Wish List 2010

Everybody has an opinion on what features should be included in an e-Commerce Plugin. Typically speaking these features reflect your immediate needs – if these needs are not met then the Plugin feature set is clearly not worth writing home about, regardless of the functionality that it does come with.

This post gives you a chance to have some input into the future of the WP e-Commerce Plugin – tell us what features you want to see, tell us what you think will help you make more sales! Some of your ideas will be great and we might include them in 3.8.x core, some of your ideas will be great and might get made into additional Plugins. Only time will tell.

As many of you know we are gearing up to release the next generation of the WP e-Commerce Plugin. From a coding point of view it is a much much tidier Plugin; we have optimized the database, we are utilizing Custom Post Types, we have built an amazing new template system for themers, we are tidying up the XHTML, and thanks to tripple J, we have even begun the foundation work for a nice MVC file structure that Andy Peatling might one day be proud of! In terms of specific e-Commerce functionality we’ve completely overhauled the tax system, we’ve made a nicer interface for managing your product catalogue, we’ve overhauled product variations and we’ve made some improvements to the sales logs (more info quicker).

We chose to focus on framework in 3.8 because (and unless you’re barking mad you’ll agree with us) the most important thing for all of us needs to be a solid framework that allows for growth. And this is what the new WP e-Commerce is. Move over Magento 😉

What comes next though? We have our own WP e-Commerce Roadmap which is pretty detailed and it does a good job showing you our vision – but what floats your boat? Over the last couple of  days I’ve read people asking for more Customer Management features and more Product Personalization options. I think these two things would be great additions, as either core or as new Plugins – only time will tell which.

You’re being heard people, lets start the conversation!

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I’d love to be able to manage all my inventory stock numbers on one page. My stock counts change every day, and having to open each product page and type in the number of stock on hand for each variation is exhausting.

It’d be even better if you could enable a file upload-based update, so that I can tweak my automatically generated stock report into the necessay format and just upload it.

Thanks Graham. We’re most likely to extend the new fancy “Quick Edit” functionality on the Add / Edit product page so that you can choose to “display all products”, then click a “global quick edit button” could show everything as editable tabs, just like when you tab through excel. Then you could just work your way through things really quickly.

Also I seem to remember Justin doing something to this in the admin already. He’s more then likely going to have something to say about this.

Will see what happens though. It might be worth commissioning somebody to make an additional Plugin to handle your stock report accordingly. Also Vissers Plugin might do the trick already in the absence of it being built into core.

Thanks for the post though. This page will be remembered.

We are currently building a Get Shopped plugin that will help you manage products, customers and orders in a much easier manner. Similar to what Dan is mentioning, yet simple and powerful.

We plan to start private beta next week. We would love go get community participation to determine priorities and get feedback. If you are interested, sign up for updates over at our site – http://www.storeapps.org

We also plan to build a system to transition from Magento to Get Shopped 😉

But overall – very excited with progress.

Can’t speak too much to the bulk upload, it may very well already be possible with Visser’s plugin.

In one iteration of the 3.8-development build, we had the “Quick Edit” functionality working very nicely so that you could just click on the stock level on the management page to update it there without opening the product. It’s a bit buggy now, but it’ll work beautifully again before we launch.

That all said, listening to your issue, it really sounds like the file-based bulk upload would be a better solution, which may already be possible.

You can already merge Product details from a CSV against existing Products with Product Importer Deluxe; just specify the SKU of the Product and the Quantity and the importer does the rest. Always glad to hear ideas of new and better ways my Plugins for WP e-Commerce can assist store owners. 🙂

So here is my wishlist, some of it perhaps unreasonable, but this is what is preventing me from using wpec on all of my ecommerce clients.

1) allow coupon use 1 time per customer?
2) personalization
3) wish list / registry
4) sort order on categories
5) allow full categories on sale
6) specials (i.e. 20% off for set date span)
7) a specific link for all sale products (without having to create a sale category and add them to that category)
8) Allow shop by xxx (i.e. shop by size and allow them to pick a size which will bring up products only avail in that size)
9) simple cart widget that displays like: 0 items | $0.00 and maybe a text box to add a shopping bag image URL.
10) new arrivals page/list
11) email a friend (on product pages, to let them know about specific products)
12) customer management – email regarding specific orders from within admin.
13) tax calculation. tax should not be calculated until someone signs in or until they enter their address at checkout. as it is now, it calculates tax for the state where the shop owner resides and so out of state ppl think they are paying tax until they get to checkout and recalculate the shipping/tax settings. The whole checkout process still seems clunky. I think that you were working on some of this in 3.8. It needs to be more seamless.. more natural flow. Right now it seems disconnected.

This is a big and interesting list, and I’m glad you posted it, if we were a little older I’m sure all the features that make sense to be in core would be in core and all the features that make more sense to be Additional Plugins would already be out there as Additional Plugins.

There are some things in your list that are more likely to become default functionality then other things – for instance it is very unlikely we’ll ever bundle a “Wish List” feature but its very likely that somebody will make a Plugin to do this. I think Visser has made a paid Plugin to achieve this already, but it is only a matter of time before somebody makes a free one – its just the way of the open source world.

1) good idea
2) In terms of personalization I have no idea what you want – you’d need to expand on that
3) would make a good plugin
4) sort order for categories – the nice new interface should make this easier for us to do at some point
5) requires way more fleshing out as a concept / how it would work
6) interesting, would probably go under marketing, core or plugin? not sure yet…
7) by link we would make this into a shortcode and template tag (heck might already be done in 3.8!!!)
8) Search shop by xxxxxx, where xxxxxxx is a variation. Yeah that could be cool. Core or Plugin?? not sure..
9) New / Most recent products. Yeah good call. As a widget? A shortcode? Something for the homepage? I like this idea
10) email a friend – whats wrong with the existing share this functionality?
11) yup – again we want people to really flesh this concept out with us, as a headliner its great but what specific functionality to people want in this?
12) like I said, Tax is being overhauled, before more people comment on Tax I’d love for people to test it out and provide us with feedback.

Thanks for the list Shanna!!! This page will be remembered.

thanks for the quick reply Dan! 🙂

Hey.. I’m cool with paying for plugins if that’s what is needed for some of these things listed.

answers/expanations to some of your questions below.

2) yeah, personalization is really broad. So from time to time i have customers who allow personalization to items. I understand that you already have this functionality built in, but i have had customers that have a need for more than just one spot. In which case, the one text box would not work. Further, i have some people who allow for a personal note. In which case, they need more than just a text box. Also, on the customer side, there is no indication of if their product was personalized. (their personalization does not show up when they look at their order. I tried to remedy this here: http://staging.getshopped.org/forums/topic.php?id=9253 and it looks like some ppl have taken that code even further (http://staging.getshopped.org/forums/topic.php?id=12606). but if we update, we’re screwed.

5) full cats on sale. What i envision is creating a “sale” and limiting it to specific categories. Also, allowing coupons for specific categories or brands.

7) seems pretty easy.. would love to see it in 3.8

10) didn’t know there was something like email a friend in wpec

11) yes.. customer management is really where we need to see some action. emailing a customer regarding an order, sending a specific customer a coupon code, resetting a customer password (which is WP functionality, i understand, but perhaps a link just to the user section of WP.. some of my customers don’t get that it’s all tied in together.. srsly. lol)

Hey Shana, give my Send to a Friend Plugin for WP e-Commerce a whirl; drop a message on the forums or Ideas page of my site if you’d like a feature developed to extend what is already available through this Plugin.

I think the number one thing you have to do is make this version as tight as tight can be…
Get a reputation for the plugin to be 100% reliable and start to swing around the perception that it is buggy.

Thanks for the feedback Dave. I agree and this is exactly what we’re doing in 3.8 – making it as robust and as stable as possible. We’ll never satisfy everybody, but we’ll die trying 😉

Cheers, Dan,

Really looking forward to playing with 3.8
I’ve purchased two other paid e-commerce plugins, but keep going back to OpenCart, but of course it is not a WordPress plugin! So would love to confidently use WP-eC
regards, Dave

Based on my understanding of human nature… you’ll be using a WordPress e-Commerce Plugin as soon as one of them has the features you want 😛

Personalization! YES

You have this option now, but I need to have multiple text inputs for each product all named something different…this would be huge for me!

customer can personalize A, B, and C. and the inputs could be labeled as such


magento does this now, but I hate magento and want to use this!

Thanks for this. I still think we should take everybody’s ideas and make a kick ass Product Personilization Plugin for WP e-Commerce.

Cheers for the ideas!!

I agree with Shanna on the tax system and checkout process. I had to do some hacks to be able to charge sales tax on multiple states, not just our base state. Judging from the screenshots of 3.8, tax is still only based on the shop’s base region, is that correct? Also, the checkout process is more complex than it maybe needs to be. I don’t like the separate shipping calculator. It brings up potential for confusion since there are 3 areas to enter a state. It would be great if that was calculated based on the shipping info the customer enters into the Billing/Shipping form. We have a pretty basic store with really only 1 product to sell, so making it as easy as possible for our customers to checkout is priority #1.

I’ll get Jeremy to reply to your questions regarding tax – he knows more then me on this one then I do. Also regarding the checkout process we’re going to be improving this too. Threadless offers the best Checkout process around in my opinion so we’re mimicking bits of it

Please if you can elaborate even more on what you want to see in the checkout process then please specify it here in as much detail as possible.


hrm… i don’t think you should stray from a 1 page checkout. From what I remember, Threadless is 3-4 pages? I think that if you simply move the shipping and tax to the bottom of the page. Once they enter in the billing/shipping info, the shipping and tax should be automatically calculated (they should not have to push an additional button to calculate this.) If there are shipping options, they can choose. There should also be a total at the bottom of the page… so when they click to complete their purchase, they can see right there how much $$ they are charging to their card/paypal/etc.


Agreed. We’re taking the best bits and we’re going to make it work in a 1 page checkout. That said some people have a need for a stepped checkout – I’m aware of a company doing this now (another free open source contribution :))

I agree with Shanna again. On our store I actually moved the tax and shipping review totals to the bottom of the page. I think it’s important to see that information right before you click “Make Payment”. Another checkout customization would be to hide the shipping details form unless it’s needed. So by default the cart assumes the billing and shipping are the same and the customer clicks a button or checkbox if they are different. I thought a 1-page checkout would be so easy for our customers, but it turned out that with the shipping calculator, a billing address and shipping address form, choosing a shipping method/price, entering payment information and a final price review table, it was too much for one page and people were missing information or giving up. I ended up segmenting it and hiding/showing some with jQuery. Maybe allow a choice of a multi-stage checkout process using jQuery, or just a 1-page checkout? I think 1-page checkouts work for some, but it isn’t a universal solution to checkout problems. The process should be intuitive and easy to navigate for the user.

Hey Dan:

Yes, the entire tax needs improvement. In our case, shipping charges are taxable. That needs to be addressed asap.
Thank in advance


I think the progress you’ve made with 3.8 is great. I agree with some of the comments above. Make sure you have a rock solid platform before expanding it too much. Nevertheless there are some features I’d like to see, and I’ve had clients asking for these in the past, but never ended up building them:
1. Pre-order ability, because some times items aren’t in stock yet, but we want to allow visitors to order them and ship the item out once the item is available.
2. WishList: amazon style wish lists and integration with WP accounts
3. On-checkout customization, allow for better implementation of customizations on checkouts. Example: a paragraph for extra input from the customer on checkout, and potentially file uploads (images for example) on checkout.
4. Improve the Nextgen add-on, allow for add-to-cart buttons with nextgen as opposed to buy now only.

Thanks again,

Thanks Joachim.

1) Some kind of alert system is a good idea. I used one myself yesterday in thinkgeek.com and I’d like to see something like this in core.
2) Cool. It’d be amazing if somebody made an additional Plugin to do this!!
3) Interesting. Good call.
4) Probably not going to make it into core – at least we probably won’t be doing it inhouse. I’d love to see somebody else take this and expand on it. I might actually take it down off the shop and make it a free download sometime soon… then the community can develop it as they see fit.

Best, Dan

I think a wishlist feature/plugin would be great. It’s one of the most popular requests I get.

A couple thing I’d like to see.

1. Manage stock for all products on one page
2. See current stock levels for all products on a printable page (that can be organized by category, alphabetically, by stock level, by price, and by weight which would within categories or for all of them)
3. a better checkout system, as mentioned above
4. some sort of add to wish list would be cool
5. a share this / email to a friend and a facebook like button would be cool.
6. and of course customization as mentioned multiple times above.
7. I’d also like to see it be more stable, which from what I understand 3.8 should be.

1) what i said to graham 😉
2) interesting idea!!
3) what i said to the others
4) covered this one
5) its already there mate under marketing
6) customization? ah personalization…. yup what I’ve said to the others
7) bingo

Thanks Scott for your list!!

Top of my wish list is the capability to customise the look and feel of the emails that get sent to customers (order confirmation and job dispatched).

And, I’m not crazy about the way that the user/customer registration/signup works. I get the feeling that functionality is currently driven by the way WordPress works, but it doesn’t really reflect best practice.

Otherwise, love your work, guys!

Hi Oscar. Thanks for your feedback – I really agree with you regarding the email customization.

User sign up etc is the way it is because we had to cludge it back in the day, this was before WordPress had all the hooks and filters that it does now. We’ll get there soon though – one of our team members is doing a LOT of BuddyPress integration work at the moment and we’re becoming quite familiar with the way WordPress does things these days… it’ll happen.

The feature that I’d like to see as well as the fact that I found many more people on the forums looking for the same feature is;
The ability to sell free downloadable content. My site sells PDF e-Books and some of them are paid and some of them should be free. I would like to have the same checkout process for the paid ones and the free ones so that I can keep record of all downloads. Many people in the forums suggested hacking the code to accomplish this. It makes sense not to send the end user towards a Payment Gateway if the total order amount is $0.00 but the current result is a page that is labeled Transaction Cancelled. If the cart is not empty and the total is $0.00 it should just auto assume the transaction was a success and it should e-mail the link immediately to the buyer.

Haha! Ok this is kinda interesting and I agree that it would be cool – I’d like to see somebody write a custom Plugin for this though as I’m not convinced it should be core. The thing is though, as you pointed out, even this little feature has it own set of complexities that take time to work out and then to develop. To use a payment gateway? or to bypass the gateway given certain conditions? how to mark it in the purchase logs… etc etc etc… I’d love to see somebody write a specification for exactly how this should work.

Thanks for your time!!

Hi, I’d like to see network activation working smoothly. I’m building a site that has many storefronts/subsites using wp3.0 multisite, and I’m having problems with the wpmu folder not creating the subfolders needed to make the store run. I’m also seeing the blogs.dir folder not getting the themes folders/files it needs to style the stores. Could be my server configuration, but I think I’m on a pretty standard one with hostgator shared…

On another note, if you need icons for the admin, let me know-I design the default icons for wordpress.

Hey Ben. The way we do this is changing in 3.8, you’ll see when we release it. Or sooner if you’re daring enough to play the SVN game. (no guarantees there though as its in dev)

Also hosts like hostgator are not recommended for MU sites. Never have been. If you expect lots of users and thus lots of sites then thus lots of database tables you’re much better of using slicehost or linode. And hyperDB. That “really” saved our ass when we launched getshopped.com.

1.) If you click the tickbox, “shipping address is the same’, I’d like the shipping address box to collapse upward and disappear with a little javascript. It cleans up the UI and ‘feels’ like less to fill in, which is relieving to me as a customer.
2.) It’d be nice if the pop-up after clicking ‘add to the cart’ had a little 4 or 5 second countdown timer and disappears automatically when the set number of seconds passes. So the user can resume shopping without needing to click a ‘continue shopping’ link.

Currently my only wish is this – even though Paypal now accepts Malaysian Ringgit, when I try to put Paypal as a method of payment, it says that Paypal does not accept Malaysian Ringgit. Can someone please update this?

I might one or two other wishes later on though 😉

We need to have ability to indicate that a particular item variation is out of stock.

For example, we have one item, a dress, that is available in 2 colors and 4 sizes, making a total of 8 variations. Each variation has a stock of 10. When one variation’s stock is down to 0 (zero) I would like to be able to either 1) un-publish *just that one variation*, or 2) gray out the selection and add a note that the color/size combination is out of stock.

Currently, we can track inventory, but the variations still appear on the page. When a customer adds the item to their cart, nothing happens/the item is not added to their cart, but the customer does not know why.

We’ve implemented a work around, but this functionality is really needed I think.

Dan, first and foremost, thank you for such an amazing platform. 🙂

I’ve read in the forum about tidbits of info regarding iphone/mobile development for apps to interface with a normal online store. And possibly iPhone dashboard for backend?


Firstly folks, thanks so much for what is, an absolutely awesome plugin. It really is a fantastic achievement and one which I hope you Dan and the whole team are very proud of.

Here’s a few things which I’d absolutely love to see going forward:

1) It’s been mentioned already, but I really want to stress this (and I *think* it’s definitely something you’re working on) — Stability. At the moment, so many people have heard negative things about wpec because in the past its had a few niggles – understandable for a huge *and free* product.

2) A better or (several different) lightbox options. The one that is currently used is pretty old now and there are a shedload of more lightweight, easier to manipulate options out there. YoxView is a great example.

3) As many hooks and filters for us developers as you can throw at us. Literally, let us play with *everything*

4) A product export feature — I’m sure I noticed that this was meant to be part of the gold cart (and was one of the reasons I purchased it) but I never managed to find it.

5) Different types of variation – i.e. at the moment everything is a select drop down. I might was a couple of checkboxes

6) The checkout to honour which currency of the products are placed into it — you have the multi-currency options for the products which is fantastic. However, if my base price is set to GBP and a visitor adds everything to their cart in US Dollars then they go to the checkout and see everything back in sterling again. What if I’m charging different countries different prices? (and there’s loads of reasons why this would be the case not just ‘I want to charge the Yanks a bit more 😉 ) Let PayPal (or whichever checkout) do the maths conversions for me – I’d like my user to see the checkout in the price that they’re most comfortable with.

“But why wont a user just select the cheapest option” I hear you cry…well… for me, I have the price set to display based on which country they are currently visiting from (using some GeoIP stuff). So if they’re in the US, I show them dollars, if they’re in France they get Euros, etc.

7) It’s been mentioned already but I’ll add a +1 — a pre-order facility. I don’t think this is plugin territory, personally and is something that should be included into core. It’s something that quite a few clients have asked me for, also.

8) A niggle from *ages* ago. When first setting up the shop, when I select my Base Country, it should definitely be able to set my currency type for me automatically. I know it’s no biggie, but it will just add to the ‘polish’ of the plugin imho.

9) Allow different single product image sizes. Artwork is a great example – some are landscape and some are portrait, so with that you have to default everything to a square which can get mighty ugly pretty fast. (Especially when the client can’t take a decent photo for the life of them, but I digress). I hacked something (horrible) together which was based on categories so that if the user put an item in the ‘landscape’ category then the single product size is 400 x 200 and if they put it in ‘portrait’ then it was 200 x 400 (for example).

10) Is it true that you’re going to be using the theme architecture of WP for 3.8? Please say yes 😉

That’s my *wish*list over and I just want to reiterate that I can’t thank you enough for such a fantastic plugin. You guys deserve all the plaudits, awards and gratitude that I hope you get.

1) Stability. Yup. Stability is interesting – there are so many different servers and web hosts out there that sometimes somebody is going to have a different php setting then you do and, bam!, its going to break. By moving a large chunk of the functionality off to WordPress, for instance letting WordPress handle images, we’re becoming more stable, well at least as stable as WordPress.

2) Tempting to take a closer look at what nextgen gallery do.

3) We’re happy to take advice on this one. Even happier to take your code – if you write in some hooks and filters for us then we’ll gladly add them. In fact I’d love to hear your more detailed thoughts on this one.

4) Product export/import… definitely this will be getting an overhaul in future versions….

5) Somebody needs to make a Plugin for this!

6) Somebody needs to extend the Multi Currency Magic Plugin for us!!!

7) Not many sites seem to have “pre order”… if you check thinkgeek.com or even ascent.co.nz which are both really big sites. None have a “pre order” but all seem to have email alerts for stock.

If we made “pre order” then this should be a Plugin?

8) Base country selection to auto set currency too. Maybe.

9) Yeah this is something we’re working on now in 3.8

10) Yeah I think so. Most of the theme stuff for 3.8 is done, you can take a look it you’re daring enough to use SVN (don’t do it on a live site)

Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

Which version. Recurring billing is built in to the Members Only Plugin – the new version is almost ready. Coming very soon. Its had some pretty thorough beta testing I can tell you that now…

I finally stopped reading all of the lists, so I apologize if this has been addressed before.

1) I would love for wufoo forms (or something like this) to be incorporated into the product page. This would allow for the extensive customization options. For example, I would like to offer customized greeting cards for customers and would like to allow them to upload photos, enter their custom text, select fonts, select colors, etc. None of this would really impact the cost, but it would be nice to have it all on the add-to-cart page with only needing to submit the information once to submit the form and to submit the add-to-cart function. Another option with this is to have the add-to-cart button have a work-around where it adds the product to the cart, but it takes it to the page for them to submit the customization (wufoo) form. Then, have the wufoo form submit button take them to the shopping cart page. This would require the add-to-cart button to have a different label for each product such as “personalize” or “customize your cards”.

2) I would love to have an option for custom prices based on user level. This would be great for incorporating wholesale pricing on a per product, per user basis. Wonderful option for utilizing the essence of WordPress! This way, customers who are not logged in would see the retail prices, but once the customer logs in, if they are set up to receive a discount, the new prices would automatically show up and work with the shopping cart. This would really be beneficial to reward customers based off their loyalty as well.

1) Yup thats an additional Plugin job for somebody. Any takers?
2) Wholesale pricing is definitely on the agenda for at a later date.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have another wish…

Customers are forever making mistakes when they enter their email address on the Checkout page. Would it not be possible to force a double-entry, so that mistakes are picked up?

Hey I’m not a Genie 😉
You only get one wish.

1) Actually thats a pretty good idea. I’m not sure it’ll make it into 3.8 at this stage but somebody could make this a Plugin while we’re working on the next release… any takers?

Thanks again.

I have a brief list of things I think should be part of the core plugin:

1. Sort order on categories
2. Better user acc management – registering/logging in of existing customers etc
3. Better Stock Import/Update – updating should be easier in 3.8 with variation SKUs


Its hard to ignore the wishes of one of our core contributors.

1) Yup. I was thinking about the possible User Interface for this last night while I was in the shower… what is my life coming too!!!

2) Yeah. This stuff is quite interesting – we’ve been doing so much BuddyPress work as of late that I think we’re going to be able to do something quite neat here in this space.

3) I’m hearing ya.

I know we have the rating stars but it would be great if a product review went with it.

I would love a link for products out of stock, whereby the customer could be on waiting list, and when stock comes in they can be emailed.

and a gateway module for PAYMATE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


1) Well reviews should be pretty standard now that we’re using Custom Post Types. Reviews will just be Comments (no difference really). We’ll probably post a tutorial on this when we launch 3.8…

2) Yeah. Stock alerts would be easier then pre ordering items that are not in stock.

3) Paymate. Any takers on make a Plugin to do this?

Cheers for the feedback mate.

Although there are quirks, I just wanted to say THANKS. Here’s some wishlist

1. Exemptions for certain products, ie. FREE Shipping
The free shipping option is great, but some items just can’t qualify for free shipping, and it would be great to disable it for some items, like oversize, hazardous, or fragile items.
2. Wish list, and Email when this item is instock function
3. I agree that the thumbnails should be able to be portrait or landscape or square (this has been frustrating)
4. a “Next item” or “Next product” button
5. personalization for individual items. – Say someone was buying a gift card, you could add a text box for personal note to send with it, rather than waiting to check out, and using that field.
6. Variation control “Select/deselect all” button – one of our staff’s biggest peeve is adding sizing variations, and waiting for each unit to load after ticking or unticking the check boxes, when they are entering a new product. If you have 25 different sizes, and each item uses different sizes, it can take a long time.
7. show the categories and brands in alphabetical order. Listing by date added is so confusing to look at, when adding new products.
8. show tracking ID on the “sales” page if one has been entered. There is no way to tell if a tracking number was entered unless you click each one individually.
9.* less important but has been frustrating* – a way to quickly view tags or atleast know if the item had tags, cause sometimes they got forgotten, and then you have no way to tell which item it was (in wordpress, when you click “posts” it shows the list and shows the tags as well.

Thanks again, looking forward to some new updates

1) Yeah exemptions would be cool. I think we should make a basic exemption (say free shipping for certain products) and create certain hooks and filters so people can make a more advanced Plugin for all the extra conditions that everybody in the world can fathom 🙂

An option to disable Free Shipping on some products if you have this feature switched on sounds quite reasonable to me.

2) Wish lists, stock alerts are getting quite a lot of votes here. Stock Alerts are definitely going to happen… probably 3.8.1 now. Or possibly sooner if somebody does a 3.8 Plugin for it in the meantime… Come on folks wheres your Open Source spirit 😉

3) Looking forward to hearing if the 3.8 release handles this well enough for you.

4) Interesting. Shortcode? Template tag?

5) Repeat.

6) Would be keen to know your thoughts on the 3.8 release. We’ve improved the UI for variations quite a lot including speeding certain things up. (Justin what are your thoughts here mate?)

7) Do you mean in the admin? If so we’ve overhauled that page.

8) Hmm thats a goodie.

9) For the sake of clarity. Do you want a filter in the admin section, show products with this tag, type of thing? Or on the actual shop?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for your reply.

5. Personalizations could be done when adding new products -ie. “add text field” button, and choose “label”. So people could have “comments” or “personalization” field(s) if they wanted.
7. yes in the admin
9. yes in the admin, basically just a way to know whether or not the item(s) have tags. Say you have hundreds of items and you want to know if they all have tags, you would have to look up each one individually, which is too time consuming. If there was a way to search tags that would be handy, & then a “no tags” search could could be included.

10. Search – the search function and presentation could be tweaked a lot to improve it’s usefullness
a. for some reason, when we use the search function it works but it lists all the category items before the search results. If you have a lot of categories, then they take up too much space and it doesn’t look like a search even took place.
b. many people complain that the search doesn’t mesh with wordpress. Maybe there could be an option and even a widget so that the search could return a result like this. “Search returned these products” and “Search returned these posts”


a few more admin items that would be EPIC
11. HTML descriptions – it would be great to be able to use HTML in the “additional description” field as well as the regular description. It’s nice to have a short description but then be able to click “more details” as a viewer and be able to see lots of info that was programmed with HTML.
12. pricing matrixes – there are so many ways that this could be made awesome but just a simple feature could be buy like a “buy X amount, and get 1 free. or some type of bulk level pricing discounts, which could also be tied in with other products, like buy a car and get wheels for 1/2 price type thing.
13. time sensitive promos – in the admin section by product, or by category a sales or promo button that allows you to enter a date range that puts products on sale and automatically ends with a recurring feature, like daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Then there could be a link to a promotions page that lists current/future promos and/or coupons.
14. coupons – add “category” as a condition in coupons sections (ie. category is equal to fruits)

Hi, I’m using your wpec – thanks! One thing – and it may be because I’m completely new to this banging up your own website business – but more help for non-techies along the way would be brilliant – I’m looking at some things as I set stuff up at the moment and have no clue what it means and whether I should have yes or no. It’s a lot to ask given it’s a free plug in – but more notes/info/help buttons along the way perhaps? Thanks again!

More inline text and better User Interface is always welcome in my opinion – we’re getting there though!!
Thanks for the feedback Jo.

I second the requests for tightening up the checkout process… I have a very frustrated client who loses sales every day because of the current checkout system.

Also, please allow one instance of the gold cart API key to work on dev (localhost), staging and live versions of the same site. At the moment I have to do all my dev work on an instance of the site on the live server – not good.

Can’t wait for 3.8! Very excited.


Hi Anthony.

1) We’re working on the Checkout Page at the moment. In 3.8 all of the template files are being overhauled with nice new flashy XHTML. Part of that is interface design, the new design is loosely based of the threadless.com checkout process. However we’re still a one page checkout and they are still a stepped checkout.

If you really want to help us help you then you should link to a screen shot of your dream single page checkout 😉

2) Understand. We are definitely going to improve this…

Ciao, Dan

I have been using wp e-commerce on Quick.com.mv .. Really love the plugin as i can customize it a lot to my needs. Well here is the stuff i need and probably all others too.
1. Wish List for members
2. Gift Certificate
3. Advanced Search built into Gold Cart
4. Better way to display product photos, Like jZoom

Thanks for such a plugin 🙂

1) Bump. Up the list it goes.
2) So you want to sell coupons essentially?
3) More advanced search in Gold Cart. Yeah we’ll think more about this…
4) Interesting. I sort of think that its better to make these as additional plugins though – instead of bundling heaps of different Javascripts with WP e-Commerce

Thanks mate!

Here is my top 10 list…

1) a Transaction Type selection box for Aurthorize.net settings (Authorize Only or Authorize and Capture).
2) a way to save the grid template css in Gold Cart so I don’t have to update at every upgrade.
3) create some settings for the Specials Widget so it is more customizable.
4) have the sale price work with all variations prices.
5) a way to advertise free shipping in Google Shopping for Google Merchant (right now I can’t use a shipping sub-attribute within g:shipping).
6) a way to export all items so I can import them into my test site.
7) a “verify all information is correct” page before actual checkout.
8) a “please select” added to the top of the drop-down for the customer survey.
9) get the products description to not left justify everything.
10) a selection to create one or more flat shipping rates per product so it overrides (turns off) all other shipping methods and uses only the flat rate(s) specified for just that product.


1) What do you mean by Authorize and Capture?
2) Good idea. Not sure if this is already done in 3.8 or not.
3) You have to elaborate.
4) I’m pretty sure it does in 3.8 🙂
5) Can you elaborate on this more too please 🙂
6) Somebody needs to make this into a Plugin
7) Maybe. This might happen when the people who are looking at split checkout do split checkout *sigh*
8) Good call. Will look into this.
9) Its all changed in 3.8, you’ll need to tell us what you think when we push a beta
10) Another interesting feature. What do people think – core or plugin?

Thanks for your time!!

Not sure if this was already mentioned and I overlooked it, but I would love some kind of multivendor or faux-multivendor support, meaning I could have people either post their own products and make a cut of the sales (alongside the affiliates), or there would be an option to keep track of profits from a certain product and automatically payout the creator of the product each month, like they were an affiliate (so for example, I could take 50%, the creator takes 50%, and if there’s an affiliate, they could take half of my cut).


Yup a few people have talked about multivendor support – and there are a number of WP e-Commerce Plugin Affiliate Plugins now (that is to say Plugins that add functionality to WP e-Commerce).

It’d be nice for these guys to contribute to this conversation but I’m guessing that what you want is more likely to become a Plugin as opposed to being built into core. Thanks for your feedback Colin 🙂

I don’t know if this is operational already but for my wish, FEATURED products on the sidebar

I’d been keen to hear how you’d assign a Product as Featured; would it be based on a specified Category that Products belong to or were you expecting a ‘Featured product’ checkbox on the Add/Edit Products page which when ticked displays the Product within the Featured Product widget?

I’ll see what we can do about throwing in a featured products widget. The new way of doing featured products is pretty cool. Thanks for your comment Demola.

I’d like to see the ability to easily apply an HTML template to the invoice. As such, using a text-only invoice seems dated to me.

Here’s some of my list:

1) Complete fix of PayPal IPN/Accepted Payment situation. This hasn’t been resolved in like 40 threads on this forum. I reverted to using the database hack of changing ‘Processed’ value to “2” in order to make my transactions complete. This needs to work out of the box and every time without a hack.

2) Fix for having wordpress at root. There is lots of code that doesn’t work if you change the location of your wordpress to point to example.com/ instead of example.com/wordpress/. WPEC should account for this as a LOT of people do this.

3) More options/logic conditions for coupons. For example: I’d like to offer a discount of $1.99 (and thus making a download free) but now I can’t – it defaults to a round number. Other logic conditions could include: file type, SKU, size, color, etc.

4) ability to turn off ALL dynamic css generated in wpec. There was a plugin someone posted for this but it never worked for me. I’ve been finding things that dynamically are given just tags with no id or class (along with and tags) so they are next to if not impossible to style. While this might not be right for everyone, I’m a big boy – I can handle it 🙂

5) Mini cart with options that updates via ajax. Have the option to include/not include: number of items, total, “go to checkout”, “empty cart” (with options to customize the text) and as someone above suggested, html boxes to add a cart image. Make it super customizable via css. All this should be on one line and not display the cart or “You’ve just added…”. A shortcode for this would be ideal. Along with this, a clickable “View Cart” popup/java cart that displays like the fancy notification box so someone could check where they are on any page and you don’t need a sidebar cart widget.

6) More and more robust shortcodes/tags. A lot of them now, like for showing the shopping cart are not discreet enough so if you change something in the cart widget, you change the rest of the shopping cart. Make these (and things like them) separate so they can be separately styled and customized.

7) This would probably be higher on my list and if I knew enough to code it I would. Audio player with playlists and add to cart/buy button for each track (and another one for the whole playlist). I’m telling you, if you nailed this (even with a plugin) there are thousands of small record labels that would use this just to sell a few releases.


1) We’ll look into overhauling paypal at some stage. I’d appreciate your deeper knowledge on this one though – and maybe be interesting in commissioning a new build that > please submit a more detailed report in the developers mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/wordpress-e-commerce-plugin?hl=en.

2) I’m not sure if we can do this in 3.8 or not now. Its been overhauled big time – do you want to take a look and report back?

3) Roger that.

4) Hearing you. Check out 3.8 SVN bro 🙂

5) dan@instinct.co.nz for a chat on this one – on the side I’m dreaming up a widget pack that this could be a part of

6) Funnily enough a few people are working on this at the moment. If you want to have a detailed say on this then now would be an awesome time to flick some detailed thoughts through to the mailing list.

7) We’re about to push a new release out soon so I might get this looked at sooner rather then later – I’m 100% with you on that.

I just glanced through all of the comments and didn’t see anyone ask this question.

Will you be adding a Canada Post shipping module to the list of shipping options? I read that back in your 3.7.2 release that this would be a priority. It doesn’t seem to have materialized yet.

Ouch. I’m not sure where that is up to – I’m pretty sure somebody has made a Canada Post WP e-Commerce Plugin module / Plugin. BUT I’m not sure… so I’ll do some googling around 🙂


I would really appreciate some help with this as I also went out and bought the Gold Cart plugin for my store as well.

Are you able to email me with your findings?


A way to sell items that have auto generated serialized items. For instance your selling a “booking” or “voucher”, that people can download and bring into your business, then they can just come in with their serial number and you can cross reference it off a master list, that auto updates as people buy more items.

A way to sell items that have auto generated serial numbers. For instance your selling a “booking” or “voucher”, that people can download and bring into your business, then they can just come in with their serial number and you can cross reference it off a master list, that auto updates as people buy more items.

First – many, many thanks for a wonderful free product. Am sure will be enticed to the paid upgrade when my site is producing some income!

For the novice above – I too am a complete newby developing a small (primarily digital products – ebooklets) site. Used Brian Bondari’s “WordPress 2.9 e-Commerce” from Pakt publishing – very good for setting up fast. Publisher assured me that the book should “work” with WP 3.0 version as well. And no I am not an affiliate or getting any sort of commission out of this!

However I am still developing it on my local server – so I do not know how it will work when hosted for real.
Unfortunately getting cold feet now with all the comments about “instability”, problem with Paypal integration (I am still in the “sandbox”), etc. Using WP 2.9.2 & your e-Comm – don’t want to upgrade either since might break whatever I have managed to get working together so far. Mind you my total number of products at present is only 5(!) and not likely to exceed 50 at the most in the next 12 months.

Just need one thing – to allow download of a digital product free of all charges and shipping. I note the suggestion above: 100% discount so that the price is reduced to 0. But then:

(a) If only “bought” free product how to lead the customer to the page where the customer (must) fill in all details (name, address, etc) but not let this be the Paypal /payment registration form otherwise, I assume, that the “transaction” will be recorded by / go through Paypal – and the customer may not appreciate / be alienated at having to go through this extra useless / unnecessary loop. Am I right that this is what will happen? And only after correctly submitting all his full details is the customer allowed to go to the product download link. Any solutions / suggestions?

(b) If free product “bought” with a paid product, is there a problem with Paypal form, registration / payment procedures?

(c) If free product “bought” with a paid product, how and where are the (separate?) download links for the two digital products presented to the customer?

Apologies if the above queries are too naïve. But all help would be gratefully received.

I would like to have product templates. For instance I could create a mobile phone product template with custom meta data such as GPRS (yes/no), Wifi (yes/no), Talk time (7 hours), etc. Using product templates would also make it easier to implement comparison between similar products.

Something like this is definitely on the agenda. It’ll probably be included in 3.8.1, in the meantime I’ve heard rumors of people making additional Plugins to achieve this but can’t remember where right now. Sorry!! 🙂

I love the product and would have my site up and running by now if a couple of thing were included in your product.
1) A simple option for free local pick-up. (I can’t believe there isn’t one)
2) A way to offer the free shipping option by the number of items, not just total cost. It would also be great to be able to set this on a product by product basis.
3) A product option that lets you set a expiration date for a sale. for example a product (or offer) that is only good for one week. Then is labeled “Sold out” or “offer expired”
4) A drop down arrow for the quantity update box. So someone can hit it, scroll down and select a quantity instead of typing it in (I think the current box makes my site seem ancient ).

1) Visser is working on something like this I believe. Also something like this will be bundled eventually – our Japanese partners are actively working on something like this. I can’t tell you more right now, all I can say is keep your eyes peeled.
2) Thanks for the idea.
3) That would probably be made as an additional Plugin as opposed to being core. If you want it urgently then I’d hit somebody up in the consultants page.
4) Maybe… maybe… I guess that is preference. Can’t you change this in the template? (any devs out there that could confirm / deny that for me)

Thanks for your contribution.

Thank you for replying to my post. I have been following this thread to see if any devs would respond to your question regarding a drop down quantity box. Have you heard from any? You said you thought it could be customized in the template. I’m using Thesis theme with wp e-commerce shortcodes in my posts, could this be why I do not have this option.
Sorry if this explanation/question is confusing Ron

Nothing yet mate. You’re talking about a drop down quantity box on the product page or the checkout? I can’t remember (and i’m reading this via the admin dashboard panel). What is wrong with people just entering a number?

It’d be very nice to have a text field for a delivery date available in the checkout form with the ability to enter in blackout dates, for cases like holidays.

Can you not do this now under the checkout page settings? There is a form builder there that might do the job… let me know how you get on 🙂

I develop sites for UK charity organisations, ALL of whom (without fail) require a donation facility including a customised/variable amount rather than a fixed amount.

If this was either included in the core or supplied as a bolt on it would make the plugin invaluable to me.

Donation payments are often an overlooked feature of e-commerce plugins, but I don’t know why? Donations are probably the 3rd biggest requirement for online transactions, after products & subscriptions. Most developers suggest setting up products at various price points, to act as donation amounts, but this is no good in the real world. It doesn’t satisfy my clients and doesn’t convert into donations being made.

A variable amount option for donation payments would be my no.1 request. Any chance of that happening some time soon?

Here is my wishlist:

1. shipping.
As it is now, none of the shipping options in WPSC can give me the correct shipping costs.

What I would want to see is regions in the weight based shipping, co that I can have different weight rates for my home country, Europe and the rest of the world.

See an example here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/604341/weight-zone.png

The easiest way to determine what region a country (or state) would be in is probably to let the admin assign that value manually. Your humble sister eShop handles this nicely: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/604341/coutryzones.png

An other (smaller) issue with the shipping rates is that the weight in the product page is in grammes/kilo’s/pounds etc. while in the shipping rates you’ll have to use pounds. You could work around this by giving the weight here in pound, but I am not sure if this works well if you entered the weight in the product page in another unit. (Did not double check this though so bear with me)

2. decimal units.
Over here (in Europe) we write €1.250,00 for onethousand twohundred and fifty euro.
The plugin writes this as: €1,250.00 which is confusing.
There should be a way to change this so it can be adapted to local needs.
Maybe a button on the settings page next to the “position of currency sign”?

Also, this seems to interfere with calculating the correct shipping charges. The decimals behind the comma in the weight table are not used, so 6,75 becomes 6.

For me these two points are the most important things that should be changed in order to make WP e-commerce usable to build a real and webshop.
If these could be fixed in the new version I would be most happy.

An other idea that would be nice is to see a meta “Description” tag in the head that gets it’s content from the product description.
Look into the source of this site for an example: http://www.perfectlybasics.nl/filippa_k_sculpted_pleat_dress_dark_grey_melange-01150160212115.aspx
I think this is really clever for SEO purposes. I have no idea wether this is possible with your plugin, but that is your area of expertise.

Further, I would like the plugin to be fully translatable so you can easily make a multi-language site by using one of the wellknown plugins like qTranslate or WPML.
I understand that you are already working on that so I’ll wait for that.

Last, but not least, and already mentioned by more posters here, it would be a good thing to very thoroughly test new versions before releasing them into the wild…

Thank you.

uh, it’s quite obvious from the extensive discussions on your support forums that you should NOT be focusing on new features right now but instead focusing exclusively on performance improvements, period. from useless calls (eg ratings scripts for those not using ratings) to uncombined and inefficient queries and taxing server loads (again, for things people are probably not even using) to issues with data management and overall admin performance…

until you improve speed and performance, all you’re going to get are loads and loads of wp installs with wpec installed, all doing “really neat stuff!” with “really cutting edge features” but ALL will be unusable as production sites for real world use unless these same folks pay money to your organization for help, or money to some other consultant for help, at which point “open source” is kind of a silly term, right?

Dude. WTF. Havent you read anything about the new version?

I’ve heard of contempt prior to investigation. But posting prior to investigation 😉
And what do you mean unusable. I’d be tempted to say that the tens of thousands of people making money selling products using WP e-Commerce Plugin would disagree with you.

Dude. Readthe Roadmap mate, the 3.8 Plugin has been all about the optimizations… we’ve cut down the database big time, we’re using custom post types, we’re using WP taxonomies, we’ve streamlined a whole lot of code, variations are now child products, the list goes on.

So I suppose the answer is, after all that, that your wish is granted 😀

Good plugin, still missing some critical bugs to be fixed in my humble opinion, I am looking forward to check out the new v3.8

Here it comes (part of) my wish-list:

* Automatic coupon generation. For example: I have to manually create a TXT file with the code of a coupon I have created every time I want to sell a coupon (the idea behind: you buy it and sent it to a friend as a gift so they can come to my shop and buy whatever they want with a discount from the coupon). Something that coupons would also need to have is the chance to be spent in more than just one time (Imagine my coupon is a $50 one and I only want to buy something that is $30, where are my other $20 gone?)

* Imagine I don’t want my customers to register to buy something, how can I later on give them a download if they don’t have “download” section (as they are not registered). So we need a “Download” link straight from the confirmation mail the client gets when buys a PDF, MP3, etc. Limiting downloads to 1 makes the link “safe” (not the best solution though) . Is that possible already?

*Automatic registration of people who buys in the shop using the data from the form. (Maybe a check-box to confirm they agree)

*Should be possible to tax the shipping costs. Right now the taxes don’t take into consideration the shipping price.

Regards and thanks again for your hard work.


Another sensible feature would be let the user select which units of measurement (Total weight in Pounds) would like to use when setting the shipping prices (depending on weights).

Having to convert your weights from grams (standar internationa unit) to pounds it is not the best thing you wanna do when having to set a lot of different countries and weights in your diferent weight layers “filter” .


I would like to be able to set sales tax by zip code and have the script load faster in general.

Need shipping zones based on postal code.

I had cubecart at one time. I had started a blog using wordpress and noticed that a store could be set up with wordpress.
I found your plugin and love it, so I bought the Gold Cart.
This plugin for cubecart was great and did exactly what I needed. Now I need something like it for WP-eCommerce.
See link below for example;


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