TikiPress the future is bright

I’m pleased to announce that the EventPress + WP e-Commerce + BuddyPress collaboration is really starting to come along. We call this Ménage à trois TikiPress, and I’m pleased to say that TikiPress is here to stay.

By default EventPress has a vanilla Registrations Menu that, well just isnt really very good, and the Plugin itself is only managed by one or two people part time. So that being the case we decided that, it makes perfect business sense, to chip in and help. We think that EventPress should handle the actual Event and that TikiPress should handle Ticketing and Attendees (registrations).

What makes most sense is Open Source collaboration. In the same way you can extend WordPress with Plugins (like WP e-Commerce) we’re extending EventPress. The following list sums up the range of features that we’re developing;

TikiPress Features

  1. TikiPress automatically creates a Poll on the Checkout Page that can be used by the Event Organizers to collect Attendee information.
  2. If a person buys more then 1 ticket (say 10 tickets), rather then completing 10 Polls for each Attendee, the buyer simply enters the email address for each additional Attendee, each Attendee is then emailed a coupon with a link that they must use to complete their own registration.
  3. TikiPress boasts a lovely looking Attendee Page that integrates with Gravatars. You simply add the Shortcode for a given event to any WordPress page or post and it will create a page that looks like this example Attendee Page.
  4. TikiPress creates an Attendee stats page for administrators on an Event by Event basis.
  5. TikiPress creates an Attendee List PDF generator, this is new page accessible to Event Managers that they can use to create a list that they can use on the day to strike off Attendees as they arrive to your Event.
  6. TikiPress even creates the name badges for your event. When you close Registration all you have to do is take the Badge PDF to the printers.

This Plugin is coming very soon. Based on the above – sound good? got any ideas?

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I can’t wait to try it! I have so many website projects where I could use it… When you say “coming soon”, do you have more precise details? End of the month? november? december? This way I can try to postpone some setups and wait for your release… Thanks!

I’m keen to test! I’ve got a site it would be perfect for.

I’m also keen to retrieve my API key so if you wouldn’t mind sending that to me as well, that would be great.

This sounds awesome. I’d love to test this out! Please email me the files and let me know any way I can help.

This may work for a tour operation I’m setting up. Can I get the test package?

I would like to test this with my club events. It sounds a good way to help organise our events fron breakfasts to dinner and small tours

I’m using an eventbrite plugin at the moment for an arts centre. Having just used your WPEC & Gold cart for another site I’d love to use TikiPress. It would be great to test it out if the offer is still open!

Make sure to check out civicrm event management for some great ideas to incorporate into this plugin!

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