What I love about WP e-Commerce 3.8 Beta 3

So here we are, its a Saturday, its summer time, yet its raining outside (heavily), and I’m trapped indoors watching a chick flick. Thus I have decided to do what any half decent WP e-Commerce Plugin developer would do in a comparable situation, that is to test the recently announced WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 Beta 3 and take a couple of screen shots as I go.

Interested in seeing how it went down? Read On


The  first thing I did was login to my test site via the command line…

Do an svn up…

And then gleefully watch it update without flaw…

After the successful update I decided to take a look around. Here are just a few of the things that I like about the new WP e-Commerce Plugin Beta 3.

The User Interface

What would be the point in upgrading WP e-Commerce to use Custom Post Types and then to not take advantage of the ability to let WordPresss (show_ui) take over our User Interface and do all the heavy lifting. We were wondering the same thing so we spent an additional week overhauling our bespoke UI to now use WordPress bundled UI. What you’ll notice is a speed improvement, it looks perfect, it’ll work with the upcoming 3.1 release of WordPress, and if you’re a developer you’ll notice that we managed to erase another couple of thousand lines of code, again making WP e-Commerce even more streamlined then the last Beta!!!

Variation control – Its looking hot!

The WP e-Commerce Plugin now officially boasts what I think is the most gorgeous and easy to use Variations management User Interface in the world. I’m not just bragging (okay maybe a little), the current UI is about as close to how WordPress might handle Variations if they made an e-Commerce Plugin. The real moment of pride came to me when one day Ben Huson, one of our core developers said “that WP e-Commerce is now on par with other serious non WordPress e-Commerce solutions”. WP e-Commerce FTW!

Image Management

As much as I loved our old image control interface (which was actually based on Facebook UI – so it must have been good eh), we have decided to drop our old code and do what WordPress would do. Which is to use the familiar WordPress Media Manager window, WP e-Commerce Plugin now harnesses the full power of the WordPress Media Manager. Whatever WordPress can do… WP e-Commerce can do too.

Tax Settings, Bands & Rates

The Prerequisites for the new WP e-Commerce Plugin tax setting were really clear. Research what other WordPress e-Commerce Plugins do, and match them for functionality, and where possible – better them. I’d say its a job well done. That said if Beta 3 doesn’t achieve everything you could want in a Tax system, and assuming its not randomly obscure, then please let us know what you need and we will do our best to launch these features into an additional Plugin that would align with the full 3.8 launch date.

The people

Jghazally Valentinas Bakaitis Justin Sainton Lee Willis Ben Huson John James Jacoby Denis de Bernardy Thomas Howard Dion Hulse Ryan Hellyer Ryan Duff shaynesanderson

We’ve been mucking around with WordPress for years – in fact since before WordPress was even called WordPress! We’ve made Wiki Plugins, Email Campaign Plugins, Polling Plugins, we’ve made a Gaming Site using WordPress, we’ve contributed to WordPress, and frankly that just isn’t going to change. We’re not going anywhere, we’re in it for the long haul, we just love WordPress.

Perhaps that is why the best of the best are willing to work with us, and continue to contribute to the cause, the 3.8 release has had some seriously smart people working on it. It’s looking awesome, its running fast, its so much cleaner then ever before. We’re committed to working with the best WordPress programmers in the world so that you, the users, get one hell of an e-Commerce solution. And if  you think 3.8 is looking good… you just wait until we launch 3.9!!

Peace guys. I hope you all love it like we do!!

» WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 Beta 3

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Dan, awesome post!

Please don’t forget the TaxNOW for WordPress e-Commerce plugin. It features fully automated tax calculations for US based customers. Companies can stop worrying about keeping the tax tables updated and focus on selling their products. We can’t wait to show the community what 3.8 + TaxNOW will look like!

Anyone interested in learning a little more can go here http://goo.gl/VmGSQ


Jeremy Daniel
Evolving Office Technologies LLC

Hey there, How can I contact wp ecommerce with some questions? I can’t see a contact form anywhere

How difficult is it going to be to migrate your products? Is changing to the WP UI and Media Manager going to mean re-doing products from scratch!?

Looks awesome though!

Hi Ben, a Store Upgrade option is available from the Dashboard menu when upgrading from 3.7 to 3.8 that will migrate store details over for you 🙂

Indeed 3.8 is coming together very well. I think it will be a landmark version as WPeC becomes more WordPress like, more stable and easier.

Kudos to the team!

Looks fantastic you guys! Can’t wait — is there a general ETA on a stable release?

Really keen for those variation controls!

It was very annoying before when you couldn’t say how many of each variation you had in stock! By the looks of things you can now… am I correct?

So say I have a t shirt in small medium and large, I can say i have 10 smalls, 5 medium and 8 large?

If so then hallelujah!

Looking good guys 🙂

@Calebe – the Crafty Cart theme is not released by the WPEC team however I do know that the company who did release the Crafty Cart theme is not supporting that theme any longer. I was told that they would not be updating, supporting or releasing any further updates on it. Just an FYI

Does the new version handle multi-language and multi-currency on the front end?
i.e. customers can choose the options for both.

Is it in the road map to provide this?

Hi JP,

Depends on exactly what you mean by this. The plugin is fully internationalized for several languages so that store owners are easily able to make sure all strings are translated to their own language and they can use their own local currency, as always. I’m not aware as to whether or not there are plans to have the ability for the customers to toggle currency / language on the front-end…to my knowledge, it’s not on the roadmap.

Hi guys, keep up the great work, cant wait for the release date announcement. A few questions I had about the last version I am unsure of if they have been added to the new version.

1 – Ability to turn sale price on and off sitewide as and when needed.

2 – Set a sale expiration date so the prices default to the standard price one the date lapses.

3 – Ability to use an xml file such as the one provided by XE.com for daily currency updates, so currencies set to show will be set daily using the daily conversion rate.

3 – When using the platform for an external product link (affiliates) could the buy now button open in a new tab or window?

4 – As the new version uses the custom post type feature, does this mean you can turn on support for things like the seo meta fields provided by all in one seo plugin or thesis theme etc? and the scribe seo plugin?

Thanks 🙂

Regarding your point 3, that is definitely in 3.8

In theory now that it is using custom posts types it should be easier to get it to work with other plugins.

The xml feature is in? Thats brilliant if so, or did you mean my second point 3? lol about the external affiliate link buy now button opening a new tab or window? Thus maintaining the visitor on your site while they browse the affiliate site?

Yes as it now uses the custom post type turning on support for things like scribe, and thesis meta custom fields will probably be easily done for the custom post type in the themes functions files, or in my case using thesis in the custom_functions.php file as I have done in the past when manually creating custom post types. The possibilities are endless with that and could give each product page a massive boost in terms of SEO control and optimizing the product description.

Cheers, keep up the great work.

Hi guys, I would love to see a ‘notify me when restocked’ option when a product is out of stock. I think that would be an awesome function! Keep on the great work and thanks!

This sounds excellent. What WP-eCommerce always should have been… 🙂

I’ve been using WP-eCommerce since v2.9, and boy has it evolved.

Can’t wait.

Looking to upgrade and also to implement that new version of Members when it’s cooked, as that looks like exactly what I need for my site also!

I had another thought, what if someone built their site for affiliates using pages or posts and wanted to convert? With the new version of WPEC using a post type could that somehow be integrated with…


Which allows users to convert pages and posts to a custom post type or vice versa, and in the process create or add to custom taxonomies, move by category to category etc.

Just a thought, I know a lot of people use the old fashioned manual method and would love WPEC but the process of converting can be overwhelming.

Hi, I found a bug in the script. When you add product variations you can choose only the parent item, if it is not necessary to remove the sub can not. CCM version 3.7.8, 3.8. Browsers Chrome 1910, Firefox 3.6.15, Opera 1911, IE 8.
Request the administration to look really whether there is a bug in the plugin?
Because Danae bug watching and my friend.

Version wp-e-commerce 3.7.8
in file variation.class.php
line: 78

$options .= ” {$variation_value[‘name’]}nr”;

change on this

$options .= ” {$variation_value[‘name’]}nr”;

after the change of variation seems to work.
Let me remind you, did not work varitsii not chosen individual.
I hope someone helped!
good luck ))

sorry in the first message cms shifted js code

Version wp-e-commerce 3.7.8
in file variation.class.php
line: 78

$options .= " {$variation_value['name']}nr";

change on this

$options .= " {$variation_value['name']}nr";

after the change of variation seems to work.
Let me remind you, did not work varitsii not chosen individual.
I hope someone helped!
good luck ))

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heard good things about this plugin but want to check into compatibility with my theme. Looks top notch.

So quick question. Can we have external links on some product images? We want to have ability to let some people go to products on affiliate channel site.

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