TikiPress – Reloaded

Well its good to see some of you EventPress / BuddyPress fans have tried the new TikiPress Plugin. We’re pleased to announce that further development has now been implemented – its even better than before!!

Updated features include

  • The ability to send group emails to all your event attendees
  • A built in help page – making it easier to set up and use!
  • Cool statistics graph – visually see your sales at a glance
  • Further Development to improve UI and user experience

Get your updated TikiPress files from WP extend now!

If you have already downloaded to original version then you definitely want to Upgrade Now! Kudus to Michelle, Jeff, Jane, John and all the other peeps that have helped us make TikiPress an awesome addition to the WordPress eco system!!

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Excited to try this plugin.

What might be necessary to integrate with the bp-gallery plugin? Or does this plugin offer photo gallery management at the groups and events level as well?

Specifically, wp-ecommerce integration with bp-gallery to allow the selling of photos that are uploaded by users. Sorry if my previous comment was not clear.

Proceeds can be tracked and either percentage goes to uploader or goes to a charity. Uploader agrees to terms about the items they upload, etc.

Thats a cool idea. Should somebody want to commission this let us know and either we’ll look at it or help you find a good consultant that can 🙂

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