Translating WP-e-Commerce is now easy

Note: This post is about WP e-Commerce 3.8 and the methods described in it will not work for 3.7

I’m happy to announce, that WP-e-Commerce translations page is now up and running. Check it out: The page is powered by GlotPress, the same software, that WordPress uses to do their translations.

This is how the front page looks.

You can log in with your GetShopped account (if you don’t have one – get it here). Logged in users can suggest translations and download translation files. Once you are logged in – click on the WP e-Commerce project and you will get a list of languages:

Select the one that you need (if your language is not in the list – let us know in comments, we will add it) and then you will see the translations:

The is a Link to download the translations on the bottom left corner of the page. You will get a PO file. To use it on your WP e-Commerce site you will need to rename it to wpsc-xx_XX.PO (where xx_XX is your language code) and compile it to MO file. It is easy to do that with PO Edit, just open PO file and click Save. The MO file will be created in the same directory. Put MO file in your WP e-Commerce wpsc-languages folder and you will be ready to go, but don’t forget that your WordPress language is set in wp-config file. You can find more information on the codex page.

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Great post,
I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Hopefully it works well with the community. FYI there is an issue in Google Code logged by visser on the ‘safe guarding’ or language files so that they do not get overwritten on upgrades… should be out on the stable version of 3.8.


It is possible if you are validator. Would you care to be one? And of so, then for which language?

Hi! Are you going to upload the swedish translation? I’ve been adding to the translation but thought I had to ask you first…

Hälsningar, Ejub

I’v added you as a validator for Swedish. You should be able to import translations now.

Patrik, can you approve translations? If so then look for Import Translations link in the bottom left corner.

Hi valentinas!

Can you make me a validator fof the Swedish language?

I got 6 awards by the Facebook Translation Community, and I am/was one of the “validators”/Swedish Beta Testers of Windows 7.

Best regards,

Mikael Dúi

Sorry, Patrik, was a bug in our database. It’s fixed now and you should be able to import/approve swedish.

Hey, would it be possible for me to be a validator for Estonian language? I definitely need to use this plugin for my next web project and definitely need to translate it!

Those are not yet ready for translation. Thanks for pointing that out, we will fix this soon.

I think you are missing the point of GlotPress. It’s a software that enables community to participate the translation process. WordPress uses the same software for all their translations: Basically GlotPress is for creating translations and WPML is for using those translations in your website. Also, you can use WPML with wp-e-commerce. In fact we had a chat with WPML developers and they’ve said that wp-e-commerce is almost 100% compatible with WPML. I say almost, because few things needs to be changed but that will be done for 3.8.

Hello Friends,
I am very interested in helping translate the plugin WP e-Commerce to Portuguese of Brazil.
If you can, enroll for this language I get to work.



Italian translation: is there anybody in chief of the Italian translation project?
I would like to help but need to know to whom I have to talk and settle things like conventions etc, thank you.

Well , today I have some troubles but don’t know how to solve.
When I installed the wp-e-commerce beta 2 ,however ,the IE explorer bottom showed that there was some thing wrong with the pligun.
I’m wondering how to solve it ? Thanks !..

There was a bug in our database, but it’s fixed now. You should be able to import/approve translations now.

The Finnish translation is pretty much done (by yours truly), so that would be good to add in to the mix 🙂

Thanks! Tested importing and works great – will add the whole language in a few days!

BTW, should we translate the country currencies as they appear on the po file / on the site or actually add the real currency that is used? I noticed some old currencies popping up, so wondering what to do with those.

I would recommend to leave the currencies untranslated for now. I will make some changes in the end of this week and then update the translations. Will let you know.

Hi, I have n Estonian language PO file which is 99% translated, but I cannot upload it to GlotPress. I guess I do not have sufficient rights. It seems that the latest beta adds some new words and sentences that are not included in the POT file so I guess I need to upload the PO file first and merge it with the GLotPress version of the translation. Please add sufficient rights for me as there seems that nobody else is translating to Estonian.

Hi, I have a Hebrew translation and I would like to upload it. Please add the Hebrew language.

When will there be a language file for Norwegian (Bokmål)? I would really like to get started. 🙂

Is there any other way to translate?

Great work!
Can I help translating WP e-commerce to Dutch language? My username @ is jooc.

I’ve translated WP e-commerce to Brazilian Portuguese, who should I send the files to so they can be added to the site? Thanks!

Hola! 🙂 Should i create both of them, or is it the same language? Sorry, don’t know much about Spanish dialects 🙂

Create Spanish (Argentina). Here we say we speak castillian but maybe there are other regions in south america where they speak castillian but with variations. I will stick to what I know 🙂

I translated some texts in Spanish (Spain) and other corrections (Special signs were wrong; For example ñ í ó é ú á).
Translations must be validated?
Who does that? And when?

I think without vildation I can not download files….. ???



Any way to add me as a validator in Spanish version ? I would like to upload my PO file that have much more translated strings.


Hi i need to translate it to spanish and very fast, i jus’t can’t log in!! i have a user, i’m logged in in and the translation page keeps telling me that i’ts not correct…any ideas??


Unfortunately is not possible to log in with my account. Is possible to download Czech language somewhere else ? Maybe I would like to volunteer on Slovak translation.

Thanks a lot,

I see that the spanish (spain) translation have many pending of validation strings and many repeated ones because many people (like me) keep translating until they see that the exported .po file doesn’t include the “waiting” ones!
Would it be possible that you give me Validation permissions?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

It would be great if you could validate the strings I have sent you an email with a few directions and questions so we can get you all set up.


Thanks for the info but the Faroese language doens’t exist on this list, could you add it? 🙂

Hi! There are actually two types of Chinese.

For WordPress, current 3 types are supported:
Chinese – 中文 (zh_CN)
14.1 Hong Kong (香港) (zh_HK)
14.2 Taiwan (台灣) (zh_TW)

Can we at least have the separation of Simplified v. Traditional?
I’d be happy to do the translation for Traditional Chinese (or zh_TW).


There is actually an error in the german translation file. The key in the file is “I agree to The Terms and Conditions“, but it must be “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” (see the first THE is lowercase) to fit the template file. Also ‘– Please select –‘ is missing in it. Can i solve this in the GlotPress or does someone else have to do it ?

Hi SailorsGrave

Michelle here from WP e-Commerce.
The string “please select” not been translatable is something that the developers are aware of. They are currently about to undergo an audit of the plugin to ensure that all these missed strings will be ready for translation. Once they are ready we will need to get them translated – this is something you could help us with 🙂

I will also follow up on the terms and conditions to see if this is something I can get changed for you.

When the language Audit has been completed and these strings are ready we will let everyone know via the blog!


Hi Elias,

The Portuguese language probably needs to have the strings approved I can make you a validater and you can approve these strings if you like?

Once you done I would be happy to export the files and send them to you so you can have the completed translation right away.

If you would like to help us out please send an email to (you will get an auto response but dont worry about that I will reply to you personally)


Hi! this is great! although i have a problem, i figured out how to get my wp-ecommerce into swedish, and that is great! But when i bought the gold-cart extension that didn’t work anymore and i see that the only language file you guys provide for the gold-cart is spanish, is there an easy way to add swedish? If so i would be very very happy:)

Hi tomasvold!

Michelle here from WPEC, Gold Cart is nearly ready fro translations we are jsut having a few problems getting it into glotpress correctly. We should have this sorted by early next week and a blog post will be released anoucning the updates. If you would like to translate the Gold Cart then we would love for you to do it once your done I would be happy to pull down the files export them and send them to you.

Keep an eye on the blog for the updated post in the next 3 days.


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