Monthly Support Forum Highlights

Barttaning harro! Each month I plan to list a summary of the weeks activities and achievements happening across the WP e-Commerce Support Forum.

  • Hosting customers using Media Temple can breathe a sigh of relief as etherealmind has squashed the PHP session error affecting WP e-Commerce (Topic link)
  • In another hosting-related issue mymomentum found that PHP 5 was not enabled by default on WP e-Commerce sites hosted by 1&1 (Topic link)
  • The mystery of the Users > WP e-Commerce Subscribers page within WordPress Administrator was solved as some users assumed standard customers would be added to this list; myself included. (Topic link)
  • The recent introduction of canonical URL’s caused an issue in WP e-Commerce that leewillis17 dominated. (Topic link)
  • A solution to reset the download counter for individual downloadable products (e.g. product with a limit of 3 downloads) was published by ewaewa. (Topic link)
  • Grid View got some spotlight this week with slow thumbnail/caching issues for some WP e-Commerce stores, leewillis77 again delivered a great solution. (Topic link)
  • PixelPudding shed some light on disabling the delivery of the order confirmation e-mail when an order is set to Job Dispatched. (Topic link)
  • sfm and Lilquark came up with a solution to highlight the current Product Category within the WP e-Commerce Category widget. (Topic link)

Until next month, ek-u-ba.

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ps. Would be great to have a ‘common problems and fixes’ area with things like the above included so we can check there before posting our questions. I realise we can look through the forum posts but sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for.

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