Update on Support Forum Login Issue

Добрый день! I have applied a patch to the Get Shopped user table to resolve the login and posting issue affecting users on the Support Forum since the migration from the Instinct website.

Can you please log in and notify me in the comments below if you are unable to post a new Topic or reply within an existing support Topic; please provide your username to assist me. I applied a blanket patch but some users may have fallen between the cracks.

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just commenting to say that it seems the problem is resolved.

i was experiencing this problem and had re-registered under a new username to quickly get involved in the new board, but am happy to see i am now able to partake in the new forum with my old username. i havent yet tried to post a new topic, but i am once again able to reply to topics in general so im thinking the problem is fixed.

thanks, guys.

how/where do i register???? there is nowhere that indicates this on your site. REALLY FRUSTRATING. i paid money for gold cart and mp3 that don’t work. you should think about taking the ‘amazing support’ blurb off your frontpage as it is misleading. better to just say it like it is ‘paid application, but unsupported’.

Hey josh, the register link issue has just been raised. I’m adding this back in immediately.

There’s a community of developers responsible for writing documentation, commenting code, creating video tutorials and maintaining the Support Forum that beg to differ.

Hey josh, please click on Login from the header to access the Register link. I’ll be making changes to the sidebar to include a prominent Register button for guests 🙂

Can’t log into support forums. Tried re-registering and still can’t login!

Hey guys – the forum seems broken to me – every time I submit a comment – or a reply, I get a white screen of death – when I click back and try again it says “it looks like you’ve already said that” WP error…

I’ve also had 500 internal server error a few times too:
Server error
The website encountered an error while retrieving http://getshopped.org/forums/topic/cant-reply-to-forum-topics/. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

Using Chrome and Firefox

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