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The EventPress + WP e-Commerce + BuddyPress Ménage à trois is ready for thine eyes!

Back in late 2009, and under instruction from our friend Jane Wells from Automattic the Instinct team set off to make a small Ticketing Plugin for WordCamp New York, we called this TikiPress. Unfortunately due to the time restraints that were put in place (out of our control) we had to rush it out the door – sadly this meant that we had to write some nasty hacks to get the job done on time – therefore V1 wasn’t solid like a rock. But now things have changed. TikiPress is a whole new beast.

A year on we have pretty much entirely re-written this Plugin. Our friend Paul Gibbs, a core BuddyPress contributor, helped us rewrite the core of our Plugin, added the ability to email tickets to attendees and added BuddyPress profile integration.

At this point we took over and we’ve added Ticket / Badge creation, Event Statistics and much more.

TikiPress Feature Overview

TikiPress is by far the most advanced Ticketing Plugin available for WordPress. Not only does it integrate with EventPress and BuddyPress but it comes with all the features that come with WP e-Commerce Plugin specifically designed to help you sell online. So whether you want to sell different types of tickets (Early Bird vs Late Comer), whether you want to accept donations, whether you want to sell sponsorhip packages, and whether you want to sell Event Merchandise TikiPress is for you. Here are just some of the features you’ll be able to benefit from:

  1. Collect payments for your event
  2. Set attendance limits / Ticket stock
  3. Collect attendee data on the Checkout Page via the TikiPress Survey Tool
  4. Collect Statistics about your event and monitor your ticket sales
  5. If a person buys more then 1 ticket (say 10 tickets), rather then completing 10 surveys for each Attendee, the buyer simply enters the email address for each additional Attendee. Each Attendee is then emailed a redemption coupon that they can use to complete / claim their ticket and enter their attendee date which is saved to their BuddyPress profile (awesome feature designed by Jeffry Ghazally & Jane Wells).
  6. Display an Attendee Page that integrates with Gravatars on your site. Simply add the Shortcode for an event to any WordPress page or post and it will create a page that looks like this example.
  7. TikiPress creates an Attendee stats page for administrators on an Event by Event basis.
  8. TikiPress creates an Attendee List PDF generator, this is new page accessible to Event Managers that they can use to create a list that they can use on the day to strike off Attendees as they arrive to your Event.
  9. TikiPress creates custom PDF badges and tickets for your event.

Some TikiPress Screenshots

» Download Now!

p.s. as this is a serious Plugin that requires you to setup multiple things please be sure to follow the readme when setting it up – if you ask a silly question… you’ll get a silly answer 😉

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So I have successfully setup all of the required plugins, I’ve added the ability for users to register & login via facebook credentials. See demo here: http://ticketing.stanley.ie

One thing I can’t find is how users redeem their tickets. How can I do this?

Also it would be nice one user bought 10 tickets, that they could redeem all of them himself. For a cinema or a show they might not know their friends email addresses to be able to send them to him.

For example right now, I booked 4 tickets and got 4 seperate emails to the same address. Perhaps a checkbox on the checkout page to allow for (“I don’t know my friend’s email addresses, let me redeem them all myself”)

I agree facebook events plugin support would be cool. Also perhaps allowing users to look up their friends list on the checkout page and sending them the mail on facebook with the redeem code.

Good thinking. We’ll look at a way for you to do that 🙂
Maybe the buyer gets sent all the emails by default – that would always ensure everybody is covered?

Hi Dan,

Sorry bro for contacting you this way, I just couldn’t find where to post a question. I tried to activate the plugin and I get these messages. Would you know how to fix this problem, I am a complete beginner at this.

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 584 is not allowed to access /tmp owned by uid 0 in /home/thefashi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/merchants/paypal_certified.php on line 788

Fatal error: session_start() [function.session-start]: Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /home/thefashi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/merchants/paypal_certified.php on line 788

Thanks so much.

One bug: Redeem your tickets

Success! You’ve succesfully claimed your WordCamp ticket. We’ve emailed you the details.

Location of issue: bpt-core.php line 174. I’ve manually edited it.

Hi David,

Great to see all the feedback!
Your ticket idea is a good one, currently you can generate pdf badges or tickets (currently there is only one template but we hope to add others that suit tickets better) – allowing the option for these to get emailed to each attendee as well as just be generated for print is a good idea and something that could be looked into.

In terms of the required email address, this is done so that each user can fill out their own personal ticket details (I see your point that this might not be required for all event managers) this data is then collect for the event statistics. – If you are unsure of your friends email addresses then how are you meant to know their t shirt size etc.

Look out for the next beta version – more changes to come!


Its my pleasure. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for months! Looking forward to the next version.

If you need a tester, I can help 🙂

This looks intriguing and may be the answer I’ve been looking for. So when tickets are sent, are they unique, as in with bar codes or something? Or could someone theoretically print off several copies and hand them out to their friends?

I ve been playing around with this, and i am trying to decipher whether when someone purchases a ticket they are supposed to be emailed a pdf ticket automatically or whether their name is just added to an attendee list which the promoter prints off and takes to the event and then ticks off the names as they come through the door?

If the latter is the case is there anyway to email out a unique ticket to customers for them to take along? it would seem a bit strange to me if i were a customer and purchased a ticket to then not receive any kind of printable confirmation.

If they are supposed to receive an email with a pdf attachment, I cant seem to get this to work.

These may be obvious questions but i cant seem to find anything that explains it.

Would be really grateful for your help

First off, i wanna say, GOD BLESS y’all for this and all of the contributors in 1 way or the other that is making this project breathe.This is a solution i have been wanting, its been a long time coming and its finally here. Now:-

http://www.showclix.com/ is an online ticketing site, and they have got it all the functionalities in place. They make the tickets printable from their page, embedded with a barcode (in case of photocopy or duplicate), and they developed a mobile phone app for android and iphones for event managers to scan the tickets at the event menu. So i think emily was right with her question and that is in fact the main thing i was looking out to see while reading through this posts.

So, First i think the Facebook integration is awsome!
2. Two options:- One person should be able to buy more than one ticket for their friends. (what if your friend dont even have an email id, or you are buying for an old man/woman?). The ability to email tickets as a pdf to your friends email and made printable
3. Pdf should be made printable with barcode (or some other form of authentication to avoid duplicate), and then a scanner to go with @ the menu, just like showclix does.
4. There should be a way to deduct commission on every ticket sale (if you are a site owner offering the service).
5. The ability for users to search , events name, city, venue or organization
6. Google map on every event page for direction to the event.
7. Ability to save/remember and add event places.

I know the features are endless, but i think with these, the plugin should be good to GO! and emerge fully as a commercial value. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


This plugin looks extremly cool!

Have been looking through the documentation, and I canno figure out, whether a users is forces to register before this can buy a ticket for a show?

Btw. how well does this plugin work with the E Commerce themes – and themes in general?

Thanks in advance, I’m really looking forward to hear from you, and get my ticket store up and running!

Bw. Demitjev

Does Tikipress actually deliver printable ticket(s) to the purchaser(s)? Or does it just take orders and maintain a list of attendees?

Thanks for your support,


Hey guys, I’ve installed the latest versions of the buddypress, buddypress custom types, eventpress, wp e-commerce and eventpress plugins, and loaded the default buddypress theme. Then when I go to an event I created I get this error all the time:

Fatal error: Class ‘WPSC_query’ not found in /home/blabla/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/tikipress-2010/includes/bpt-core.php on line 688

Anyone got an idea of what might be issue here, or maybe if I need to revert to previous versions of a plugin or plugins?

thanks in advance.

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Is TikiPress WP-eC 3.8 compatible? Or is an update planned? I’m desperate to use it for a client project, but at the moment under 3.8 the function that connects a WP-eC product with an EventPress event is completely broken (no event metabox etc.). Any ideas?

I’m also having the same problem as Tom above- no event metabox, and I’ve spent hours trying to work out why before heading to the web to see if anyone else has the same issue. Any ideas anyone?

I’m new to WP and TikiPress, and having the same issue with the metabox. Any suggestions about how to get that to work? I’m trying to sell tickets for tours — ultimately trying to figure out if there is a way to display a date option or availability calendar.


I must admit, I find it a little irairtting that you are still advertising these themes, even though you have been informed here and on Facebook that the themes author is obviously up to no good by using obsfucated code in the footer, which apparently is advertising potency pills


which theme are you referring to? This post refers to three plugins: buddypress, tikipress and eventpress. If there’s a theme we should be concerned with, please let us know and we’ll look into it immediately.


Hi, Neat post. There is a problem with your web site in web explorer, could test this? IE nonetheless is the market chief and a huge component to folks will pass over your excellent writing because of this problem.

After activating the plugin(tikipress), my site goes white and blank, untill I deleted the plugin through cpanel or ftp.
Please, What should I do?

These plugins are no longer updated, they have been EOL’d for some time. We sell an alternative Ticketing plugin now.

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