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Almost a month ago I posted a blog post about our new WP e-Commerce translations page. We had some issues with permissions (people couldn’t upload/approve translations), but now that’s fixed and I want to share some statistics with you of what was done in less than a month:

  • 7 additional languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese Brazil, Estonian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Finnish, Hebrew) were added as per request of community members
  • More than 5200 translations were submitted by community members
  • 10 people volunteered to be validators for various languages

That’s how powerful Open Source is. We couldn’t make all those translations without the help of our community. I want to thank everyone who has already participated, and for those who havent done any translations yet – try it. It’s really easy, it won’t take much time to do a translation or two, and even if it’s just one sentence, even if it’s just a translation of a button, it will still make a big difference for the community!

If you don’t see your language in the list, if you want to be a validator (reviewer) or if you want to import the translations that you already have – let me know in the comments!

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Hi guys, nice work!
If you need a validator for Italian translation, i’ll be happy to help

There’s another guy validating Italian, his username is ita_shop. I was told by some people, that it’s best to have only one validator per language to keep translation consistent, but if you see that he needs help – let me know and I’ll promote you to validators 🙂

Hi, great work. Could you add me as a Czech validator? We work also on official WordPress translation and wanted to unite terms and improve very old and partial translation of this plugin. Thank you!

I’ve translated few lines from Estonian language, but I can’t get them to work on my website.
How does this whole process work? It’s really confusing me.

I have a couple of questions myself. Does GlotPress;
1) email the validator to let them know there are strings pending approval
2) display a message on screen so that SilvinJo2 knows that his strings are pending approval

1. No
2 The strings have status (which also represented by a color: yellow strings are pending). You can see all that stuff when you are translating.

Hey valentinas,

I wrote to the Estonian language validator Illimar, and he told me that he requested the rights to validate for Estonian language, but haven’t received the permissions to do it yet.

What next?

I will contact Illimar, and will help him to start validating. You know his email, so if you guys feel that there should be two or more ET validators – let me know.

Hi, Dan:

Unrelated to the language thing, but congrats on that. I have a quick question on the plugin. Is there any way to print out the sales logs from the sales log page?

Let me know please.


p.s. Thank you for all you do!!!

Hi Valentinas!

I’m working as a Dutch validator/translator on the Dutch language for WP-Ecommerce (there is or was also another validator who did a great job and also validated a lot of the strings). Hereby I’d also like to thank the active contributors to the Dutch translation process!

But I have a question about the meaning of the “old” pink category of strings: are they obsolete and do they not get exported into the final MO file?

Best regards,

Hi Valentinas, well I think I can safely say that the pink category is ignored when exported.

Good news: the Dutch translation is 100% ready. Probably there will be some strange wording which should be tweaked after this first ‘release’. I rephrased all informal use of ‘you’ into the formal use of ‘you’ to keep it more consistent. Big thanks again to all the contributors! Where I made adjustments, I did not reject, but instead directly adjusted the sentence and approved it to save time.

One other question:

There is a strange thing: the percentage of translated sentences stays on 99% and it shows 1 sentence as untranslated. But I can’t see which one that is, when I filter on ‘untranslated’ it shows me nothing.

Best regards,

Hmm…well fixed it, it’s now a 100% 🙂 . After downloading the PO file and opening it, the Maltese Lira was somehow not correctly translated.

W00t! The first language to passs 90% (well and 100% too 🙂 ) mark 🙂 Good job guys! I will look at that Maltese Lira soon. Must be something simple.

Great work! I did some 350+ translations when the site was just setup….I hope some got included 🙂

Question: not all translations seem to be working (e.g. “Enable Free Shipping Discount ” in admin panel, and the main menu items in admin panel). I have downloaded the current translation as po…and given it the filename wpsc-nl.po (same as wp-config). What am I doing wrong?

Hi Hielke, your translations were definitely included. Great job!

I also noticed that not everything was translated after I downloaded it but when I searched for the english texts in the MO file I could not find them. I also noticed that new texts are added to be translated now and again. I think it could be that not every english line is yet taken out of the hardcoded place and that therefor not all texts are yet in the translation file. Perhaps Valentinas can shed some light on this?

Best regards,

We offer as validators of Spanish and Catalan language!

also we can translate it into catalan!
our username is: atembooks

Hi iooc!

Thanks, but somehow there seem to be some untranslated parts somehow. I’ll try to have a look at it soon.

Best regards,

I’ve installed the Dutch translation, looked good at first sight, but I’m running into some problems. Especially on the Checkout page:
‘PLEASE ENTER YOUR CONTACT DETAILS’, ‘Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in.’
and some other lines are still in English. How/where can I fix that?

Hi CJ, I also noticed that not everything is correctly translated and parts are still in English. I’m not sure why some sentences are not being translated. I will try to have a look at it soon.

Best regards,

Yes, there are some strings left that are hardcoded (including the one that you’ve mentioned), but we are working on this. This week i will try to fix all of them. I also think we need a forum thread for translation stuff. Follow the blog, I will write a blog post about this week about translation stuff, about what is happening and what will happen next.

Please, add Slovak language to translate project. It would be really helpful. Thank you

I would like to join the Brazilian Portuguese translators team. May I have to create an account? How?
Thanks a lot for this extension.

Oh, a wonderful article! No idea how you were able to say this text..it’d take me long hours. Well worth it though, I’d assume. Have you considered selling advertising space on your blog?


Can I be a validator for Hebrew translation, i’ll be happy to help.


Hi Simon,

You sure can it would be great to get the translations in there and approved!
I have added your GetShopped username (simonweil) as a validator for this language.
You should be able to translate and approve strings now over at languages.getshopped.org

Please let me know if you have any problems!


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