WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce – The Book

We’re all really proud to announce that WordPress 2.9 Ecommerce, has been published. You can purchase or download the book in various online shops or from the PACKT Publishing website.

I’d like to thank all the people involved but especially the author Brian Bondari and Joel Goveya from PACKT. A lot of hard work has gone into this book and I think the end results are fantastic. At some point in the future we’ll get to do it all over again for WordPress 3.0 and the next version of WP e-Commerce – I’m already sharpening my pencil!!
I was thinking that next time it might somehow be make sense to put the draft book on a private invite only Wiki and have more of the community contribue to the editing.

Here’s the book low down;

Build a proficient online store to sell products and services

  • Earn huge profits by transforming WordPress into an intuitive and capable platform for e-Commerce
  • Build and control a vast product catalog to sell physical items and digital downloads
  • Configure and integrate various payment gateways into your store for your customers’ convenience
  • Promote and market your store online for increased profits
  • Follow a practical, step-by-step guide packed with screenshots to ensure your store is created and deployed successfully

Not bad huh! Our first actual published paperback book!

Thanks again to Brial and Joel.

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