Members Access Plugin – Beta2

Many of your tried the new and amazing Members Access Plugin Beta 1, well now we would like to announce another beta release for you to try.

First off this is a completely new Plugin to the old members module currently on GetShopped so don’t be confused by the two – this Plugin is like members – extreme! So what has changed since the first Beta?!

Better control over your users and subscriptions

Use the menus and tables to easily manage and maintain your users subscriptions, you can edit, delete and update subscritipions without your members needed to re-purchase.

The important functionality makes it easy to apply bulk options to your wordpress users quickly and easily.

Compatible with WP e-Commerce 3.8

This Plugin now works with WP e-Commerce 3.8. With the new custom post types in 3.8 we are working on using this plugin to not only restrict posts and pages but individual products as well – This is great if you want to create whole sale accounts or restrict certain products.

New Widget

Thanks to the team at light speed we have incorporated a new widget into our plugin – This widget lets your uses see their subscriptions and any post or pages that the capability is associated with.

Custom Message

Add a custom message to the “sorry you must login page” for each subscription type – this can include links images whatever you like to help sell your subscription!

Less Bugs

Thanks to all your feedback and testing all bugs have been squashed and we are nearly ready to launch – please if you notice anything or have any ideas why testing this report it here so we can work on squashing any bugs left behind!

For a list of full Plugin features check this list out from Beta 1.

» Download your Members beta 2 Here «

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I like the custom message function, but it only accepts text (adds slashes to the html), so i can not add media previews, or a buy button like i had with the previous way of adding preview short tags on the actual post/page.

In addition, it appears that the short tag [preview] [/preview] has been entirely disabled, i assume since there is this new custom message function, but it is useless if you want to allow a rich content preview.

Do advise.

Thanks in advance..

Frank Nicole

This functionality has already been corrected in this version of the members plugin. I would suggest you merge your changes with that one

thanks for the “preview” shortcode update Andrzej but once the member is logged in, they still get both the preview image, and the content as well…

– the older preview tag took out what was inside the [preview] [/preview] tags when the user logged in.

it would be good if HTML could be inserted into the new members beta2 area under “Custom Message” where you make a custom message… because that seems to work fine, it just dosent accept html… the short tag would not be needed in that case. it would separate the preview msg, and the actual content.

I will look at allowing HTML in the custom message – the preview shortcode was removed because it wouldn’t play nicely with the custom message.

However like you say having the content separate from the preview is a good idea so I will look at this.

Thanks for your testing and feed back

another short note on capabilities:

once the member joins. the login window disappears from the other pages that they didnt join….

at fist without being logged in, there are log in windows.

i know that is tricky, but just wanted to bring it up.

kind regards


are you sure it didn’t dissapear because they are now already logged in? (therefore loggin in again is not required they simply don’t have the capability to view the post)

I will check this out

ok right, i get your point. there would be no need to log-in again.

just needs to be explained to them…

as far as the custom message that works great, so HTML possibility would totally remove the need for the preview tag. in fact i could not use the tag or the message, i just made blowup thumbnails on my product listings for now, with add to cart under and totally took off the public access to the live pages. at this point i am just emailing them their link…

thanks for your help.

kind regards


Hey Frank

Yip we lost the use of the preview tag when the custom stuff went in – bit of a shame but I like keeping it separate – HTML and images have not been implemented yet but it is on the list and this plug-in is now considered stable and ready for use!

Feature list to follow and new features should be implemented pretty quickly.

Thanks for your support and following this project


Hi. Does this plugin allow you to restrict access to a certain custom post type? For instance, I have a recipe site that I want to allow all users to view the entire site including the indexes of the recipes that only have a recipe title, thumbnail, and excerpt so as to entice users (archive-recipe.php). BUT I want to restrict viewing of single-recipe.php to only logged-in, paid members.

Is this possible? I don’t have gold cart to try this plugin yet, but if this is possible, then I’d probably have use for it.

Oh, and is this compatible with BuddyPress too, generally speaking? As in, they play nice together?

Hi Thompson – sorry for taking so long to get back to you – it will play nice with buddy press but are the pages you want to restrict wordpress pages or buddy press pages?

With this plugin you can include a custom message for the not logged in users trying to view the page – as a way to entice users, a bit more work will be going into this however as this is a free beta I would just download it and see how you get on (note this beta version does not require Gold Cart)

Give it a go you have nothing to loose!

I bought this plugin, but it isn’t working properly. When I try to checkout it gives me the error “Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription.” I didn’t see any solutions to this problem.

Hi slicerad,

Have you filled out all the payment information about the recurring billing for the product? You do this in the add / edit product page.


This plugin interests me very much.
I have a pre-purchase question, though.

I need to sell permanent access to individual videos that will be watched online.

So the videos will be sold one by one, and the customer should be able to watch all of what he has purchased through a single login, not using 100 different links if he has purchased 100 videos.

Do you follow me?

Is this possible?


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