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Lots of action is happening in We already have over 11,000 translations in 32 languages!

Lots of people are participating, so I’ve created a forum for translations:, please use it if you want to request for a new language, promotion to validators, if you are experiencing any issues, etc. This way it will be easier for all of us to comunicate and keep track of what’s happening.

There also are separate forums for each language. You can use these forums for communication between translations teams.

Also, we are aware, that some strings are still hardcoded, we are working on making those translatable, but sometimes they can be pretty hard to find, so if you think that you found one – let us know in this forum topic:

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Hi Valentinas, those forums are a great idea! I hope the final version of WP e-Commerce will be available soon 🙂

Best regards,

I’m Indonesian and want to translate wp e commerce to my language. I see in wp e commerce directory that my language translation still empty.

But, i got some problem. I was create account in this site, and no password send to my email. Can you help me?

I need the danish translation to move forward from waiting,how do I this, and where is the separate forums located?

The translation forum is gone, and several old requests for promotion to validator remain unanswered – even as new people still offer their help to translate. It would be sad to waste all the effort offered. Will you please get the translation management back on track?


Can I be a validator for Hebrew translation, i’ll be happy to help.


Hi Simon,

You sure can it would be great to get the translations in there and approved!
I have added your GetShopped username (simonweil) as a validator for this language.
You should be able to translate and approve strings now over at

Please let me know if you have any problems!


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