Say goodbye to forums and hello to Helpscout.

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally made the choice to move to a helpdesk. We’ve decided to go with Helpscout for premium support services. For non premium support we will be moving to the support page of our plugin page.

We have been considering this for some time. The forums have become increasingly difficult to manage and it’s a slew of custom plugins that we don’t really have the additional time to update with each new WordPress release. This also makes keeping the site up to date more complex well as almost impossible when the time comes for a theme change. At the same time we wanted to also consolidate our non premium support to a centralized location.

We’ve grown to millions of users and supporting that many people simply doesn’t work with a patched together plugin help system. We honestly tried our best, but the time has come for a change.

Many people didn’t like having to revisit the support forum. Some weren’t even aware that they needed to revisit for their support service, thinking they would receive a reply by mail. Countless requests have been made to provide support by email.

We loved how simple that sounded from a users’ point of view… Send answers to the user by email, let them reply to support by email… but from our point of view that would be impossible to manage.

Introducing Helpscout!

By moving to Helpscout we hope to have a better handle on support requests and answer in a more timely fashion. In the future we hope to have our store jack in to Helpscout for even better support assistance.

We are determined to provide our customers with excellent support. With Helpscout we will have the tools to actually review our support stats and make changes to correct where the problems are and increase productivity.

We welcome your feedback and thank you for being our customers.

Edward O’Rourke
WP e-Commerce Support Manager

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We’re are honored to have you as a customer, and sincerely appreciate such kind words. Thanks! 🙂

– Nick (co-founder @ Help Scout)

The archive of posts forms a useful resource for people looking for answers so I hope it will be kept available.

And please don’t call it “free support”. It costs quite a lot of time to help people.

Free support is meant to be Community support. Users helping eachothers. That is a common practice to allow users to talk between them.
We are grateful for those who contribute with their time 🙂


the ‘href’ on the url “ plugin page.” in your post above has a stray period in it, which sends the click to never-never land….

Congrats on the move for premium, I hope that it helps raise the level of support there. But honestly, the search function on community help is even worse than the one here. So expect a lot of duplicate posts on same subject, and that’s not likely to raise the support level there.

That is a request best adressed to WP owners.

You can try in the Search on wordpress to add WP e-Commerce and then your search term in the search box. Something like:

WP e-Commerce my issue


Mihai, I realize that its up to WP to fix their forum search. You should realize that the support options reflect on the viabilty and adaptation of any product, including this one. Ongoing Customer acquisition is directly affected by level of support, nowada even more than ever.

I have submitted two requests on the premium page you had a link to and have still not been contacted. I have a premium token and have an issue that I cannot fix. Has it been received? When can I expect a response for my client? It has been over a week. Thanks.

Hi bluefilly,

Ray with WP eCommerce Support. Can you tell me what is your name or email that you use to submit your issue? What is your Apikey?

Thank you,

Hi Ray, I also submitted a premium support request (and burned a support token) about 1 week ago and have not received any reply. I used this username/email to submit, and my API key is: 7a2dd0eb4cfad5451e1ca6aca9368c4579d71f7f Can you please let me know when I can expect a response as well?

Hi bluecap,

I looked at 7a2dd0eb4cfad5451e1ca6aca9368c4579d71f7f and I cant find your apikey. Once your premium support request is in our queue, it would usually take one or two days for a support consultant to make sure that your post is not spam, and then another one two working days to answer your issue.

Thank you,

Thank you,

Hi Ray

we lost our support ticket in your transfer to helpscout, could you please contact us on mail and let us know how to continue our premium support ticket hope to hear from you soon 🙂


Thank you all, very much for your feedback and suggestions. I appreciate your input and your concerns.
The forums are patched together using mods and they are falling out of line with the current versions of wordpress. Eventually they may break all together. This just isn’t acceptable especially from a security standpoint. Also in the near future the site is getting a rebuild and due to how the site is designed and integrated with some of the plugins it would be best to try to move to more standard unmodified plugins for the ease of upgrade and change.

I fully understand the forum is a wealth of information and hope we can find a way to move the useful information to a knowledge base for long term. However keep in mind the next coming versions of the WPEC plugin will be dramatically different from the past and much of the information will actually be outdated and useless for the vast majority. So we need to find a balance of what is useful and what is noise or spam.

I also did not mean “Free” in a diminutive sense. The time the community puts in is invaluable and I commend each and every person that has given their time. I hope this spirit continues at the page. The choice to move the open public support to the wordpress page was due in part to centralizing the plugin info, download and support to a single location. One where it’s possible to have more than just our own communities eyes on it. There you have outsiders that may see an issue and have a solution. We’re just looking to help users better.

We are fully open to suggestions for the public forum. One of our considerations was running the forum on a separate wordpress install as just the public forum. This would make it’s data independent from the main site. This is still not 100% off the table.

We are truly working to try to provide a better support service for everyone involved. We are always willing to listen to your thoughts and try to work to provide something that feels right for everyone.

Bluefllly I suspect your topic may have come in while we were switching over to the new support system. I am sorry for the delay. I see Ray has responded and I’m sure we will work that out for you.

Thank You

I need your help in finding out the problem with my transaction page,it is showing such results which are no more in the checkout page,I mean i have edited the checkout form in store settings and it is updated on the checkout page but the transaction page still showing the same words.Hope to hear back soon.
Here is my website product page:

The word(Itrade Euorope) is still showing on transaction page even if it is not on checkout page.

Hi – just wondering if your paid support is still active? I purchased the Gold Cart Plugin in hopes to get proper support for your product, however after submitting a request for paid support days ago I still have not received any reply. Can you help?

YEs please try it again, since you still have the token most likely it was never submitted.


I have also received no reply or issue number for my initial premium support request over a week ago or my comment upthread. Again, I used this username and email to submit, and my API key is 7a2dd0eb4cfad5451e1ca6aca9368c4579d71f7f . It also seems that submitting the request used up a support token, as when I try to resubmit the ticket, the page tells me I need to purchase another one.

Can someone please contact me ASAP?

Your issue has been replied to already (matching the API key)
Last time we contacted you on support was September 11 and we have not heard from you since and topic was closed due to inactivity.
I will post a reply for you to get the email.


Thanks Mihai – we just tried posting another ticket for the same issue, however we get a notice now that all our support tokens have been used. Please advise asap.


Mihai – as I mentioned, our first support request was never replied to and that request used up our token. I will not purchase a second token because the first one was never answered. Is there any other contact information I can use to get in touch with someone in your organization to resolve this asap? Or could someone please email me?

@AnselTk1 can you please mail me at mihai[at] with your API key and i will credit 1 support token to post the issue again.

I for one am against moving support to WordPress forums. It’s a bad strategic decision. These forums may not be perfect, but they are a lot better than the WordPress forum in terms of search and historical info.

Please reconsider your decision.

Hi GetShopped team, good move, in the long-term the migration to HelpScout will pay off, we moved to ZenDesk initially for Premium Support over a year ago and haven’t looked back, now we’ve tied bbPress and our commenting system in too so it’s all under one hood.’s forum capabilities are pretty limited considering your niche requirements and the size of your community, your community bbPress install just needs some much needed love – now that Premium Support is un-hooked from it all the better! – and the active support community – which I counted myself as for quite some time – will thank you endlessly for it. Will check in again in a few months.

Hope to see some cool WPEC updates in the future. All the best from the Visser Labs team.

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