New Amazon S3 Plugin ready for Alpha Testing

Hi Cameron here with my second Plugin. A reworking of our Amazon S3 Plugin.
For those who don’t know Amazon provides a service called Simple Storage Service, or S3, which is a great service for hosting and storing your files online. This Plugin allows downloadable products that you have for sale on your WP e-Commerce site to be hosted within S3. This provides an alternative to hosting your digital products on your own server. Storing your files this way can be a great solution under a number of circumstances, mostly commonly;

  • If your hosting plan only includes a limited amount of space and bandwidth. In which case you need this Plugin.
  • If you are selling large files and your host does not handle downloading large files well – if your customers are finding that their downloads stop halfway then it’s probably a server time out. In which case you need this Plugin.
  • Your servers download speed is slow and you want your costumers to download your products lightning fast. In which case you probably need this Plugin.

Here’s some background. Initially Dan wanted me to take our old Amazon S3 Plugin and get it to work with our new multifile digital downloads Plugin. After playing with it over a couple of days I was still confused about how the damn thing was supposed to work – the user interface was doing my head in. So it was decided that this time round we focus on making some user interface improvements. For those who are familiar with the old Amazon S3 Plugin here is what I changed.

New and improved features

  • On the S3 Admin page I added some error checking so the plug-in will only work if your S3 details are correct, including helpful error messages and a nice green tick if everything is set up correctly.
  • On the Add Product page I took the S3 functionality out of the downloadable products meta box and created a new meta box just for the S3 files. This means it is now possible to have a product that contains both digital files stored on your server as well as files stored on S3.
  • This S3 meta box is very easy to use, it has two windows. One containing your digital files already associated with the product. The other showing a List of all available files from your supplied bucket (a bucket being An Amazon S3 folder). To associate a file on Amazon with your product you simple check and uncheck a selector to add and remove.

Coming soon features

  • Integration with Multifile downloader Plugin
  • File detection, if already associated with another product , prompt  message
  • Support for multiple buckets

Download Amazon S3 Plugin

Here it is folks. Feed Back Welcome!

? Download Amazon S3 Plugin ?

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also, need to hide folder names if possible. Or make them sliding toggles that show/hide the folder items below. Really will help for having lots of folders/files. I’ll try and work something up..

so folders inside a bucket? Like having jQuery detect a ‘/’ and having the file names slide open/close?

and still getting this error, is it some setting on my server’s PHP?

Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in /nfs/c03/h07/mnt/81082/domains/ on line 1256

This looks like a great plugin. I managed to set it up with wp-ecommerce fine, but when I try to download the files through my site it fails instantly. It just downloads a 4KB file, suggesting there is some permissions problem. Are there some settings on S3 I need to change?

Ignore that. Just noticed the ‘Make Public’ tab in the right-click menu. Works fine.
However, does setting files to public have any issues with people being able to download without paying?
Thanks for the module!

I need to have a wordpress shopping cart which works with the dutch payment provider mollie, i need to manage subscriptions to view online videos. So after payment customers need automatic access to the private part of the wordpress site. Which modules do i need to make this work? Any examples of video sites working like this?

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