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I’m pleased to announce (ok tease you) about another World First and exclusive deal coming to WordPress and WP e-Commerce. We know you all dream of the perfect Tax solution and here it is, read what Jeremy Daniel from Evolving Office has to say about it.

TaxNow from Evolving Office is a real-time sales tax calculation Plugin for WP e-Commerce (v3.8 or higher) that gives online retailers a hassle-free way to obtain full sales tax compliance in all of the nearly 15,000 jurisdictions across United States and Canada.

TaxNOW will require a subscription to activate service. Basic subscriptions will get a monthly tax summary report by email.  A premium subscription will allow retailers to gain access to live dashboards, more customized reports and tax return filing and payment services.

With new State Nexus laws that have been enacted in the United States since 2007, an online retailer may be responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to any number of local tax jurisdictions. This extra non-value added work can quickly overwhelm the business owner. Evolving Office in collaboration with GetShopped is offering TaxNOW at an attractive entry-level price, providing the WP e-Commerce community with a complete sales tax solution which is much more accurate than simple zip code rate tables.

If you’re interested in Beta Testing this Plugin please leave a comment and one of the guys from Evolving Office will contact you.

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I’d be interested in beta testing this plugin. I recently ran into this exact problem on one of my projects.

Anyone interested in final testing, or to get on the waiting list for the release of TaxNOW for WP e-commerce, please head over to our website and use the contact form to give us your info. We’ll get you hooked up right away!

You website registration is not working. If you try to recover a lost password an error shows that the mail() function on your server has been disabled. I cannot find another way to notify you. I need to register to access premium support.

Hi josh,

Email me I will help you get this sorted, thanks for noticing the mail issue we had a server change yesterday so will look at getting this fixed ASAP.


I’d like to be considered for beta testing on this. we’re relaunching our site in wordpress and are looking for auto tax calculations. Thank you

Hi Stacy,

This post is pretty old now we dont have a copy of the plugin but if you contact John Adipietro (left a comment above) he maybe able to help you out with this!


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