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Just yesterday our friends over at 9seeds launched a new Affiliate Plugin that is available immediately (right now) from our site.

An affiliate Plugin has one purpose. No it’s not to make you attractive to the opposite sex, nope it’s not going to give you wings. The Affiliate Plugin is there to help make you sales. Here’s what the creators have to say:

The Affiliate Plugin makes it simple to sign up and manage affiliates for your online store. You can easily set the payout amount (flat rate or % of sale) per affiliate, add custom banners and text links with unique tracking codes, view stats and more.

Internally we feel that this Plugin along with the many other community made Plugins goes to show that we’re doing something right, it shows us that experienced WP developers (veterans) can see where the WordPress e-Commerce market is at. It shows us that WP e-Commerce is going to be here for the long haul and that we’re going down the right path.

So what are you waiting for? Head over now and gets yours today!


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Is it possible to assign a coupon to an affiliate? I need that option badly and I would be willing to pay for that option if possible! Thanks

After speaking with Spencer offline to get more details, the end result is a new feature we plan to build in for the next update. The plan is to make it so you can tie a type-in coupon to a given advertiser. This will allow for offline marketing.


I’ve been waiting for this ever since I’ve laid eyes on WP Ecommerce 😉

$99 is a steep price tag though, and before I shill out that kind of money I’d like to see some screenshots or get my hands on a trial version of sorts. Is that available? How does this plugin work, does it integrate into WP Ecommerce, or is it a standalone WP plugin?

Hi versluis, we’re aiming to use this Plugin here on GetShopped.org which will be very cool for community developers as well as give us some first hand experience for a detailed review. 🙂

Most affiliate marketers who are making decent money these days are publishing Cost Per Action, or CPA ads. The reason for this marketers don’t need to complete high cost sales in order to get commission for a conversion.

Does this plugin work with Affiliates who sign up using Asian characters?

I used a different Affiliate plugin than this one, and found out the hard
way that it is afflicted with mojibake.

Is there a video or written directions how to use this plug in? Right now I can not make any sense of it… Need better support

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