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, I’m testing 3.8 beta3 and just noticed there isn’t an area to select a vendor on the products page. Are you planning to support this plugin? PLEASE say yes, I really need it.




Is this plugin being supported?

So this plugin allows other people to sell products through your own website.

Is it possible, to have WPMU with a global index of products from multiple vendors and pass on affiliate commission for sales.

Should of like a global WPMU marketplace?

Any coders up for the challenge?


Is this plugin working with the latest version of WPe-commerce and WP?

I just need the see/separate vendors/brands to see what has sold….this looks like it would do the job?


Unfortunately not. One of our team members is presently working on this though to make sure that it is fixed asap – so if your decision is based on many vendors I can confirm it’ll be working next week if you’re not in a hurry ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Dan Milward,

I Dowloaded yesterday and I don’t see how to assign vendor to the products and how to configure the rates.

Do you know when will be available the next version?

Thank you,
Best Regards

Hi Dan

Can’t figure out, if the Plugin is fixed or not. You have not updated anyone since July 30.

Would be utter chaos to any business if this Plugin stopped working in the middle of operations and there is no feedback from the developers.

Your reply appreciated.

Is this plugin working under WP 3.2.1 ? I downloaded yesterday and it didn’t show list of vendors metabox on the product page

can i know when this plugin is gonna get fixed? currently its not working on the latest WPEC & WP versions.

Any idea when this will be working with the latest version? Frankly, it’s the only reason I bothered to install WP e-Commerce, so to find it’s not working at all is highly disappointing, especially after reading how great the functionality is.

Excellent idea!

Is it functional? I can’t find the settings anywhere, apart from being able to create a user.

Have your say…I am actually working on this plugin to make it compatible with 3.8.X. I hope to have this working in 1 -2 weeks. If you have any questions please contact me at help (at)

Thanks Dustin.

I actually trashed that last comment because I can’t stand false declarative statements. I’m Glad to hear that you’re working on it – we’re working on it too. Expect an update in a week or two. Jeff (one of our main guys) is busy adding some nice new functionality. In the meantime though if its now working I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait.

As soon as I get some time we should skype and share notes. I’m in transit right now en route to Cape Town WordCamp…

Hey Dan,

You said that your team is working on updating the Many Vendors plugin and to expect some new functionality. Can you tell us what that will include?

Thanks Dustin for making a working version. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got it working… That being said I am still working out a few kinks. Should be ready for download in the next 1-2 days. As always I am available via e-mail with any questions. help (at)

Hi Dustin

Will it be possible to add code that will also pull in the Purchase number? Can I do this myself?

Hi Dustin

How’s it going with the new features, any luck? Tried to decipher the code in the Plugin with my noob skills, so I can pull in the Name, Surname and Purchase number also, but almost caused World War3 on my site : ).

Great plugin! Thank you!
Is it possible to make vendor rate as a fixed price.
Vendor will have 2$ for every download. But now vendor have % for every download.
Sorry for my english.
Thank you

1 more problem.

My Vendor have price 2%. Then a few weeks we changed the price to 4%

As a result, the price has changed over the entire period at 4%. What is not correct ((

Hi Dustin

This Plugin is going to take WP eCommerce to new levels.

I would like to make a few suggestions:

1. Ability for Vendor to see all related info (and/or for setting options for what they are allowed to see).

2. Ability to customize Vendor Dashboard and also blocking changing of passwords etc. (Don’t know if this is even possible)

3. Grouping of variations etc.

I am sure this is all on the road map……

thanks for the fix.

just a question, whats the code to pull out the vendors name? is it “wpsc_vendors()”?

let me share my intention. I wan to be able to pull out the vendor’s data and put it into the product page. how do i do that?

Hi Zullin

I think that is what Dustin is working on right now, quite eager to see what he has in store, this Plugin will solve so many headaches and when complete definitely worth buying or subscribing for.


Does anyone here have an idea of how to accomplish the following:

1. Remove the Profile tab for the Vendor Admin.
2. Remove the WordPress Blog and Other WordPress news fields from the Screen Options or removing the entire Screen Options tab.
3. Remove the Help tab.

Have searched plugins and code for this, but at a loss.


Managed to accomplish the task I mentioned in my last post by doing the following, if any of you would want the same environment:

1. Installed the ‘WP Hide Dashboard’ Plugin.

2. Manipulated the code so the Profile tab will not be visible, you can download the manipulated version here:

3. Added the following code to my Theme ‘functions.php’:

And this is what I have now:

Hope it is a ‘valid’ hack and does not cause conflicts.

Any way to automatically notify the vendor via e-mail every time a sale is made?

Would be great id both vendor and buyer are notified containing their email addresses so they can contact each other.

not sure if this will show up, but I added this code so that vendors get an email to wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php line 240.

// send vendor emails //

$arr = get_post_meta($row[‘prodid’], $key, true);
foreach ($arr as $value => $v) {
$arr2 = $v;
foreach ($arr2 as $value2 => $v2) {
if ( ($value2 == ‘enabled’) and ($v2 == true) ) {
//echo ‘Enabled: ‘.$value.’‘;
$user_info = get_userdata($value);
//echo ‘Username: ‘ . $user_info->user_login . “n”;
//echo ‘User level: ‘ . $user_info->user_level . “n”;
$sendemailto = $user_info->user_email;
//echo ‘User email: ‘ . $sendemailto . “n”;
//echo ‘User ID: ‘ . $user_info->ID . “n”;

$message = ‘Hi ‘. $user_info->user_firstname . “n”;
$message .= ‘You have a new sale!’. “n”;
$message .= $row[‘quantity’] . ” x ” . $row[‘name’] . “n”;
$message .= ‘Please Login to you account to see your full report at: ‘ . “n”;
$message .= wp_login_url();

wp_mail( $sendemailto, ‘New Vendor Order at Abay Movies’, $message, ‘From: Abay Movies’, ” );



unset($value); // break the reference with the last element
unset($arr); // break the reference with the last element
unset($v); // break the reference with the last element
unset($value2); // break the reference with the last element
unset($arr2); // break the reference with the last element
unset($v2); // break the reference with the last element


Kudos to Dustin for making this work. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan, you mentioned that this was being worked on by your team back in September and that a pending update with new functionality was a few weeks out. Any updates on this or what that new functionality might include?

Just downloaded this plugin from the link above… is this the latest version? I’m hoping to be able to ensure a Vendor Editor can only add/edit products which either they added in the first place, or which belong to a category I assign to them (or something like that). Have moved from the big corporates of Volusion and CoreCommerce to WP cause I really believe in open course and community dev…. unfortunately I can’t help dev these apps but can swap design time for dev time ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t see an answer here, but I’m wondering if the administrator could manually credit funds to a vendor account.

This has the potential to be a great plugin and I would be willing to pay a decent amount of money for something like this with a bit more features. However, at this point, none of my vendors can login and see any sales reports. Nothing shows up on the left bar? (WPEC 3.8)

A lot of comments about new features coming out months ago, any update on that?

Yes, I can’t display information of vendors ratings into super-admin dashboard, and any vendors can display information in their accounts.
I’m working with WPEC 3.8.8. Is your plugin compatible with latest version of WPEC?

I too am interested in if this is updated or not? I have been asking multiple people about this very need, and somehow I missed this plugin! I was very excited, but now I’m worried it isn’t being updated? I too am willing to pay for this. Please let us know! Thanks!

I am currently finishing up the compatibility issues with the Many Vendors plugin and WPEC 3.8.8. I would not expect to see the new version released until after WPEC hotfix has been released and we have test the Many Vendors plugin with the hotfix.

Should we just keep returning here, to check on the update? I’m excited to start using this plugin. I see that of WPEC has been released today?

Hi Anthony,

Michelle here from WPEC, this plugin was released a while ago but is now getting another face lift. I have emailed you the most up to date version.

Hopefully its just what you were after!



Thank you so much Mychelle! Very nice of you to email that to me. I will dive into this asap!

Thats not a problem! hopefully they are just what you needed ๐Ÿ™‚

Anthony – Can you post back and advise if the version michelle sent to you is functioning with WPEC and the latest version of WP (which might be 3.4 by the time you post back) I have the version from called many vendors and the only thing that appears to not be functioning is the dashboard widget for admin to see vendor sales and also the dashboard widget for the vendor when they log in so they can see their sales. I am in urgent need of this plugin!

Hi Mark,

The one I sent was the most up to date version that we use on this site. I would be happy to send it through to you if you want to try it.


Hi Michelle

I would definitely like a copy of it to try. Can you pull my email from this comment and send it to that email address please.

Many thanks for your reply


Hi, Mark and Mychelle. Unfortunately, I do have to report that I am not seeing the dashboard widget for either admin or vendors to see the sales. I have just downloaded and am using the new WP3.4.

Mychelle, is there any word on the status of this? I am more than willing to pay for the expedited update to this plugin.

I do worry about launching my project, depending so much on this plugin. Each new version of WP, might cause issues, it seems?

I’m sorry guys! I stand corrected. – partly. I do see the vendor total in the main dashboard, when you first login. But when I log in as a vendor, I do not see any kind of sales.

Hi Anthony,

You will need to contact the plugins authors about this and getting customized work. I will need to find out who that is at this stage this plugin is not one that we support I believe thats now in the hands of Jeff from

I will see if I can find some more information on this for you.


Thanks, Mychelle. I appreciate that. I will keep my eye on this spot for anything else you can tell us.


my name is Amanda, I am a project manager for WP e-Commerce. We have reached out to the developer of the plugin, Dustin, and asked him to respond directly.



I am the current developer for the Many Vendors plugin. I am working on a fix for the issue that you are describing. You can contact me directly via e-mail if you would like. My email is

Hi Anthony,

Dustins version may be slightly different to the one I sent you so make sure you work with his version of the plugin ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi, i’m sorry guys, but it still doesn’t work for me even with the update… i can set up vendor and rate, but don’t have any dashboard for sales ! neither vendor profil or admin…. just nothing… I looked EVERYWHERE !!! i tried to make some sales etc… but still nothing…
Can you help please ?
Thanks by advance…

I installed the plug in but don’t see where I can setup a vendor. Please help.


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