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Kia Ora. I’d just like to give everybody a quick update. The development team has been workingΒ diligently,Β day in and day out, on the core development of our WP e-Commerce Plugin. A lot of effort has been going into the 3.8 branch of WP e-Commerce and it’s really starting to come a long way. While we’re working on the 3.8 branch we are also dedicating our time to supporting customers in the forums and rolling out small 3.7.x releases as they are needed.

So while the guys have been doing that I have been working on a new Road Map to help demonstrate to you where we see our Plugin heading. We think that it’s still early days for WordPress + e-Commerce. Whether you’re a WP e-Commerce user, a YAK user, a Shopp user, a ShopperPress user we don’t really care – once you’ve used 3.8 you’ll be sold. All we care about is making sure that 3.8 & the impending 3.9 versions are stable and revolutionary.

The 3.8 version of our Plugin has been about integration with WordPress 3.0 to make it a better overall Plugin. The more we integrate with WP the less that can go wrong and the faster our Plugin will be. While this is of the utmost importance so is adding new functionality that is specific to the business of selling online and thus we are in the process of testing new affiliate Plugin, new shipping regions zone Plugins and much much more. As these Plugins are tested we will consider integrating them with core. Stay tuned.


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To infinity and beyond!
Would be good to have a Version + Feature Table… I guess it’s like the Roadmap but in a table… Just a thought.
Thanks Dan.

Seeing 3.8 first hand I’m glad to see a much stabler release using newly available Core WordPress features like custom post types, tag taxonomy and ofcourse the media library; no more Product Image problems!

For store owners this means faster page loads, easier upgrading and site migrations as data is stored in standard WordPress tables paving the way for future database optimisatons and import/export/merge solutions. I’m about to start updating my Plugins to be 3.8 compatible. Awesome work Instinct and community developers!

One word comes to mind, AWESOME!! It is great to see the plugin evolving with the almighty WordPress. While 3.0 just barely came out and I already see development being done to integrate the two–that’s just bananas…

Keep up the good work Instinct!!

The better use of the WordPress API in 3.8 is going to give significant increases in speed with many less queries and make it easier to create plugin functionality to enhance WP e-Commerce. Hurray!

This should also make it easier to maintain and support meaning that the dev team can dedicate more time to building and enhancing functionality.

It shouldn’t. Justin has been working on this. My understanding is that 3.8 will not mess with your theme files so there. We’re also adding the option to change the location of theme files ONCE AND FOR ALL though. Theme files will be moved into the correct location as advised by Jane, Barry and JJJ all who know way more about WordPress then you and me and you and me and me…. πŸ™‚

Thanks guys. When we made the first version of WP e-Commerce there were no Custom Post types, there were no taxonomies, there was no way to integrate with the Media Manager, the list goes on… we had to reinvent the wheel even though we didn’t want to.

Funnily enough we wrote up and printed out a document on this today. Something along the lines of customers who buy the Blogger version will get access to Gold Forums. Customers who buy the upcoming developer version will have access to the Gold Forums “and” the ability to post to instinct support desk – which is where we will be focusing our efforts. Normal users will have read access to the Gold Forums and the status quo will apply. Also our support efforts will go towards helping people with legitimate bugs, configuration issues and setup – feature requests no matter how important you think they are will be moved to the feature request thread in our forums πŸ™‚

Anyway this is about the new tech roadmap. I’ve stated our plans for support. Any new comments about support will be sent to dev null where the code demons lurk and gnaw away at the remnants of doubled up information πŸ˜›

Sorry to bring that up here, but I have been trying to get an API key for gold cart for a week now and no other outlet seemed to have driven a response.

This is pretty cool πŸ™‚ the DB structure and wheel re-invention that previous versions added has always been a scary aspect of the plugin.

One thing I’d like to get is the ability to utilize a single point of sale for MU/MS sites. So you can have multiple sites with their own products managed by potentially multiple users but they all use a single store.

I know this is a long shot so if anyone has an idea to potentially create an add-on for this then drop me a line over at base6 πŸ˜‰

LOL – Funnily enough I just sent a specification to a fellow developer to make something like this. I can’t guarantee it will do exactly what you want but it might. We’re calling it a site wide checkout for multi sites… hopefully Jeff will know more come WordCamp UK and he’ll be able to fill you in.

Again its a bummer that WordPress 2.0 didnt have Custom Post types otherwise we’d have done it years ago. Better late then never though eh πŸ™‚

Thanks Dan, that would be great πŸ™‚

If its not 100% suitable for my latest project I will see if one of my developers can wrap it up as an add-on. Chances are however it will be a hacked bootstrap for the initial timeframe πŸ˜‰

I really hope you guys test this one to death!

I also hope will be able to upgrade from 3.7.x —> 3.8 without much breakage in themes data and style.

Hey Robert!

Yep, testing is a BIG part of development for me, I know it is for all the Instinct guys as well. The unfortunate truth is that even if you have an entire staff dedicated JUST to QA/QC – bugs still get through, that’s the nature of any software. I would venture to say that this is probably one of the most extensively used WP plugins in the world – there are going to be esoteric bugs that .005% of people will experience. That said, this branch of the project is, correct my if I am wrong, Dan/Jeff, likely the most extensively tested version ever.

The theme structure for 3.8 is much needed elegant ADDITION, not replacement, of the currently existing theme engine – that means that the theme engine for 3.7 will still work for those desiring to not upgrade their theme structures – but for theme developers and newly created themes, we’ve built into WPeC the support to utilize WordPress’s theme engine, child theme structure, and custom post type themeing functionality. All that, while still maintaining the ability to use all of the theme hooks you’ve come to know and love, and all the myriad functions available to WPeC themes.

It all seems great Dan. I actually hoped for this since I planned to use some of my free time in the summer holiday to test and upgrade shops.
Can you give some status on the WPML-integration? I know we are a group of people waiting for this feature.

Thanks for the free stuff Instinct! It’s nice to see all the hard work going into keeping this plugin free and useable.

Keep up the great work!

It’s great to see the progress that’s been made since I first tried out WP e-Commerce. It’s considerably more stable, and the code is a lot nicer, and there’s a real sense of community around the ongoing development.

3.8 looks great, and I can’t wait to start using it in anger, so big thumbs up to everyone that’s worked so hard on 3.7 and 3.8!

Good to hear it’s coming along. I’ll be happy to know when a Beta release is stable enough to start integration with WPML and making it multilingual too.

Multilingual support is important for my business too.
And please, please bug test like a crazy mofo before you tag as “stable”.

Well done everyone – I have been watching all your hard work. Just wondering… have seen no mention of the multi-currency ability that you said you were going to have done earlier this year? Do you know yet when this is going to happen?

Wonderful plug in, I can’t wait for the 3.8 version that works with WP3.0 custom posts. Any idea on when it will be released or at least the beta version? Weeks? Months?

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