WP e-Commerce 3.8 Public Beta

A is for Announcement

In 2009 Instinct and the GetShopped Team met Matt Mullenweg at the NZ WordCamp. It was then that Matt took an interest in the WP e-Commerce Plugin and suggested we move away from our current table structure in exchange for WordPress Tables. This was the start of 3.8 from there new developments in WordPress emerged like Custom Post Types, and APIs that could make WP e-Commerce a lot more light weight.

It’s been a huge task, with involvement not restricted by geographic location or time differences. People from all over the world, including Australia, NZ, USA, and the UK  have had their say and contributed code to the cause, and today I would like to announce that the 3.8 Public Beta is ready for download.

B is for Beta

Now, before you go ahead and download the Beta, let me remind you that the Beta is for testing purposes only. Please do not install the beta on your live site.. We’ve put in 12 months of development into this baby, and a lot of the code has changed, so if you have Plugins and Themes that rely on the old WP e-Commerce structure you may come across a few obstacles. We want to hear about these problems on our forums.. we have a new Forum thread dedicated to 3.8 Bugs which our developers will investigate and log as bugs to fix before the stable release is launched.

Obviously you will want to backup your files and Database before trying 3.8 as it will modify your Database. You will also NEED to be running WordPress 3.0 or later as Custom Post Types (CPTs) are a new WordPress 3.0 feature.

C is for Change

So, what is this hype all about 3.8 Wp e-Commerce?

User Interfaces

We’ve talked to a lot of WordPress developers and core committers and where Plugin UI is heading in the future. One of the more controversial changes is the wp-admin sidebar.. no longer do you have an entire Store Sidebar menu with store settings, and product / category management. Instead the Store Settings have moved under the WordPress Settings, the Sales Logs, and Upgrades are under Dashboard, and Product, Variation and Category management is under the new Sidebar menu called products. You can read about the UI changes in Dans Blog Post ‘3.8 Menu Structure

Product Management

The Product management system in 3.8 is a lot different, it works in a similar but not quite identical way to Posts and Pages, you have a list of Products which you can bulk assign to Categories, or Permanently Remove. You also have Quick Edit (which works for normal products but is disabled for Variations)


Utilizing Custom Taxonomies and Custom Post Types, variations has had a huge overhaul. Currently it supports stock, and price variations, in the future you could have entirely different descriptions and images !

Table Restructuring

Products are now Custom Post Types of ‘wpsc-product’. This was a key feature of 3.8, and allowed us to successfully remove atleast 7 mySQL tables:

  • wpsc_product_list
  • wpsc_productmeta
  • wpsc_product_images
  • wpsc_product_ordering
  • wpsc_product_categories
  • wpsc_product_images
  • wpsc_product_files

Variations to custom post types and taxonomies removed another 7 Tables:

  • wpsc_variation_assoc
  • wpsc_variation_combinations
  • wpsc_variation_properties
  • wpsc_variation_values
  • wpsc_variation_values_assoc
  • wpsc_product_variations
  • wpsc_cart_item_variations

Categories to Custom Taxonomies removed 3 Tables

  • wpsc_categorisation_groups
  • wpsc_category_tm
  • wpsc_item_category_assoc

We also removed a random table that was be better suited to a global option:

  • wpsc_purchase_statuses

That’s a total of 18 Tables we’ve removed from your Database! (Note: In actual fact those tables will not be removed if you upgrade your site but, if you are creating a brand new site using 3.8 those tables will not be created)

D is for “Don’t Panic!”

So we’re trying to make this a simple upgrade, it should be as easy as:

  1. Deactivate WP e-Commerce
  2. Activate Wp e-Commerce 3.8
  3. Click the Store Update link under the Dashboard Menu
  4. Play to your hearts content

If you are one of the daring Public Beta Testers, and you need help, or want to report a bug, please report them in our 3.8 Beta Testers Forum Thread.

D is also for Download

Download the 3.8 Public Beta

There is a more current beta available here:

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Yaba Daba Doo! Thanks to everyone that helped code, or support the community while we worked on this bad boy! I look forward to hearing your feed back in the forums !

I used to work as a freelancer and did quite a few websites with 3.7. Usually it involved a lot of hacking. I dont know if it was because to my lack of experience, or because the code didn’t had enough hooks and right structures, but I suspect it was a bit of both. Now when I am a part of core team it’s nice to have the ability to improve the software so no would ever need to hack it again like I did in the past.

O is for orsome! (sorry kiwi in joke, couldn’t resit)

First of all I’d like to thank everybody that has participated in this release!! I’m sure I’ll forget some people but off the top of my head, thank you to

Jeffry Ghazally from Instinct (the major contributors behind WP e-Commerce)
Valentinas Bakaitis from Instinct
Michelle Allan from Instinct
Ben Huson from benhuson.com
Lee Willis from leewillis.co.uk
Justin Sainton from Zao Web Design
James Collins from OM4
Michael Visser from Visser Labs
John James Jacoby from Automattic (at least he is now – good job old mate!)
Jeremy Smith & Zachary Daily from DNA
Roy Ho from 1plusdesign.com
Nuno Morgadinho our friend and free lance developer
Amir Helzer from WPML
Wouter Thielen from Linc Media our partners in Japan
Shayne Sanderson & John from 9seeds for being good chums!!
Mark Canter for his various contributions
Thomas Howard for his old skool vibes!!
Michael Torbet for his upcoming All in one SEO integration code

You guys are awesome! And we can’t WAIT to keep working with you to see 3.8.1 get out the door!!
Finally I’d like to thank all the other community members that have picked up the support forums while Instinct has been heads down tales up working on 3.8!!

W is for WordPress

What I like the most about this upgrade is the work we’ve done to make sure it is integrated tight with WordPress.

Unlike all the other e-Commerce Plugins (that I know) we have embraced CPTs and Custom Taxonomies in a MAJOR way. And according to the devs the way we’re dancing with WP themes now is 100 x better then before. And I’m also really happy with the way we’ve integrated with the WordPress Media API.

This version just feels right.

Any last words? Sure! We’re on a mission to make sure that WP e-Commerce is the most “WordPressy WordPress e-Commerce Plugin” ever. A developers dream and a themers paradise!! As you can see we’ve got an amazing team of hard core developers and contributors from all around the world working with us – we’re on a roll!!!

C for Contributors

If you’ve got time to contribute to our Plugin and want to get involved in an exciting and thriving Open Source Project then there are a number of ways to participate. Most common of which are listed here:


So awesome! Coming from a perspective as a previous end-user, contributer, and now core committer – I can say quite authoritatively that 3.8 is THE BOMB! Such a great piece of software that will only continue to get better.

3.8 is way ahead of 3.7 in so many ways, it’s almost a totally new plugin.

Really happy to see the move to CPT, and anxious for the rest of the 3.8.1 stuff to begin. I know from our continuing dialogue that Justin, jeff, and Dan have countless man hours put into this version, and it definitely shows when compared to any 3.7 version.

Looking forward to future the refinements and all of the plans for improved integration. Great work everyone!

Y is for “Yay!” T is for “Thanks!”

D is for “Downloading,” but also for “Darn, it’s way past bedtime here.” Well, something new in the morning… 🙂

After looking at the source, it is very apparent that a great deal of work has gone into this update (for the better). The former lack of true WP integration and the php notices during debug are what kept me from actually using the plugin. WP custom post types are the only way to go, here is hoping you knocked it out of the park…

Thanks for your feedback Jason, and I hope it meets your expectations. We are trying our best to make this as clean and tidy as possible while maintaining backwards compatibility for old users.. that has been the hardest part.
We still have a way to go. but we look forward to getting it further!

Looking great so far Dan/Jeff – great work on everyone’s part. I have a bit of a history with this plugin and it’s so cool to see it turn into what it is now from where it was a few years ago.

Again – congrats and great work!

I’m working on rebuilding a site in WordPress for a composer friend who wants to re-launch at the beginning of the year. I’d planned to use WP e-Commerce – should I try to hold off installing it ’til 3.8 is done? I’m excited about the custom post type usage, though I’d misremembered the research I did earlier this year & had it in my head that was already a feature!

If you want to be on the bleeding edge, and you are familiar with SVN you could use the svn version of the beta:
svn co http://svn.wp-plugins.org/wp-e-commerce/branches/3.8-development wp-e-commerce
Then when we do a new beta release or even a stable version you can just as easily svn switch to the new one… or just start the process with 3.7 and upgrade them like everyone else (however I would personally start w the beta since the theme is way nicer, and easier to manipulate)


Thanks, Jeff! I know of SVN but haven’t used it before (I’m not any kind of developer, I just built & maintain a handful of sites for projects I’m involved in, plus the one I mentioned & the rare odd job). I’m sure the the upgrade path will be good, but I think for simplicity’s sake I’ll use a version of his current html shop for now & switch when 3.8 is ready. I know things happen whenever they happen, but do you have a rough sense of when it might come out of beta?

Having issues downloading the sales logs…Used to be able to hit download csv button on the bottom of my sales records and get a ton of useful info. Now it will only show payment status, date, and which products were purchased. It won’t even give me the names and email address.

Does anyone know how to update the purchase logs so you can download them via csv and get ALL the sale info?

Had a blast working with Instinct out of Wellington since July, my committment to WP e-Commerce Plugins has shot through the roof after seeing the jump to 3.8.

In the WordPress Plugin eco-system your Plugin is only as good as how they’re received by the end-user, so I’m rapt to see a stabler future of WP e-Commerce using WordPress core features while introducing new features and functionality to continue blowing the hats of store owners and customers alike. 🙂

Hi, does 3.8 have multilingual support?

(otherwise I’m about to get into the 3.7.7 code…)

Wow. Amazing stuff.

It seems really funny that I just pushed through building a site with wp e-commerce and now that its launched, the beta is released. Its good to know that this is a plugin (on steroids) that is not going to die on the vine and will continue to get better and better…

Thank you dev team!

Thanks guys for all the hard work – I appreciate it. Just want to say that I have several of my clients working with your shopping cart and I like it.

Recently I started testing the beta 3.8 and discovered some quirky bugs: There seems to be a problem with variation. When I create a product and set a price – and save to draft (like it suggests) then add a variation – one variation works fine. Then if I add a new option on that variation and update my product it kicks out the main price and replaces it with the variation price instead of adding or subtracting in reference to the initial price. Also once this happens, it kicks out the initial price (and sale price option) and replaces it with one of the new variation prices and bases all other prices off of that.

Not a practical shopping solution. It also has trouble adding a second or third variation after the fact (let’s say after I create a product – add my first variation, publish it and then decide later that I want to add another variation – like golf club irons. I may start off with a priced variation of shafts, but later decide to add grip and additional club variation. They always kick out my pricing completely instead of re-adding with new variations – which makes upgrading products or adding variation extremely difficult – especially for my clients. Just wanted to let you know about the variations being so quirky – totally not functional right now – but I will keep testing and letting you know what I discover because I think that once the bugs are worked out it is going to be the absolute best shopping cart for wordpress available. Keep up the good work!

Superb. Momentarily hold off on my (unanswered) requests for responsive premium support, as I am hoping this will solve the majority of the issues.

From the screenshots and the size of the plugin, I’d say it’s already a win.



I keep getting this error when trying to install the plugin:

Destination folder already exists. /home/content/b/b/l/bbleaks/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/

How can I fix this? Thanks.

This is exciting news. I’m wondering why you aren’t jumping this up to 4.0 instead of 3.8? It seems like a major change in both the core and the UI. In any case, congrats!


Perhaps I’m missing something simple, but following directions “D”

1. Deactivate WP e-Commerce
2. Activate Wp e-Commerce 3.8
3. Click the Store Update link under the Dashboard Menu
4. Play to your hearts content

#2 It will not let me install because the file “WP e-Commerce” already exists. How do I fix this?

Tom, that’s because it has the same folder name. You can rename one of the (for example rename your old install to wp-e-commerce_old) or delete the old install. Reminder: by their nature beta releases are unstable and should not be used anyplace where your data is important.

Thanks Valentinas.

That’s what I ended up doing. But it should have said that in the simple instructions.

Have a great day!


This was the first time that I used a shopping cart on a Blog. Must say, very impressed with how EZ it was. Keep up the good work!!!

I know it’s a beta, any idea when the stable version will be out? I’m currently developing a site and looking to use Wp-Ecommerce. I want to know if I should start work on the current stable version or wait for the stable 3.8 version?

There should definitely be a “Add New” or “Add New Product” link in the admin menu under Products.

Simple to add, and it would save a lot of time. Ok, I’m lazy – but why not add it?

Commerce pages are not showing on my site WP site shall I uninstall and reinstall


Installed 3.8 and got this error message when I activated the plugin :

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-core/wpsc-functions.php on line 276

Activated and deactivated 2 times.
Old version works fine.

Well, I did but no reaction and I just noticed that the readme.txt in the latest 3.8 download is even older Tested up to: 2.9
Stable tag: than in my present version
Tested up to: 3.0.2
Stable tag: 3.7.8

What about adding Russian payment systems in final release? RBC money, Webmoney, Yandex. They are quote popular in Russia. Nobody uses Paypal here – only for shopping in europe on-line shops. But there are not many such people. It would be very nice if You could manage it. Beta is great – waiting for the final release to upgrade my 3.7)))

Estaría bueno también que implementen el sistema de pago “MERCADOPAGO”, (www.mercadopago.com) en la version final 3.8. Este sistema de pago se utiliza mucho en América del sur. (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela). Aunque sea en la version premium. Gracias !

It would be good also to implement the payment system “MercadoPago” (www.mercadopago.com) in the final version 3.8. This payment system is used extensively in South America. (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela). Even in the premium version. Thanks!

Please release also a complete .pot file. The present translation is incomplete and bugged

Hi guys!
Thanks 4 the new version! it looks almost perfect (=
Just one question, How s about Russian language?) How soon?
Thank one more time guys!

All looking really excellent. Just one thing missing that I need – pity I didn’t find the plugin earlier to make this feature request!

I would just love to be able to remove the add to cart button on products. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but I get a LOT of requests for this from customers who want to be able to display items that simply cannot be bought online with a click because they require a discussion with the customer to agree final spec and price.

Even better would be to replace the add to cart with another preferred function button like “Call Us Free”.

I use the previous version for my online store href=”www.tunjungbalisouvenir.com”>www.tunjungbalisouvenir.com, it is very useful and almost no problems. I hope version 3.8 will be more helpful with the more interesting features …

I really like the look of the Products Management Setup. I looks much nicer and simpler to use. From what I can tell by other people’s comments it looks like you are using custom post types. Great Move.

Keep up the great work.

PLease let me know how to use ssl certificates on my site.

I got the code for ssl certificate but I don’t know where to pu it :((((

I wish to enable also credits cards payments. I have already downloaded the gold card plugin….

thank you

I’d like to start using beta 3 on a live site for a new webshop. Would this be a good idea or are there really still too many issues to be solved?

Hi, i was try the beta version on my test site, but it does not work:

followings problems:

– if i try to convert the data of my old version, i got some error
– so i did’t had a account, transcation site etc.
– also no german translation
– what i missing: shipping cost per piece, respectively, per unit of 6 pieces, 12 pieces, etc.

so go on, production edtior looks great, but i will wait still all the issues be solved?

cheers, pascal

ps: can adjust your instruction in the provision of the old version, and an explanation on how the language manual

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