WordPress e-Commerce Analytics. Snap!

This just hit my inbox. Another brilliantly made community Plugin from the guys at Storefront. I’m just loving the community spirt here guys!

With the Storefront Insight plugin, you get real-time information about your customers behavior so that you can make informed decisions and run a better shop! See visitor conversion rates, cart to checkout conversion, product and category pageviews, timeline of peak selling hours, etc. It effectively turns your Google analytics into the useful information it was meant to be!

Personally I think it looks great. Check out the site with Video!

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Please can someone help. I downloaded the e-commerce plug in (Great) I then purchased the Gold Cart plug in through PayPal on the 18th Feb. Todate I have not recieved an e-mail with download details (Not in my spam folder either) but my $40.00 has been taken. I can’t get in touch with anyone to help that’s why I have written this post.

I would like to know if this is a scam and if so it will be all over Facebook plus other forums by the end of the day. I have tried to contack Dan and support all weekend, but no use. Can some please advice.

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