Order Fulfillment Comes to WP e-Commerce with Shipwire Integration Today!

Tired of having to pack and ship each order from your WP eCommerce store? Consider trying order fulfillment.  You work with Shipwire to store your goods in their massive warehouses. They handle shipping and packing and you can stick to the business of making money.

Over the last few months, Shipwire has been getting a big overhaul. Some of you may have been following the issue on our Google Code tracker. Shipwire now has full integration allowing you to hook your WP eCommerce store into the following Shipwire services:

  • Inventory Updates
  • Tracking Updates
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipping Rates

How Shipwire + WP eCommerce Works

Setting up Shipwire is almost as easy as pushing a button! You can read a detailed explanation of each feature and further documentation on our WP e-Commerce documentation website. The basic setup is detailed below.

Product catalogs must match (and by match, SKUs must be entered into WPEC and be identical to the SKUs used in Shipwire), it’s important that weight and dimensions be entered for each product, regardless of shipping rate used.  Also important to note that the API request sent to Shipwire is based on the checkout form’s unique_names – for example, we don’t currently have a unique_name for Address2, so you’ll want to make sure the address field stays a textarea, so customers can enter multiple lines for addresses.  Also, for example, the billingemail is used for the shipping email address, as WPeC doesn’t currently provide a shippingemail unique_name.  Because Shipwire depends on all of these fields, we highly recommend they all be required.  Lastly, if variations are used, it must be ensured that the SKUs are unique.

Try Shipwire + WP eCommerce Now!

Shipwire will be our 3.9 version of WP e-Commerce due out this summer, but we couldn’t wait until then to share it with you! We’ve put together a test package of with Shipwire integration if you want to test it now. is our most current stable version, and while Shipwire code has been tested and we consider it pretty stable, like any test package there may be some issues and it’s not advised to use it on your live site until you have tested it on staging or local install. If you have any problems or run into issues please let us know below.

>>> Download Shipwire Test Package<<<

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Thanks for all the great configuring on this. ShipWire+ WP e is working great. We love it!

Hey Nino!

Glade you like this and its working great for you! Please keep us updated if you have any issues or other feedback.


I have only one premium soppurt ticket and I used this to find a solution to the conflict between Thematic and WPEC 3.8. This has gone unanswered for two months, so I have lost faith in Instinct. Hence me tracking you down in pursuit of an answer. I have read there is a 3.02 version of the slider bit I cannot seem to access it. I have also read that WordPress 3.13+ jQuery now messes with the slider any of this true ?

Hi Deli,

Michelle here from WPEC
I am not sure if this comment is in the right place however do you have the link to your original support ticket? I would like to make this right for you and help you get your slider working. I have tested the slider with the latest WP and its working fine however its possible you have a conflict or something that I would be happy to help you sort out.


hi roy, like many other users, i too cannot find a way to have the chuecokt fields auto-populate and was wondering of you could point me in the right direction as to where i can find the instructions on how to do this. thus far i haven’t had any luck in the forums.thanks again for all your knowledge and support!r

That graphic is super fun and I love that Shipwire + WP = Chillax

Very excited to see this. We’ve seen a lot of interest in WP Commerce and it’s great to see the connection get a refresh. Thank you WP Commerce team. It’s appreciated over here.

Nate G.
Shipwire Team

Hi Nate,

Michelle here from WPEC 🙂 We are just as excited as you guys to have this integration up and running! So far feedback has been positive so its looking good for the 3.8.9 release.

Glade you liked the graphic we thought it was best to sum the service up with a little image especially because its just so easy to use.


Hi Jon, I am sorry for your troubles but I think you are asinkg the wrong guy. That is not my plugin. I built this more than 1 year ago for Instinct and since then, they have updated it quite it bit to work for 3.8 versions. This is Instinct’s plugin. Have you contacted them about it?

Hi Nicole,

Michelle here from WPEC I think this comment is in the wrong place, what plugin are you referring to? Is there something we can look at or do to help?


Hey Nate. Thanks for the kind words – its a pleasure to be working with you guys again!!!

ga nyangka orang inosnedia yang buat theme ini, keren deh ! salut buat seluruh tim nya.. aku kirain si bule-bule yang buat, hehe btw pak admin menyediakan jasa web developper harga bersahabat ga yah ? makasih ^____^

like some of the others, I am stuck on how to catree a custom template. This is not very clear. Neither you nor the codex mention if the whole code from the checkout page is copied into the custom template, or not, and where the actual code for the checkout page is to begin with. I know you suggested outsourcing this, but no one else seems to be very clear either. This is obviously an easy solution for you and some others, so I’m not sure what I’ve missed. I’d really appreciate it if you could offer a little more detail. Thanks so much.

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