WP e-Commerce is ready

WP e-Commerce is ready for download!

After 3.8.13 upgrade, a lot of our users were alarmed when they see many anonymous users with cryptic names appearing in their WordPress admin Users page. These user accounts are harmless and are used to collect anonymous customer data (such as cart items, shipping / billing locations etc.). However we acknowledge that displaying them in the admin area proved to be confusing and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In this release, we’re taking the first steps to fix the 3 major issues with anonymous customers that our users have:

* Anonymous customers should not be visible in admin UI.
* Cronjob to purge anonymous customers doesn't work due to memory issues.
* Anonymous cart items are lost after signing in.

In the upcoming releases, we will continue to improve the customer data storage system so that it uses up as little space as possible in your database.

It is extremely important that before you upgrade to WPEC, please back up your files and databases. Backup Buddy is our top choice for making backup simple and effortless.

How to upgrade WP e-Commerce

You can simply use WordPress automatic updates feature to download and install WP e-Commerce

If that doesn’t work for you, try the following steps for a manual upgrade:

Download WP e-Commerce from here and save it to your computer.

– Extract the downloaded package to a folder on your computer.

– Upload the contents of that folder to this path on your server, overwriting all existing files: wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce

Please let us know in the comment if you run into any issues with the upgrade.

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rob, your how-to suggests modifying the core transaction_results_functions code with gateway-specific code. It would be much better to modify the gateway so that it handles the purchase log using the class methods now provided (and which ensure that emails are sent).


A really useful feature would be ‘Click and Collect’ as a checkout option – ideal for businesses that trade online that also have a local shop.

I hate to say this, but the decision to create anonymous users is killing me, especially when I work on multisite environment. I left my site for few days, and there is 1K+ anonymous user displayed. Even using the latest 3.8.14-dev, I left my site for few hours, and now I get 100+ anonymous users. This is crazy…

Why you do not create custom table or something else and do not touch default user table because it is dedicated for real users…

Hi Agus,

We understand your concerns and we are working on minimizing the effect this has on user sites. Prior to 3.8.13, we used to use transients which is not as visible to you, but the effect is the same if not worse.

The dev discussion for the complete fix is here:

We intend to address this completely as early as 3.8.14 if time permits. This is a complicated issue because we need to take into consideration the fact that a lot of third party plugins are depending on how customer data is initialized on every request.

In the mean time, you can edit your wp-config.php file, add this line below your database configuration:

define( ‘WPSC_CUSTOMER_DATA_EXPIRATION’, 12 * 3600 );

What this line does is it will instruct WPEC to clear anonymous accounts that have been around more than 12 hours. Modify the 12 number above to what you deem appropriate.


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