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So as you may already know, the next release of the WP e-Commerce Plugin promises significant enhancements and improvements. We’ve done some major work in this space already (see my post on the 3.8 database) and we are making good progress however we are wanting to fast track the launch even further by outsourcing jobs to programmers with core WordPress development experience.

What do I mean by that? Well for starters you should have plenty of WordPress development experience. You need to be familiar with WordPress Subversion and you need to be familiar with WordPress 3.0 and the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

If that sounds like you then please leave a comment here or contact me for more details.

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Well, I would be glad, if you give me a chance to translate e-commerce to slovenian in serbo-croatian language.


Proofreader needed? On the front page of the site… “Drap/Drop Functionality” should probably be “Drag/Drop Functionality”.

I need a login for the getshopped forum, but captcha fails every time….. even though it’s 100% correct…. please get someone for that 🙂


I’ve started playing with this plugin, I love the simple of the new version. Multi-language ready. I run to some problom, I like to be able to talk to the dev. team directly. but in short.

wp-contentpluginswp-e-commercewpsc-includesproduct-template.php :: line 1274
change the return to || esc_html__ || allow qtranslate to give multiple language website
wp-contentpluginswp-e-commercewpsc-includesproduct-template.php :: line 1283
change the return to || esc_html__ || allow qtranslate to give multiple language website

wp-contentpluginswp-e-commercewpsc-includesform-display.functions.php :: line 121 – 146
execute time out as in comment, to solve the problom created directery

I think there should be a notice to the user to create the dir. or the php shold use
if (!is_dir(WPSC_FILE_DIR)) {
mkdir(WPSC_FILE_DIR, 0777, true);

I quoted out the while loop, I am not sure what is trying to acomplish there

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