New Plugin, digital downloader is now available of alpha testing

Hi Guys. I’m Cameron, one of the new guys working at HQ with Dan and co – some of you might already know me from my work in the Support Forums. One of my first Plugin projects here was to work on a new Plugin that was initially designed to help musicians sell their individual tracks in a way that in more appealing to people buying music – that said this Plugin makes downloading any file much easier regardless of the file type. I’m pleased to introduce to you one of our new Plugins, the  WP e-Commerce Download Manager.
After two years of planning, plenty of talk and numerous different developers, we are now ready to release tease you with the WP e-Commerce Download Manager which is ready for community testing.

Essentially the Downloader Plugin Version 1 is a Widget that makes it possible for customers to download multiple digital files at once with just a couple of clicks.  We believe this will be a much welcome Plugin that will provide an  easier and more user-friendly option for costumer’s to download digital files purchased from a WP e-Commerce site.

Current Features

  • Provides a simple and convenient way for your customers to download files
  • Ships with a variety of themes that can be implemented in the dashboard (just two at the moment, more with the public release, the themes will complement the MP3 jPlayer themes)
  • Themes can be customised or new themes added for complete control of the look and feel of the widget
  • Zips all the files into one neat package ready for the user to save them to their hard drive

Coming Features

  • The ability to add the digital downloader anywhere on your site using template tags.
  • Buy Now functionality that triggers immediate downloads on sites where the shop supports Token based Credit Card billing (woot woot!!!)
  • Integration with our Amazon S3 Plugin
  • BandCamp and SoundCloud – Possible Integration

Download it now

Beta Testers and friends of GetShopped please download this Plugin and try it out.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and get this ready for a prime time release!!

» Download Now

Note: This will only work with the 3.8 version of Word Press e-Commerce.

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Hey Sarah. Nice to see you again :))

It is still undecided what price point we will set. But probably “something” like what Cameron suggests…

These Plugins don’t pay for themselves you know 😉

I am also having remblpos with this. Ive installed it on a very different blogs I have all with different hosts, domain names, etc. Same problem on all of them. Im using the latest version of wordpress and I install it and then go to enter my polldaddy user name and password and it just basically loads and then the entries become blank and it does not accept them. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks for linking to our pliugn. What did you think there are a few things on our roadmap but we’ll get there Dan Milward’s last blog post..

Hi, no it will be a premium plugin. We haven’t discussed its price yet. I am guessing around $40. It would be great to hear community feed back into what people think its worth.

it is very uncomfortably to see name of the state which not exist over 15 years like YUGOSLAVIA, and we never have currency YUN ?! It was always DIN. Well, the name of our state now is SERBIA and currency is RSD.
Everything else is very nice.

I have using Tweet old post for some time and I really like this gulpin as it helps me to drive traffic to my old posts Though we need to take care of few things like select categories carefully as there is no need to tweet outdated posts..

Fatal error: Class ‘Group_Buying_Utility’ not found in /home6/diwanagc/public_html/grouptreat/wp-content/themes/group-buying-theme/header.php on line 53

Were you able to fix this error? I am getting the same message as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Why still developing in Flash? we all know it will take a few years and JS will do anything that Flash can do, but better and faster. I have seen some Jquery uploaders/downloaders as a plugin so why Flash? Keep up the good work though!

If you can get js to download and zip files I would love to to see it. Can you point me to those jquery downloaders?

You should really rethink your css ID’s and Classes. They are way to generic. There is a #footer in there, I’m guessing 40% of all wp themes have that ID already taken. Perhaps prepend everything with “dlm_” so instead of you would have . Makes more sense..and this concept needs to be applied all across WPEC as well. Just my two cents.

I’m using WordPress 2.9.1, just found the PollDaddy plugin and itslanled, but it won’t let me connect to the server with my PollDaddy email address and password. I can create the poll on the PollDaddy site and take the number and insert it into the blog.

Ahh yes true, the classes do need to be named better. And no it will not work with s3 yet. I am currently working on a newer s3 plugin that will work with dl manager. Yes we need to set up a forum thread for this plug in.

I think we should do that when we launch the next update for this Plugin? Cameron do you reckon another beta testing version will be ready this Friday NZT?

How do you edit the settings for this? Can you use this with Google checkout? I’ve downloaded and activated the plugin but I don’t see any settings to add to the download. Is there any instruction for this anywhere?

You buy the product but nothing happens. Downloader widget doesn’t do anything!? Come on. How to fix?

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